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13 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools
29th June 2018 Etee Dubey
6 min read

13 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools

Content Marketing is a changed game today. It has transcended the boundary of mere ‘good content.’ With so much information coming at the consumers with an average speed of 18 MBPS per hour, it is hard to hold onto that one good piece of content. Hence, diminishing it’s potential of going viral.

But as companies like NewsCred and Skyword A.K.A content marketing giants have proved, this is not an unachievable task altogether. Besides, the inspiring story of Priceonomics illustrates that there is hope for the new players.

Decoding the recipe for the perfect content marketing strategy can be a bit hard. Handling the drafting, marketing, and analytical tasks of content marketing is too much for anyone to take on. We figured, taking a little bit of help never hurts anybody.

content marketing tools

So, we have listed out a few tools that can take some things off your plate. 13, to be precise.

1. Grammarly

This was one tool that had confirmed its presence on this list by the mere necessity of it’s services. Can you imagine the awkwardness of  finding spelling mistakes in your post draft after putting in so much effort? Grammarly provides wholesome solutions to ensure accuracy in the grammar, tone, and language of your content. It detects spelling and punctuation errors, providing context specific correction with informed explanation there of. No, thereof. Ugh! Just leave it to Grammarly.

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2. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is another tool concerned with content creation on our list. More specifically, the precision of it. Readers are looking for information or entertainment through your posts. Using complicated terms or jargon only confuses them. Hemingway simplifies your sentences, providing simpler alternatives, providing readability scores and showing the errors in different colors depending on their severity.

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3. Outgrow

Research shows that 87% of B2B marketers face problems in creating content that engages their buyers. Interactive content marketing can solve this issue to an extent. Experiences built on Outgrow engage people, give real-time answers to their most pressing questions, and provide instant gratification. This tool gathers leads with valuable data that help your business grow. Capturing the reader’s attention is your best bet to increase the chances of your content going viral. Repeat after us: “THOU CONTENT IS GREAT, IF THOU SHALT ENGAGE!”

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4. Uberflip

Uberflip’s motto for content marketing says it all: ‘Own your Content Marketing journey.’ And that is exactly what they intend to help business owners do. Uberflip’s software centralizes the content from all social media, blogs, webinars, ebooks etc. to provide you with an overall content experience.The entire content is assimilated into your ‘Hub’ that is later categorised into different categories of videos, blogs and social media. Users can create their own categories as well. Let’s just say, after using Uberflip, managing content is a breeze.

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5. Portent Tone of Voice Generator

Jennifer Blanchard once said, ”Don’t get it right,get it written.” Every marketer, conversely, would believe in getting it written right . The content that your company produces creates its brand image in the market. It affects how your consumers perceive you. Portent Tone of Voice Generator asks you questions regarding your content suggesting the appropriate tone of voice, style of writing, use of humour etc.

content marketing tools

6. Kapost

Kapost deals in content operation, providing solutions for strategies before and after publishing your content. It gives you customer insights, platform to map, interrogate and streamline content. Additionally,  it helps you to search and share content effortlessly, and gives the opportunity for teams to work together on the content cycle. The most interesting aspect of this tool is of  content analytics that helps the marketer to deliver the ‘right content to the right customer at the right time’.

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7. Buffer

With so much emphasis on content marketing, it’s only fair we include a tool solely dedicated to social media marketing. They help you manage all your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) from one place.The best part: they  schedule the content you see online to be directly posted from your accounts through their browser extensions. They provide analytics to give you an overview about how your posts are fairing on your accounts. Additionally, Buffer also provides videos and GIF uploaders that work seamlessly. (Not a dig on its company’s name of course).

content marketing tools

8. BuzzSumo

Is anybody even surprised that BuzzSumo is on this list? It provides intelligent information on what content performs best in your industry, the main influencers for that topic as well as a platform to review their content. It also provides competitor analysis and updates on the new post entrants on that topic. Enough Said.

content marketing tools

9. SEMrush

Since we’re on the topic of competitor analysis anyway, how would you like to do a deeper dive? SEMrush provides insights into your competitor’s strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search and link building. SEMrush provides one of the best services in a tool that is absolutely unparalleled in the realm of content marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What good is an amazing post if no one’s going to read it? SEMrush helps you in Technical SEO Audit, Semantic Core collection, and Position Tracking of your company. And your competitor’s, of course.

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10. Kred

Ever seen your favorite celebrity wearing a shirt and then found it hanging in your closet the next day? Well, according to Kred Influence Measurement that is the product of that celebrity brand’s “influence”. Kred uses a publicly published algorithm to find online social influence using 2 scores of ‘Influence’ (Probability of someone acting upon user’s post) and ‘Outreach’ (User’s proclivity to share others posts). Influencer Marketing is the next big thing and we’re here for it!

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11. Pingdon

If we could have everyone in this world agree on something, it would be this: nobody, and we mean nobody, likes buffering. People lose interest and the content loses views. Pingdon helps you gauge the speed of your site. All it requires is your site and the specific place you want to test it’s speed in. After all, time is of the essence, Kid. (Read in Morgan Freeman’s voice).

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12. Canva

There’s no denying the appeal of a beautifully designed piece of content. But not every marketer can afford a dedicated team for the same. Enter ‘Canva’. It is a graphic design tool that employs user friendly drag-and-drop format and gives access to various designs, fonts and drawings. Users can choose from different formats, photo editing options and graphs. Their tap and reveal home page is proof enough that it is created by a set of insanely talented graphic designers.

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13. The last and the most paramount tool you need to create the best content marketing strategy is a fierce belief in your product. No amount of tools or resources can compare to a product promoted by a set of determined marketers. Ideas flow effortlessly when the writers and marketers push for a product they actually believe in.

Well, here was your tea on the best marketing product you should be using in 2018. These tools should prep you to have the best content marketing game in the business.

Great content is waiting to be created. The market is waiting. Off you go, then 🙂

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