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Infographic on Buzzfeed: From 0 to $I.5 BN: How BuzzFeed Did It
2nd November 2018 Etee Dubey
3 min read

[Infographic] From 0 to $I.5 BN: How BuzzFeed Did It

We know, we know. You’re going to skip the text and head straight over to the fun infographic on Buzzfeed and its success.

But wait!

You might just find this even more interesting.

Or at least appreciate the infographic on Buzzfeed more after reading this.

Infographic on buzzfeed

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We all know what Buzzfeed is today. A $1.5 Billion worth media company that has changed the face of the industry as we know it. BuzzFeed’s trademarks are the viral quizzes that are impossible not to attempt and its commendable social media marketing techniques.

But Where Did It All Start?

A simple email exchange between Nike and Buzzfeed founder, Jonah Peretti. It all started in 2001 when Jonah was pursuing masters at MIT’s media lab. However, instead of studying, he was busy exchanging emails with Nike.

Nike had organized a shoe customizing scheme and Perreti sent them his request over an email. In the National Public Radio podcast, “How I Built This”, he said, “I first tried a four-letter word and they rejected it, and so I was trying to figure out how the system worked. They had blacklisted a bunch of words. … And then I put the word ‘sweatshop’ in, and it wpropriate slang”. Perreti insisted, “No, it’s in the dictionary. It means a shop or factory where workers toil around in unhealthy conditions. Now can you send me the shoes?”

The request was again rejected, which is when Peretti just put together his correspondence with them and forwarded it to a few of his friends.

A few days later, the correspondence went viral! Meanwhile, he started receiving emails from thousands of strangers and activist communities (3,655 emails between January 15th and April 5th, 2001). Consequently, he was invited on NBC’s The Today Show to talk about labor practices. Apparently, “following the broadcast of the debate, Nike’s Manager released a statement reporting that custom shoe sales on the Nike iD site reached their third-highest in a single day on Wednesday.”

This got Perreti thinking “how a student, with no contacts in media, reached billions of people…”

Hence, the idea of BuzzFeed was seeded.

With the help of interactive content and a kickass attitude, Buzzfeed changed content marketing as we know it!

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