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Outgrow Interactive Quiz Case Study: How Arquati Generated 73000+ Leads
25th March 2020 Antara Agarwal
5 min read

Outgrow Interactive Quiz Case Study: How Arquati Generated 73000+ Leads

We are back with another successful hit in the interactive content area. Outgrow recently had Arquati as one of their clients. And we are here to tell you a tale of victory and of course, leads – an interactive quiz case study.

Outgrow Interactive Quiz Case Study: How Arquati Generated 73000+ Leads

Arquati is one of the leading Italian brands that create products aimed at providing sun protection. They build products like pergolas, awnings, and interior curtains and fabrics. A pergola is a wide-open structure with four support beams, no walls, and a decorative roof design (in case you didn’t know). They aim to provide a technologically advanced, customizable idea of the living space at the best possible price. Resultantly, they decided to use Outgrow in order to help their business by engaging in interactive content. In fact, here is an interactive quiz case study to tell you about the why and how of their journey with Outgrow.

Why Interactive Content?

Why did Arquati resort to interactive content to boost their business? Well, that’s simple. It is a one-stop solution to a bunch of problems. Let’s see what these are –

1. Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the primary concerns of any business. Unless you have leads, who do you reach out to? Lead generation can be a long, expensive, and tiring process. Unless you have interactive content in your hands. Interactive content types like calculators, quizzes, and assessments are the easiest way to gather a large number of leads. Interactive content adds value to a user, which encourages the user to give in their personal information.

2. Increases Traffic 

Interactive content drives users. It engages users and attracts them. It asks users to voice their opinions which makes them feel valued. Embedding interactive content on your website and landing pages brings users and increases traffic.  It gives the user the steering wheel to drive the interaction, unlike static content that serves as a monologue for the user. This engagement with the user enhances their experience with you and thus, increases website traffic. This interactive quiz case study will illustrate that in the best way possible!

3. Increases Brand Loyalty 

Interactive content makes your audience a part of the equation. This makes the audience trust you more and increases loyalty. They get a chance to voice their preferences and needs through your interactive content piece. This makes them more likely to come back to you because of the assurance of better service. Their positive experience increases their loyalty towards your brand.

Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Arquati Generated 73000+ Leads

4. Collects Data

Interactive content is a smart and efficient way of gathering data about your users. You can understand their needs, preferences, and problems through interactive content. This enables you to segment your leads in a better way, nurture them in a more relevant sense. Interactive data appeals to human psychology. This principle of reciprocity encourages the user to disclose information.  You can customize your products and services according to this data and ensure a better experience for your leads and customers.

5. Segmentation Of Leads

Lead segmentation involves grouping your users, leads or prospects that are similar in specific ways related to marketing. With the data that you collect through interactive content, you can segment your leads in categories like geographic location, income, age, gender, etc. This makes it easier for you to target more specific audiences and offer better experiences.

How Did Outgrow Help?

Arquati took the help of the best that we have to offer. They created a quiz for ‘Which Type Of Pergola Should You Build?’. They used the Stockholm template to build a series of relevant questions. It includes questions like, ‘Where would you like to install the pergola?’, ‘How much space would you like for it to cover?’, etc. It includes 8 questions which is a moderate number of questions with the apt number of options. The quiz is visually appealing with icons. It also uses multiple types of questions such as multi-select, single select and text input.

Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Arquati Generated 73000+ Leads

The lead generation form has been added before the results page. It asks for the name and the telephone number of the user. The value addition encourages the user to give in their personal information.

Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Arquati Generated 73000+ Leads

The result page is extremely detailed. It gives a description of their service, their product, and their vision. Instead of sending mail, they offer to get in touch and offer free design for their pergola. They have included their products and reviews on the same landing page as well. Even after getting a lead, they have immediately commenced their efforts of turning them into a lead.

How Did The Interactive Quiz Help?

The quiz got over 1.3 million views which is a huge amount of visits for a single interactive content piece. Moreover, this interactive quiz garnered over 75000 leads. By using a single quiz, Arquati was able to increase its website traffic, generate leads, and get an idea of its customers’ preferences and choices. The process was simple and extremely cost-efficient. By gathering all of this data, they can also customize their products and offers as per their customers. This will improve their experience with their company and increase their brand loyalty.


(*plays the Powerpuff Girls’ soundtrack in the background*) Outgrow has saved the day once again! Outgrow is an easy to use tool that helps everybody use interactive content without getting into coding. It is accessible to everybody with its wide variety of price ranges and customization. And well, you saw for yourself the kind of wonders using Outgrow can do for you in this interactive case study. So click here for a free trial!