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Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Midwest USA

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Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Midwest USA

Extraordinary content marketing is no more a USP that only the top marketing pioneers boast of. With its increasing importance, brands, big or small, are seeking help from top content marketing agencies in Midwest, USA, to help them stand out.

Content Marketing is about telling the best stories in the best ways. Hence, we have come up with some top players that aren’t just working on content marketing strategy, but helping brands develop an integrated 360-degree approach.

So, in no particular order, here are the top 15, that will blow your minds and content strategy alike.

1. Mekanism – Chicago, IL

Mekanism is an agency that follows the approach of “The Soul & Science of Storytelling”. They create advertising with a blend of Technology, Design, Culture, and Branding. The agency has established a reputation for producing shareable content and great storytelling.

Success Stories

Pepsi needed to generate global engagement for Beyonce’s Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show.

Hence, Mekanism created a 360-degree campaign. This showcased the world’s first fan-made Halftime Show intro. The campaign was a combination of video, social, influencers, and digital marketing. It helped Pepsi score 120,343 UGC. Moreover, it garnered 5.5 billion impressions.

2. Influence & Co. – Columbia , MO

If you need all-rounder content marketing agencies in Midwest USA, then check this out. Influence & Co. is a full‑service agency. It specializes in strategizing, creating, and distributing content efficiently. More importantly, it offers keyword research and content strategy services. It engages audiences at each stage of the customer journey.

Success Stories

Influence & Co. helped with its content marketing. It published 182 content pieces across 78 renowned publications. It earned 155,000 shares and reached 106 mn readers on social platforms.

3. Flare BBDO – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Flare BBDO is a global agency functioning as the content arm of BBDO Minneapolis. Since its inception, it has created hundreds of films. Furthermore, it has generated 10s of millions of earned views. One can also see its internationally acclaimed awards on its website.

Success Stories

Black Label Bacon wanted to generate engagement around a campaign. Flare BBDO came up with a strong video for this. This generated 672,636 views on Youtube.

4. Jack Morton Worldwide – Chicago, IL

If you are looking for an agency focused on building experience brands, you may take a pause here. Jack Morton is an 80-year old award-winning global brand experience agency. It is best known for digital & content marketing and experiential campaigns.

Success Stories

Eaton needed to generate awareness for its products and increase sales. Jack came up with the “Ticket of Terror” campaign to solve this.

They created social content to engage audiences. This generated 6,660 leads (+108% of their historic benchmark). It also drove a 1053% ROI for the brand.

5. MMGY Global – Kansas City, MO

MMGY Global is one of the largest integrated content marketing agencies in Midwest, USA. It specializes in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. So, if you happen to lie in this sector, consider this one. The agency creates content-powered campaigns. This engages audiences by telling brand stories. Its content capability includes video, events, social and digital.

Success Stories

In partnership with The Nudge and Tanqueray, MMGY created an editorial content series.

The events and overall campaign witnessed huge success. It saw a 4% conversion rate and many positive reviews.

6. Ahalogy – Cincinnati, OH

Ahalogy is a king in trend-driven content. The brand also specializes in social media marketing and influencer content. It focusses on campaign ideation, promotional ideas, and product development. It also provides high-volume and recent trends along with visual inspiration.

Success Stories

Nespresso aimed at increasing brand awareness. It also wanted to create new usage opportunities for its products.

Ahalogy helped Nespresso publish content on their Pinterest throughout the year. It targeted followers with engaging creatives and inspiring usage ideas. Ahalogy pins exceeded brand-owned pins by +52% for engagement rate. It also spiked the click-through rate by +141%.

7. Lemonlight – Chicago, IL

Lemonlight is a video production expert agency. It helps brands understand their goals. It also makes them discover the best type of video content for their brand. Lemonlight is known for its affordable video production since 2014. Its expertise lies in pre-production, production, and post-production. Whether you want an animated video, how-to tutorials, or another marketing video, Lemonlight can get it done perfectly.

Success Stories

Wayfair wanted to generate engagement around its celebrity makeover portfolio.

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This wonderful social video content produced by Lemonlight helped the brand achieve its goal.

8. OneIMS – Chicago, IL

OneIMS is one of the leading content marketing agencies in Midwest, USA. It has perfected the art and strategy of content marketing. It excels in blogs, ebooks, landing pages, infographics, and videos. The content here is influenced by industry trends and expert insights.

Moreover, OneIMS helps brands track content in real-time. One can track changes in traffic, keyword performance, and much more.

Success Stories

Florock was looking to improve their brand awareness and qualified lead generation.

And, the inbound marketing efforts by OneIMS resulted in a steep incline in traffic and leads.

9. Crispin Porter Bogusky – Boulder, CO

Founded in 1988, CPB is a fully-integrated content marketing agency. They are like a Swiss Army knife for marketing solutions. Every solution of theirs is unique. They take care of entire content creation needs and integrated campaigns. They also offer visual and experience design.

Success Stories

The Volkswagen Jetta introduced some safety features and wanted to generate awareness around it. CPB designed a video marketing campaign highlighting the importance of those safety features. As a result, the brand reported a significant uptick in traffic. It also garnered a 39% increase in YoY sales.

10. Verblio – Boulder, CO

Verblio is a leader in content writing service. It is known for creating successful inbound marketing for brands. It houses savvy writers that are subject matter experts. Verblio makes a perfect solution for generating cost-effective blog and website content. If you are looking for a simple solution for content writing services, do check it out.

Success Stories

SocialSEO approached Verblio with massive content needs. They needed hundreds of pieces of content each month. Content provided by Verblio highly satisfied SocialSEO. Moreover, it made their content creation model profitable for the first time in 4 years.

11. Boostability – Lehi, UT

Boostability is a proven champion in white label SEO and content services. It excels in providing full-service content marketing services. Whether you are looking for website content, blogs, articles, guest posts, or social media content, Bosstability won’t disappoint you.

12. Rise Interactive – Chicago, IL

Rise Interactive is a content marketing agency that aims to inspire a reaction. It has a team of creative thinkers and writers. They leverage data-driven insights to develop content strategies and digital experiences. This ultimately boosts conversion.

Success Stories

S.O.S. wanted to generate awareness and sales for its products. Hence, Rise created video content around this. It explained the product benefits and their use-cases. This generated a 5X increase in website user engagement and overall traffic. It also gained 24K Facebook fans in 6 weeks. Moreover, there was a 124% increase seen in YoY page views.

13. Merkle – Chicago, IL

Merkle is one of the established data-driven content marketing agencies in the Midwest, USA. It is known for the delivery of unique, personalized content experiences. With over 30 years of experience, Merkle has partnered with Fortune 1000 companies to maximize their value.

Success Stories

The Times approached Merkle to build engagement from the newsletters. They also wanted to reduce the churn rate. Hence, Merkle designed different content propositions. It included Cartoon of the Day, Top Commented & Top Shared, Suggested Reading, and top 20 articles.

Result? 200% increase in click-through rate. The campaign further saw a 21% increase in engagement and a 49% reduction in churn rate.

14. Walker Sands – Chicago, IL

Walker Sands, you will find strategists that work towards generating results through useful, relevant content. They are experts in developing editorial, creative, social, and video content. This boosts search rankings, increases traffic, and generates leads.

Success Stories

Feedvisor needed to generate awareness and credibility in the U.S. market. Hence, Walker Sands launched a content program. This scored Feedvisor a total of 176 placements. This also established them as a top solution for Amazon sellers.

15. 360i – Chicago, IL

360i is an award-winning fully integrated creative agency. It helps brands gain insights into culture, behavior, data, and technology. Its creative services span from brand design to conceptual campaigns. It also does social creative and performance content very well.

Success Stories

In alliance with OREO and HBO, 360i launched a campaign. It was made around the OREO Game of Thrones cookies. The video featured a landscape built entirely out of 2750 animated original and OREO Game of Thrones cookies designs. Consequently, this gained huge traction and success.

Over To You…

Shortlisting the premier content marketing agencies in the Midwest, USA, doesn’t have to be a daunting task. So, to help you choose the best fit for you, we have selectively picked and scanned the case studies and portfolios of these companies to discover whether they are worth investing time and money.
As a rule of thumb, you should go for a content marketing agency proficient in creating different types of interactive content that create value. When you create value, customers value you!

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