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Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire Templates – Connectwell x Outgrow
11/10/2021 Shivani Mody
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Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire Templates – Connectwell x Outgrow 

Are you looking for some ready-to-use health risk assessment questionnaire templates? You’ve come to the right place! But first, let’s understand what exactly is a health and wellness risk assessment tool. 

A health risk assessment tool is a screening tool that asks certain questions related to the health, fitness, diet, and overall lifestyle of an individual. On the basis of the responses provided by the user, this tool helps identify and understand the possible health risks for the user.

So if you are looking to create this kind of health and wellness assessment tool for your business, you should definitely give this blog a read. In this blog, we are going to talk about how ConnectWell has used Outgrow to create various health risk assessment questionnaires.

Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire Templates

What Is ConnectWell?

ConnectWell is an independent and trusted provider of health and wellness content that aims at educating, engaging, and supporting people to integrate wellness into their lives.

To take this goal a step forward, ConnectWell and the UC Berkeley School of Public Health partnered to bring their users a catalog based on health and wellness from the most trusted source. The ConnectWell library is designed for end-users and is science-based, up-to-date, and expertly vetted.

Apart from this library, ConnectWell in partnership with Outgrow also created numerous health risk assessment questionnaire templates. These templates are designed with great precision with the aim to provide users with the most accurate results about their health conditions. 

How Is Connectwell Using Outgrow?

ConnectWell and Outgrow are working under a partner project to take global healthcare infrastructure to the next level. ConnectWell is using Outgrow’s platform to build its health risk assessment forms. With Outgrow’s interactive content builder, they have been able to build numerous health assessment tools based on different conditions and disorders such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart attack, sleep apnea, etc. You name it, and you will find a health assessment questionnaire there!

Purpose of the Project

This partner project aims at spreading awareness about various health conditions and the risk factors associated with them. With the health risk assessments created by ConnectWell x Outgrow, one can easily find out whether they are at risk of developing a certain condition. Thus, these tools can come in handy for healthcare professionals and institutions in order to make their screening process smooth and easy. 

Apart from the risk assessment tools, ConnectWell has also built knowledge tests on different health conditions in order to educate their audience about the same. Moreover, they have also created article recommendation tools that redirect users to disease-specific articles based on their responses. 

All of this is nothing but a small initiative on ConnectWell’s part in order to help healthcare institutions in spreading knowledge about some of the most common health conditions and disorders. 

How Does ConnectWell Create Health Risk Assessment Tools on Outgrow?

Creating a health risk assessment form on Outgrow is a piece of cake. Please follow these steps to create yours-

1. Decide on the Structure of Your Risk Assessment Form

The first step involves working out a blueprint for your health risk assessment tool. And for that, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Think about questions such as – “Who is your target audience?”, “Why are you creating this tool”, and “What information do you require to build this?”.

For example, a simple health risk form can guide the users on the next steps after judging the symptoms and their intensity.

On the other hand, a more advanced tool can provide suggestions about diagnostic labs and clinical centers based on the assessment taker’s location.

Therefore, by determining the range of your assessment tool, you can give it a proper structure that will ultimately make the entire process easier for you.

2. Data Collection and Assimilation

After you’re done creating your risk assessment form’s structure, you need to perform one more simple task before logging into the Outgrow dashboard. 

For creating a health risk assessment tool, you need to collect some basic information about the health condition that you are covering. 

This task is super easy to perform! You can easily obtain authentic information from organizations like the WHO and ConnectWell. You can check ConnectWell’s official website for more information.

Now that you’ve established that gathering and assimilating information is no challenge, let’s find out how you can create your health risk assessment form using Outgrow’s assessment builder.

3. Select a Pre-made Template or Create From Scratch

The Outgrow dashboard offers 1000+ pre-made templates that you can use to create different types of interactive content.

You can navigate to the templates section and check out all the available templates in order to choose the most suitable one.

In this case, you can move to the ‘Health & Fitness’ section and choose a template based on the selected disease for your assessment tool.

Premade templates

Once you find the template that’s most suited for your requirements, click on ‘Edit Template’ and customize it according to the disease or condition you’ve chosen.

Apart from this, if you wish to create your assessment tool from scratch, you can head over to the Outgrow dashboard and select a content type.

In the case of a health assessment form, you can choose from 3 content types – assessments, chatbots, or calculators.

Outgrow content types

Once you select your interactive content type, you will be greeted with a page displaying numerous layouts and pre-made templates.

You can make your choice by previewing all the slides of the templates by hovering the mouse over these layouts.

Premade templates

4. Modify Your Health Risk Assessment Form

When you are redirected to the builder, you realize how powerful the builder is. With a great scope of customization, the Outgrow builder offers numerous features to create the most effective risk assessment tool in just a few mins!

From color schemes, background images, to font sizes, colors, and types, you can alter everything based on your company requirements and branding guidelines.

Simply navigate to the Display Settings and make all sorts of changes to the images, color components, and the overall theme of your health assessment tool.

For a health risk form, you can use calm and soothing colors like shades of blue, green, grey, white, etc.

Moreover, you can also change the placement of your lead generation form, the questions asked, and the fields in the lead generation form, etc.

For more details on our customization options, you can refer to our support documents or reach out to our customer success team by clicking on the chatbot on the bottom right of your screen. 🙂

5. Set up the Questions and Fields

Now, you’ve finally reached the crux of the process. Setting up the questions is the most crucial stage since the questions you ask in your health risk assessment tool will help determine the results. Therefore, you need to perform this step very meticulously. 

Create a set of questions that are applicable based on the specific disease or condition you’ve chosen for your risk tool. Some questions that are common to almost all health assessment forms include age, gender, height, and body weight.

Moreover, you can select a suitable question type from the dropdown list while adding the question.

For example, if you are adding a question ‘How many times do you eat packaged food in a week?’, here you can add the single-select question type so that the user can select the most appropriate option.

6. Create the Results

This is the final step of the process, and certainly one of the most important ones. The results you show will guide the users on what to do next, which tests to get done, which type of doctor to consult, etc. 

On the Outgrow builder, you can set up conditional logic jumps as per your requirements in order to define the flow of questions and results. These logic jumps can help skip questions or redirect to a certain question or webpage based on the users’ responses.

Similarly, you can set up separate results for different questions. Once you are done working on the results, simply click on ‘Go Live’.

You can then embed your risk assessment tool on any website, blog, newsletter, or use it through the direct URL. There, your health assessment form is all set!

How Can These Tools Benefit Healthcare Institutions, Hospitals, and Doctors?

Now that you know how ConnectWell creates these health risk assessment questionnaire templates, let’s find out how these tools can come in handy to those working in the healthcare industry.

Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire Templates

1. Effective and Hassle-free Screening

Health risk assessment tools help eliminate unnecessary costs that almost all healthcare institutions have to bear because of overcrowding. The precise results of these tools guide the users on the necessary steps and make the process much more efficient and smooth, cutting out lots of needless tests and consultations.

2. Systematic Data Collection and Storage

Your Outgrow health risk assessment questionnaire will collect all the user data in the Analytics section. You can access this data and work on nurturing your leads through various marketing campaigns. As for the security of the data that you collect, Outgrow is HIPAA compliant. All Protected Health Information (PHA) is handled carefully under the HIPAA guidelines.

3. Customer Satisfaction 

Customers are the happiest when they are able to avoid unnecessary tests and the costs associated with them and health risk forms help them with this. With the accurate diagnosis of these risk tools, users are able to avoid misguidance and only do what’s needed for them. 

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In this blog, we’ve talked about how ConnectWell and Outgrow are working together on creating health and wellness tools, the steps involved in the process, and the benefits. We hope that you were able to learn enough about these tools and you’re ready to create your own industry-specific interactive tool. So what are you waiting for?

Start your free trial now and let us know about your experience!


1. What is a health risk assessment questionnaire?

A health risk assessment questionnaire is an interactive tool that asks questions about your health, fitness, and dietary habits and tells you whether you’re at risk of developing a certain condition or not.

2. How do you do a health risk assessment?

You can create a health risk assessment using Outgrow’s interactive content builder. Sign up here and find out on your own.


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