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Outgrow Interactive Content Case Study: How Golf Avenue Gained 82000+ Leads And More

Who Is Golf Avenue?

Outgrow presents its latest interactive content case study on Golf Avenue. Golf Avenue is one of the biggest online retailers of pre-owned and new golfing equipment. It was founded in 2006 and started as an eBay retailer. Today, it has more than 50000 golf clubs at all times and aims to provide the best price equipment for every kind of golfer.

They offer trade-in programs and sell second-hand equipment to make golf accessible to all. Free shipping, easy returns, and 30-day try at home are all part of the plan. The quality and authenticity of all of their equipment are verified by their own PGA professionals. And today they ship worldwide. Now let’s have a look at how this successful D2C company used Outgrow. Read this interactive content case study to know more!

Why Outgrow? 

Outgrow is an interactive content creation tool that helps you generate leads. It increases your customer engagement and enhances website traffic. Moreover, it increases your social media visibility and allows your audience to have a voice. It also helps you get to know your audience, gather their preferences and send them more relevant content.

And this is precisely why Golf Avenue chose Outgrow. Golf avenue has content ranging from clubs to bags to apparel to shoes. Now, an amateur golfer may not necessarily know about their performance. And consequently, they may not be sure of which clubs and other equipment they should buy.

At the same time, companies like Golf Avenue also want to know about their customers’ preferences. This helps them improve their products as per the needs of the people they’re targeting. These were some of the problems that Golf Avenue was looking to solve by using Outgrow.

Now let’s have a look at how they leveraged Outgrow!

The Solution- The Quiz Created By Golf Avenue

Outgrow offers a huge variety of interactive content calculators, quizzes, chatbots, surveys, assessments and more. And Golf Avenue went with – THE QUIZ, the most fun of all!

They made good use of Outgrow’s quiz maker tool and created a quiz titled, “Guess Your Golf Handicap!”. Now golf handicap is basically a measure of a golfer’s potential. It is used to enable players of varying abilities to compete against one another.

They created a 10 questions quiz (An apt number!), that involved questions like the number of birdies, golf balls lost, length of a hit, etc. The quiz took into account a number of factors and calculated the average handicap.

Golf Avenue

What Makes The Quiz So Great?

Besides the fact that this quiz caters to all kinds of golfers, it is an example of a great interactive content piece. The quiz has a progress bar at the top which gives the quiz taker a sense of accomplishment. It includes extremely relevant questions and all the questions contain great visuals.

What Makes The Quiz So Great?

The result page gives you a range of your handicap. And based on your score, Golf Avenue has used the opportunity to give you a little gift. For example, if your handicap score is between 5-12, you get a 10% discount on all Golf Avenue products.

The lead generation form is right before the results (which btw, is the best place for it). And post your results, Golf Avenue sends you an mail with a 10% discount coupon. It automatically signs up you on their newsletter chain and has a direct CTA that directs you to their website!

The quiz also allows you to share the results directly on your Facebook profile which increases their social media visibility. However, you can lock your Facebook profile to limit the audience and obtain genuine user feedback.

Those are some wonderful tricks to ensure a sure shot engagement on an interactive experience!

Interactive Content Working Its Magic

The quiz ended up helping Golf Avenue in more ways than they imagined!

1. Lead Generation 

The most direct and important consequence of this quiz was lead generation. The content piece received almost 250K visits (That’s a whopping number!) And what’s more, these visits got them almost 83000+ leads. Imagine using one piece of interactive content and getting these many leads. The quiz was interactive, attractive and the numbers are here to prove it.

2. Customer Targeting 

The quiz was a great way of collecting data about their target audience. Somebody who’s only beginning with golf would require a different kind of equipment, maybe a lower level of a club? And more advanced players can even be targeted with more niche products that an amateur would not want to invest into. Knowing your audience’s preferences can help a lot in the long run.

3. Adds Engagement And Value 

Interactive content engages. It breaks away with static seller based data and allows customers to interact with the company. It makes the customer feel heard instead of a product being pushed towards them. This quiz not only asked the customers about them and their game but also gave them something in return. It leveraged the customer’s curiosity and their desire for a prize in exchange for their lead information and data.

4. Customer Loyalty And Retention

Discount offers are also a great way of customer retention. When a customer takes the quiz and receives the result mail in their inbox, they are tempted by the 10% discount offer. It increases their intent for re-purchasing. This also increases customer loyalty towards the company because it makes them feel valued!

5. Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which the customers are able to recall or recognize a brand. And this quiz is a step forward in increasing the brand awareness of Golf Avenue. The content used in the quiz reflects the brand image of the company. The quiz is fun, interesting and resonates with the company’s values. This develops a sense of familiarity with the brand within the users.


And that’s another ball in the hole! We had a lot of fun working with Golf Avenue and we’re sure they did too. As this interactive content case study captures! Outgrow’s interactive content has worked for companies time and again and these numbers only prove it further. And guess what, you can get these visits and leads too. Just sign up for Outgrow’s free trial.

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