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8 Email Design Trends to Boost Interaction in 2023

Undoubtedly, a lot has happened and changed in the marketing world in the previous year. Brands are trying to get the maximum out of their marketing efforts with the tried and tested email designs. However, we anticipate some changes in the email design trends as marketers try to bring freshness to the subscriber’s inbox and level up their email marketing.

Let’s take a look at them.

Email Design Trends to Follow in 2023

1. Bold Typography Will Continue to Play the HERO in Emails

There was a time when marketers relied on visuals for playing the hero in their emails. However, bold typography has turned out to be a welcome change for email designs.

Here’s an email that shows how bold typeface is used to draw the recipient’s attention and prompt them to scroll through the email. It is a great way to pique their curiosity and get them to take action.

Email Designs to Boost Interaction in 2021

2. 2023 Will See More Dark Mode Compatible Emails

Android Authority has revealed that around 90% of people prefer to use dark mode on their devices. In 2023, marketers will send more dark mode compatible emails so that there are no deliverability issues. Wondering how?

In case your emails are not compatible with dark mode, it might trigger the spam filters because of the broken layout. This, in turn, can hamper your deliverability.

Email Designs to Boost Interaction in 2021

Moreover, dark mode is less exhausting for the eyes and saves the battery life of the device. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for subscribers. One can even flaunt the dark mode for its classy look and feel.

Here’s an example to show you what could possibly go wrong if you ignore the trend. The section highlighted in red is displayed incorrectly in the email and it would ruin the look and feel of the email.

Email Designs to Boost Interaction in 2021

3. Interactivity Will Continue Getting More Popular

Kapost reports interactive content generates 200% more conversions when compared to passive content. Zembula found that interactive content generates 400%-500% more page views than static content.

In 2019, Campaign Monitor revealed that interactive email content increases the click-to-open rate by 73%. Adding videos can increase click-through-rates by up to 65%.

All these stats show how valuable interactivity is for email marketers.

It has got immensely popular in the current times, and it is likely to gain more momentum in the coming days.
Here’s an example of an interactive survey email by Nokia.

Email Designs to Boost Interaction in 2021

4. Gradients Will be the New Normal

If you want to give a unique perspective to your emails, use gradients to draw the subscriber’s attention. Apart from the background, you can add gradients to your CTAs too.

Take a look at how gradients can take the entire look and feel of an email to the next level.

Email Designs to Boost Interaction in 2021

5. Embrace Emotional Design

Your subscribers go through nine emotions, namely belongingness, hope, trust, guilt, vanity, fear, curiosity, greed, and love. Hence, this email trend will introduce emails that will trigger the right emotion based on the purpose of the email.

For example, charity: water has tried to create a sense of optimism and hope with their email.

Email Designs to Boost Interaction in 2021

6. Use Textured Illustrations for 2D Images

Marketers are taking a step further from using stock images and vectors in email campaigns. They are using textured illustrations to enhance the effect of 2D images. Besides, you can also try out different color contrasts, gradients, tints, and patterns to add depth to your emails.

7. Phantasmagoric Collage Will be the Newest Thing in 2023 Email Designs

You must have certainly heard about the previous email design elements but phantasmagoric collage is something really new. It will add visual oomph to the emails by adding bits and pieces of several images placed on one.

FILMSUPPLY has made nice use of phantasmagoric collage in their email.

Email Designs to Boost Interaction in 2021

8. Minimalism Will be a Fad

Less is CERTAINLY more!

Email marketers will choose minimalistic email designs with subtle color combinations, monochrome layout, and pastel colors.

These emails are more readable and scannable as there is no distraction for the reader.

Here’s an example to show you the power of minimalism, muted colors, and monochrome layout – all at once.

Email Designs to Boost Interaction in 2021

Wrapping Up

The email design world is evolving at a great pace. Therefore, marketing professionals must always stay abreast with recent technological advancements. Their emails must stand out and bring freshness to the subscriber’s inbox.

In 2023, it is predicted that the global email users will increase to 4.3 billion. Therefore, it will become all the more important to cut through the noise and get noticed.

If you wish to get a deeper insight into email design trends 2023, just head to this infographic created by our friends at Email Uplers: 11 Email Design Trends to Reign Supreme in 2023

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