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How to Create a Personality Quiz
5th March 2018 Adithya
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How to Create a Personality Quiz

‘Damn! How do they do this?’ This is the thought that strikes when you are sucked into a black hole of Buzzfeed quizzes. As a marketer, you cannot afford to ignore the sheer engagement and virality of these quizzes. And this is the reason why quizzes (especially personal ones like (Which DC superhero are you?) are a mainstay in popular websites such as Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, 9GAG, The Muse, and so forth. Apart from this, there are personality quizzes that creep up on your newsfeed and whisk you away to other websites like sirens in the sea ( eg. Buzzfeed’s “Which city should you actually live in?” and the NYT dialect quiz). Read on as we show you how to create personality quiz.

What Makes Personality Quizzes Tick?

Personality quizzes tap into the primal urge of knowing more about oneself. They give an opportunity for personal exploration and start a conversation on the topic of self. The fact that most personality tests are not based on thorough research does not deter people from going on a quizzing spree. This is because people who approach quizzes have clear expectations (a “feel good” result most suited to social sharing) that are met at the end of the quiz. Thus, personality tests are here to stay.



Should you choose to create a personality quiz with Outgrow, you’ll be presented with a few options. These options fall under two broad categories

Serious quizzes – These are backed by research and premade personality templates. They include character assessments (eg. Myers-Brigg personality test, Jung’s character typology, Dominant trait test), career recommendations, and IQ tests.

Personality Quiz by Brooklyn Bicycle


The fun ones (eg. what is your spirit animal, which Halloween treat are you, who is your celebrity alter-ego etc.) derive their subject from pop culture and have entertainment at their core. For example, you can make outfit recommendations based on a favorite character from GOT.

Personality Quiz built with Outgrow


Knowing that quizzes work wonders, I’m guessing you want to create one for your next marketing campaign. Let us show you how it’s done.

Setting the Context

The first step is to set a context for your quiz. It should be clear and consistent. This will ensure that more users take your quiz and provide valuable data. Context mismatch would make the quiz sound unnatural, hence won’t generate the intended traffic.

When creating a product recommendation based on sitcom character preferences, you need to ensure that the respective attributes are shared between the character and the corresponding product and this association is clear to the user. (eg. an outcome of Khal Drogo can be linked to a recommendation of an outfit with solid and earthy colors which correspond to Drogo’s strong and sublime character)


Once you have taken care of the necessary background work you can start the process of creating the quiz. And with Outgrow, this is just a piece of cake. Let’s see how.

Choose a Layout

A personality test is a type of outcome-based quiz. It takes input and displays an outcome, which shares a thematic connection with the most recurring response. To start building a personality test on Outgrow, you will need to first select a layout of your preference.

The rule of thumb is to consider the various input modes (i.e. dropdown, opinion slider, or single-select) you wish to include in your quiz. Once this is done, you can move on to the actual quiz creation process.

Creating your Quiz

The next thing is to decide the title for your quiz. You can edit the title on the welcome screen, along with a CTA button that prompts the user to start the quiz. You can also include a subheading to add more clarity to the subject of the quiz. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while writing the title:

1. The title should not be more than 5-9 words long
2. A title with the word “you” is a surefire way to attract more clicks
3. Use the title to convey a challenge eg. “ Can you ace the…?”

To help you curate better titles and an interesting landing page, we’ve compiled a list of best practices that you can find here.

Now, it’s time to populate the quiz with the questions you intend to ask and the input options you wish to provide. You need to ensure that the quiz is not too long, (don’t add more than 10 questions, segregate them into sections if you need to add more), and do not ask questions that require the users to think too much. Remember – you’re trying to grab attention and engage users here, so short is indeed sweet.

Personality Quiz creation

While formulating the options for each question ensures that all options are mapped to an outcome, this will determine the final result. Here are some sample questions you can use for personality quizzes:

1. How do you usually behave at parties?
2. How would your friends describe you?
3. How vivid is your imagination?
4. Do you have difficulty understanding abstract ideas?

Here are some best practices that’ll help you create questions that make for smooth customer experience.

quiz creation process

You can get an overview of the quiz creation process here.


Crafting the Outcomes

Once you have created the questions and possible answers, it’s time to create the outcomes. The outcome of a personality test needs to be akin to the punchline of a joke. It should be short, punchy, memorable, and should leave the user feeling warm and fuzzy.

If the outcome isn’t encouraging, you may sugarcoat it. But don’t lie, you don’t want the user to leave with a bad aftertaste. Make sure to give all your outcomes a positive spin as this will increase the likelihood of sharing the same on social media thus attracting more users. Take Buzzfeed for instance. It always has positive messaging on all its outcomes.

Personality quiz outcome demo

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Finally, the CTAs

Remember whisking people away to different websites; this is where you get to do that using outcome specific CTAs. Here you can amplify your quiz reach through social share buttons and CTA buttons redirecting users to a specific part of your website. The users can also be redirected to a sign-up page so that they end up becoming a part of your future lead nurturing campaigns. This is an important part and will play a key role in determining the overall value of the quiz.

Wahoo Fitness Personality Quiz


Here’s a nifty guide to adding multiple outcomes and corresponding CTAs.

Get Started Now

Now’s the exciting part, where you create your first personality quiz! Sign up for an Outgrow account and get cracking.

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