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How To Create A Student Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow
11th July 2019 Antara Agarwal
4 min read

How To Create A Student Satisfaction Survey On Outgrow

This blog explains how you can create a student satisfaction survey on Outgrow. This survey not only helps you improve your institution in different domains but also helps to increase the ranking of your institution. A student's expectations for the school or university affect their satisfaction levels. This directly contributes to how the university is perceived by the masses and how it operates.  How to create a Student Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow Wondering how to create student satisfaction surveys that actually collects valuable data? Read On!

How Can A Student Satisfaction Survey Be Useful?

With the higher education sector becoming an increasingly competitive market, student satisfaction has become an important component of quality assurance. High student satisfaction helps in attracting and retaining high achievers who in turn increase the reputation and standing of the institution.

This Survey Can Be Useful In Many Ways:

1) To Get An Understanding Of The Students/Customers : 

Do you want to know what your students think of the curriculum? Or would you like to know about their opinions on pedagogy? Create your survey with a clear idea of the information you are trying to collect. 

2) Facilities :

Facilities form the backbone of your institution. Ask your students what they think about the facilities you are offering.

3) Quality Of Education :

A survey on the quality of pedagogy can help you improve the quality of education at your institution. This factor includes curriculum, techniques used, and testing methods. Ask your students how they view what they are taught, how they are taught, and how satisfied are they with the same.

4) Environment :

The environment refers to the interpersonal communication that forms a student’s life in the university. Your questions can discuss the topics of discrimination, bullying, and even tute groups. This will impact their satisfaction level and give you a clear picture of the social milieu at your institution. 

How To Create A Student Satisfaction Survey On Outgrow 

1) Log In:

Log in to your Outgrow account and select Forms/Survey content type from your dashboard.   How to create a Student Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow

2) Template:

This will take you to a page where you can either select a premade template or start from scratch.

3) Welcome Screen:

In the builder choose the appropriate heading, background picture, and button text on the welcome screen. 

4) Builder:

In the builder, you can navigate through questions, welcome screen, and results on the left and edit them on the right. You can choose the question titles and option types like single select, opinion scale, rating, alphanumeric input, date/time picker, etc. You can also choose how it’d be displayed; namely: text type, image type, icon type.  How to create a Student Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow

5) Adding Questions:

You can add any number of questions you want to ask your audience and edit them by choosing from the left bar.  How to create a Student Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow Note: Try to keep your questions as accurately as possible. Short but useful surveys gain more attraction.

6) Lead Generation:

Adding a lead generation form in your content will allow you to place it on: welcome screen, after questions, or the result page. You can ask for the details of the users/leads like their Name, Email address, and phone number. 

7) Thank You Note:

After the survey is complete, you have the option to edit your ‘thank you’ note  How to create a Student Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow

8) Configure: 

Under the configure tab, you can change the survey’s URL according to your wish or set up Google and Facebook pixel for tracking your quiz. You can also choose to send an automated email to the users or to self when someone takes the survey. You can also configure your embeds, HTML and 3rd party integrations in this section.  How to create a Student Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow

9) Analyze:

After publishing the survey, it’s detailed performance could be measured under the Analyze tab. You can view total visitors, traffic, and other user details under this section.  

Best Practices For Creating A Student Satisfaction Survey : 

1) Options Type: Keep option type as text input, rating, or opinion scale.  2) Optional Questions: Keeping your questions skippable increases the chances of a user actually completing the survey. So, even if you don’t get answers to some desirable questions, you’ll at least have some information on the lead to nurture. 3)Add Social Share Widgets: Adding social share icons on your survey’s last page increases the chances of it going viral, more people taking the survey, and hence higher rates of conversions. 4) Ask For a Recommendation: On the lead gen form, you can ask users to recommend the survey to someone who may benefit from it. This increases the chances of your interactive experience gaining more traction through word-of-mouth. It took us a few minutes to make this survey and even fewer to explain the steps through this article. That’s how easy Outgrow makes it for you.  So, if you want to assess the satisfaction level of students at your institution and find out how you can increase the ranking of your school or university; get started right away.  If you have any problems while creating one, our team is just a click away from helping you. You can contact our team through the chat icon on the bottom left corner of our website.How To Create a Language Test On Outgrow Related Read: How To Build A Health Survey On Outgrow How To Build A Language Test On Outgrow