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How to Build a Fun Quiz on Outgrow?
29/03/2018 Adithya
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How to Build a Fun Quiz on Outgrow?

We all know by now how informal, entertaining quizzes are conquering the internet, so let’s cut to the chase and show you how to create a fun quiz of your own. To know more about how to generate ideas for a fun quiz on Outgrow, read here.

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Here are a few things to bear in mind whilst creating a fun quiz – fun quizzes are mostly outcome quizzes that are based on pop culture topics such as TV shows, movies, books, etc. Occasionally, they are also based on personal preferences. Here are a few examples:

1. Make yourself a milkshake and we’ll guess your age and dream job

2. Design a dream house and we’ll tell you the truth.

3. The stickers will reveal a deep truth about you

Fun quizzes can also be personality quizzes, like this one. The underlying idea of all fun quizzes is that each quiz option is mapped to an outcome which reflects an aspect of your character. The final outcome is a reflection of your dominant choice in the quiz, which in turn has a bearing on a facet of your character. In simpler terms, outcome quizzes reveal your character based on random preferences.

The Process

Getting started with your fun quiz: It is important to be clear with the context of the quiz. We are sure that you have lost count of the number of “Which X character are you?”, “How many X do you know about Y?” quizzes. All these types derive context from popular media thus the first thing when it comes to creating a fun quiz is having a clear idea of the context. We have chosen Nickelodeon children’s shows for the context of our quiz. The title is also from the context, therefore the quiz we are coming up with is “Which Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Wannabe Actor Are You?”

Now, there are 2 ways to go about creating the quiz. You can start with the questions first or start with creating the outcomes. For fun quizzes, it is better to start with the outcomes first and work your way backward. Here are two sample outcomes we came out with for our Nickelodeon quiz.

how to create a fun quiz

how to create a fun quiz

Once we are done with the outcomes, we start listing down the questions. The sweet spot for the number of questions is 6-10. We now go ahead and add the questions.

how to create a fun quiz

When you’re creating questions, keep in mind a few things – make them fun, keep them short, and pep them up with images and gifs. Also, don’t forget to add options to each question and make sure that each option is mapped to an outcome.

how to create a fun quiz

You can add the questions from the left panel and edit the text and options in the right panel.

How to create a fun quiz

The user chooses an option for each question. Each option is mapped to an outcome. The result is the outcome whose options have been chosen the most number of times.

The Home Run

The results page is important to hammer your point home. For a fun quiz, the results page is of added importance. As you know, this is where the user gets to decide whether the overall experience was actually “fun” or not. Also, use humorous phrasing and quirky gifs to emphasize the light-heartedness of the quiz. The more satisfied the user is with the quiz, the more likely he/she is to share. Here’s a compilation of results page best practices to get your results page game up to scratch.

Lead Generation

You can attach the lead gen form within the quiz in a place of your choice (we recommend before the results). Consequently, when it comes to designing the lead gen form, keep in mind that shorter lead gen forms perform better. For fun outcome quizzes, the name and email are sufficient. Make sure you have a well-defined and justifiable purpose if you want to extract more info (for example, you want to provide personalized recommendations).

how to create a fun quiz

Furthermore, you can also send the results to your users through personalized emails by going to the Configure tab and choosing email notifications. Additionally, you can also enable the option to receive email notifications as soon you get a lead.

how to create a fun quiz

We hope that this guide to fun quizzes was helpful. Here’s a quick tip: if you’ve mistakenly created a graded quiz in place of a outcome quiz, don’t panic. Hit the “Switch Experience” button in the “Display Settings” part of the builder. Do you still need help? You know where to go.

how to create fun quizzes

We followed the same process as described above while creating the following quiz. Check it out below, or open in a separate tab.


And that’s how you create a fun quiz with Outgrow! Hope that helped? Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. Our awesome customer success team is always there to help. Sign up for your 7-day free trial here.


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