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10 Content Marketing Tips From Top Influencers and Experts
14th November 2016 Sid

Content marketing can generate some of the most qualified, valuable leads in your marketing mix.

The reason? These leads are primarily driven by their own will and research. At the point of conversion, they knowingly opt-in and submit their contact information, which gives you the permission to continue the relationship. However, creating content can be challenging. Many marketers struggle to create valuable and quality content, to drive engagement, or to make a measurable impact on revenue, all of which are vital. This can be achieved by adapting previously successful styles which you can personalize eventually.

One of the best ways to improve your style is to learn from the experts. There’s a lot of drivel out there, but brands and thought leaders with a proven track record can provide insights that actually facilitate change.

So we’ve rounded up 10 content marketing tips from the top marketing influencers. As you read, try to identify areas where your current strategy is failing.

neil-patelNeil Patel - @neilpatel

Co-Founder, Crazy Egg & Quicksprout

Quality over quantity

Marketers see successful bloggers posting 3-5 times a week and assume that they should too. However, if you don’t have the budget to publish 3-5 great pieces of content, it’s pointless. You’ll end up publishing 3-5 okay posts instead. Growth from content marketing comes from quality, not quantity. Each post should add value. You’re better off publishing one absolutely amazing piece of content per month than publishing 30 mediocre posts. If you can publish more than one great post—fantastic! But always start with quality. Quality will always win.

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brian-carterBrian Carter - @briancarter

CEO, The Carter Group

Engagement is vital

Whatever you do, you have to engage the  audience  and pay attention. It’s always a battle not to overwhelm them with too much information or overuse technical jargon. If an audience takes away 1, 2 or even 3 main points, you are a winner. Stick to a few that matter and make a solid case they will remember. Use visuals that relate to the material. One picture speaks a thousand words, and sometimes those thousand words are enough to make a point.

lee-oddenLee Odden - @leeodden

CEO, TopRank Marketing

Focus on your USP

Work on your unique selling proposition. Figure out what is the biggest benefit of using your product or service. Then think about how to attach a touch of urgency to it. Use words or phrases like “instantly, simple, in just 10 minutes, we guarantee.” Next, figure out what needs are not being fulfilled. Finally, you combine these three things to make your selling proposition and use this as content.

pawan-deshpandePawan Deshpande - @TweetsFromPawan

CEO, Curata

Short and Simple CTA

Cramming multiple CTAs into one piece of content can lower conversion rates, while long, wordy CTAs can confuse readers or simply get ignored. Another reason to keep it short: If you’re putting a CTA in a button, long strings of text won’t have the same visual impact as a short one. Nowadays, most consumers understand that a hyperlink is intended for them to click, so it’s unnecessary to say “Click here to register for our free webinar.” Instead, a simpler call to action stating, “Register for our free webinar” is likely to have a stronger impact.

rand-fishkinRand Fishkin - @randfish

Founder, Moz

Combine Keywords and Topic

Usually, most marketers create a list of keywords and then create pages to address them. However, focus on broader concepts and topics instead of the keywords. You see this all the time with the proliferation of ultimate guides that set out to answer all of the questions you may have on a topic. While there may not appear to be a downside to this, and your super-awesome piece of content may be widely shared, chances are that it won’t rank well because it covers so many topics.

david-meerman-scottDavid Meerman Scott - @dmscott

Founder, WebInkNow

Educate and inform instead of interrupt and sell

Successful salespeople educate and inform. They highlight their expertise by sharing videos, content-rich websites, social streams, blogs, eBooks, and infographics rather than using the old sales playbook of information hoarding and letting it drip it out. It’s best to be on the buyer's’ timetable. Not yours. You'll regret taking advantage of people’s time and attention with unwanted communications. Instead you need to deliver the right information to buyers, right at the point when they are most receptive.

bryan-kramerBryan Kramer - @bryankramer

CEO, PureMatter

Personalize Your Approach

Once you find your rock star influencers, it’s time for you to engage with them to create meaningful bonds. Remember, influencers are not one size fits all. So you have to cater your approach to them. Find out how they want to interact with your brand. Are they open to receiving a newsletter and a product sample? Or will the chance to interact with others make a difference?

Figure out how to make them feel special, and they will go the extra mile when the time is right.

gini-dietrichGini Dietrich - @ginidietrich

CEO, Arment Dietrich, Inc.

Get more from your content

Focus on something that you can link to from your website or blog. So, a blog post or a podcast. Stay away from a video as the main hub. You have this piece of content, or you’ve written a podcast, then you’ll link to that on everything you do outside your own website. Not only are you getting that ever valuable back-link from another site, which helps Google notice you as an authority on this, but you’re also driving new traffic. This also helps to drive readers on these sites to yours. So you always want to make sure that you’re linking back to that piece on your website or blog.

doug-kesslerDoug Kessler - @dougkessler

Co-Founder, Velocity Partners

Use Outside resources wisely

It’s rare for a content marketing team to  create everything in-house. But if you throw everything out to agencies and writers, you may lose the authenticity that makes for great content.

The trick is to find great resources (writing being the absolutely critical one) and use them intelligently, playing to their strengths and yours.

john-hallJohn Hall - @johnhall

CEO, Influence & Co.

Align Your Strategy

When publishing external articles, targeted blog content, and gated content, a common thread should tie everything together: your goals. Whether you want to establish trust, build brand awareness, or do something else, your results will be much more visible when every effort is working toward a shared objective. With a growing team, your content marketing strategy might not seem important or relevant to new hires in departments like accounting or IT. But every employee, regardless of her role, needs to understand how your content works together and which company goals are driving each article, blog post, or whitepaper. When everyone is on the same page, you can speak as a unified voice and convey your brand authentically.

So, whether your content marketing strategy lacks essence or you want to boost your brand’s online presence or simply just create great content, implementing the aforementioned tips from the marketing influencers should make a positive impact. You can also amp up your content marketing by using interactive calculators. Use the Outgrow platform where you can create one easily in a few minutes, no developers or designers needed.