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Outgrow Interactive Quiz Case Study: How Sugar  And Kush Gained 150000+ Leads
8th April 2020 Antara Agarwal
5 min read

Outgrow Interactive Quiz Case Study: How Sugar  And Kush Gained 150000+ Leads 

If marketers ever got a magic lamp, they’d probably ask for leads for all three of their wishes. And we wouldn’t blame them! Qualified leads are the first lap in a long race of customer conversion. And Outgrow is here to help you generate leads in the simplest, easiest and most cost-effective way – interactive content. Outgrow is a SaaS software that helps you create various interactive content types with its no coding platform. These content pieces are interactive, engaging, and encourage users to give out lead information in exchange for value. Here is an interactive quiz case study on how Outgrow helped Sugar And Kush gain more than 150000 leads with just one quiz!

Sugar And Kush – The Client

Sugar And Kush is a New Jersey-based brand that sells CBD (Cannabidiol) oil products. They sell CBD cookies, oil drops, gummies and much more. Moreover, they offer third-party tested products of the highest quality. Their products are manufactured and perfected through sustainable farming methods and food-grade compound extraction. The brand guarantees that their products are potent, non-GMO, and pesticide-free, THC free and legal in all the 50 states. Their natural hemp is grown under the strict regulations of the US Department of Agriculture so their products are 100% pure.

Outgrow Interactive Quiz Case Study: How Sugar  And Kush Gained 150000+ Leads

Now, their marketing team was looking for a way to generate more qualified leads and increase their customer engagement. They turned to Outgrow for its reasonable pricing plans and ease of use. They wanted an interactive content platform that would allow them the flexibility of customization and freedom. And Outgrow has a very simple platform that allows you to create your own builds and customize them as per your choices. Read on to see how Outgrow interactive content helped them generate leads.

Outgrow – The Solution

Sugar And Kush used the Outgrow interactive tool to create an outcome quiz titledFind Which Sugar And Kush Product Is Right For You. They used the Chicago template to create a short and simple quiz. It had questions pertaining to one’s body and its needs. These questions had single-select and multi-select options. They used the Outgrow tool to make the color scheme of the quiz resonate with their brand’s. The quiz has appealing visuals, is simple to complete and doesn’t take a lot of time either.

Outgrow Interactive Quiz Case Study: How Sugar  And Kush Gained 150000+ Leads

The lead generation form is placed before the questions. The fields are limited and ask only for relevant contact information. Along with this, they also gave an offer for a 15% discount so as to incentivize people to give in lead info. The result page gives the coupon code for the offer and has a CTA embedded that directs a user to the website.

How Did Interactive Content Help Sugar And Kush?

Outgrow’s interactive content managed to help Sugar And Kush in more ways than one –

1. Lead Generation

As is apparent, the first and foremost benefit that Sugar And Kush gained from the quiz is an abundance of leads. The quiz helped the company gain 154472 leads and over 400000 visits! Interactive content aims at value addition. And that is what encourages people to take this quiz and give in their lead information. This helped them get pre-qualified leads since these were people who definitely had an interest in purchasing CBD oil products.

2. Lead Segmentation 

This quiz asked for information like gender, age, ways of coping with stress, etc. The results included the Sugar And Kush products themselves. This helped the company gain relevant information about its users that they can use to categorize them. For example, a female between the age of 35-40 will have different body needs than a 25-year-old male. They can use this information to target them with products, offers, blogs and other resources that will specifically help them. This will help users sift through a barrage of information and focus on what is actually useful to them.

3. Customer Education

Sugar And Rush used the quiz as a way of educating the users about the use of their products. Their CBD oil products are a way of reducing stress and mental anxiety, as is apparent from their quiz title.

Moreover, quiz takers can choose what they are looking for in a product. And according to that, the company can decide which product they can benefit most from. The quiz results educate the quiz takers about all the products by the company and what they should be used for. This saves the time and effort of the company in the future.

4. Customer Engagement

Interactive content is dynamic. It asks for consumer interaction in a way that static content does not. It is consumer-centric and provides a platform for users to voice their preferences. In fact, interactive content focuses on adding value to the customer, which makes them interested in your content. It was precisely this kind of customer engagement that gave rise to so many visits on the quiz and increased website traffic.


(Plays triumphant music in the background) Interactive content is like that kid for us that scores gold in every race and this interactive quiz case study is proof. It has helped Outgrow and many many of its clients time and again in building a more optimized business. And doesn’t your business deserve the same kind of pampering? So don’t wait, and check out Outgrow’s free 7 day trial today!