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How to Acquire Customers Using Online Quizzes?

Imagine the last time you had an interaction with a salesperson in a store. The salesperson must have asked you about your requirements and guided you to the product that best suits your needs. Now consider the possibilities of replicating this interactive in-store experience online. How? The closest way to achieve this is by using online quizzes.

With the help of quizzes, brands can ask users relevant questions and then offer product recommendations based on their responses. This kind of shopping experience is fun and engaging for shoppers and adds real-time value to them.

Moreover, a well-made quiz can improve conversion rates, accelerate lead generation, and ultimately create a personalized user experience that drives future revenue.

In this blog, we’ll explore how to acquire and retain customers using fun quizzes. We will finally also learn how to create a quiz within minutes and without coding!

What Is an Online Quiz?

An online quiz is a type of interactive content that asks users some questions and provides specific results or scores based on their responses. The result is based on a calculation of users’ interaction and their answers to each question.

An interactive quiz aims to test the target audience’s knowledge or to find out what their needs and preferences are to give custom results. It can be used for educational, engagement, or product recommendation purposes.

An online quiz can be of different types. Some examples could be personality quizzes, BuzzFeed quizzes, trivia quizzes, product recommendation quizzes, and more!

How Are Quizzes the Future of Content Marketing

1. 2X Engaging

Interacting with audiences through quizzes is a proven way to boost engagement for any organization, no matter how large or small. Moreover, quizzes are also known to attract traffic to your website.

In addition to boosting engagement rates and traffic, online quizzes qualify prospects in real-time. It requires users to think, dig deep, and ultimately become active participants when they take a quiz. When the participant has completed the quiz and obtained a satisfying result, they are more likely to convert. Engagement is good, conversions are gold!

2. Personalized Experience

According to research from Salesforce, 75% of buyers want personalized experiences, anticipatory suggestions, and relevant information from companies they buy from.

Brands that excel at providing a stellar customer experience- personalized, relevant, and engaging, are rewarded greatly as consumers are more likely to purchase from them. A personalized experience also leads them to purchase something more expensive than they intended to.

However, a lot of marketers struggle to design a personalized experience on their sites, causing a customer experience gap. To fill this gap, marketers can leverage the power of online quizzes.

Quizzes help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers. This allows marketers to segment their audiences better, send more relevant campaigns, and create compelling offers for their target audience.

Having the right data allows every interaction with a consumer to be far more personalized. And this brings us to our next point!

3. Data-driven Approach

The data-driven marketing approach is becoming more powerful. Marketers are now focusing on producing interactive content that will help them learn more about their audience and customers.

Interactive content like quizzes is 4x more effective than passive content at gathering customer information. You can collect a variety of details about a customer, including age, gender, education, location, income, and various personal preferences.

The data received allows you to segment your audience into tightly knit groups, improving relevancy, timing, and targeting, thereby allowing you to market more effectively.

interactive content

4. Data Privacy

The golden era of third-party data is (almost) gone! Back then, it was highly profitable to advertise on social channels like Instagram and Facebook, where targeting and lookalike audiences could achieve high conversion rates. However, the upcoming iOS updates will restrict third-party cookies from tracking user data.

With the discontinuation of third-party cookies in browsers and GDPR, it is more important than ever for companies to build direct relationships with their customers. This means capturing declared data that are permitted by the users. This could include email addresses for email marketing campaigns and building channels for automated push messages and SMS.

Outgrow is a leading provider of interactive content tools that help businesses capture zero-party data, which is a form of declared data. Through engaging content in the form of quizzes, polls, surveys, and assessments, users themselves submit their details to receive customized results. Hence, with Outgrow’s no-code interactive tools, you no longer have to worry about data privacy issues.

outgrow quiz maker

5. Viral Nature

Quizzes have a viral nature of their own. They are the most shared piece of content on social media platforms.

A quiz can become viral if it is created taking into account the preferences and interests of the target audience. It can even lead to a rapid influx of loyal customers for your business very quickly.

So, based on Twitter and Google Trends research, you can create a wide range of online quizzes and share them with your audiences. It will help you generate more traffic and leads for your business. With a well-crafted interactive quiz, you can get a clear idea of your audience, their interests, and preferences.

Wondering how to create a viral quiz for your website?

Outgrow can help you with that. All you need to do is simply drag and drop the elements and your quiz is ready in minutes. Here’s a blog that will help you create viral quizzes along with some interesting ideas.

9 Steps to Acquire Customers With Online Quizzes

1. Understand the Pain Points and Queries of Your Target Audience

With the help of a quiz, your customers will be able to tell you more about ‘what’ problem they are trying to solve, and ‘why’ they are visiting your website.

Let’s consider an example to better understand how a quiz can help you understand more about your customer’s pain points.

Stitch Fix, a subscription clothing brand, has an onboarding quiz to provide a seamless customer experience. To satisfy customers, the brand needed to understand the size, style preferences, fabric choices, and other wants.

Stitch Fix interactive quiz example


While a 35-year-old male lawyer at a Canadian law firm wanted to wear formal work clothes, someone else in the same demographic preferred to experiment with funky styles.

How could the brand get these insights? The easiest way to find out about their needs was to simply ask! Hence, they created an engaging Style Quiz and embedded it on their website.

They also went ahead and sent style guides and lookbooks to customers who were looking for the latest styles to keep them coming back for more.

Identifying these needs from the start can help you determine what messaging and campaigns will resonate most with your target audience and ultimately, help acquire more customers.

2. Provide Customized Solutions to Different Customer Problems

After analyzing users’ problems, the next step should be to provide them with customized solutions that focus on individual customers’ pain points.

If you’re using a good quiz maker to create the quiz, it would help you gather data about the customer in an organized format and enable the creation of data-backed segments. You will also be able to see the analysis of your collected data in graphical form for better interpretation and decision-making. Once you have different sets of audiences defined, design custom solutions and reach out to them.

See how a multivitamin brand, Umzu gathers data about customers and provides customized solutions.

Umzu interactive online quiz example


There are a variety of options to select from and they can be viewed as heuristics as you progress through the quiz funnel. Moreover, there is an option to select as many problems as possible, so that the audience can have a more personalized experience. After collecting this data, they tailor their marketing campaigns accordingly and acquire customers.

3. Help Customers Choose the Right Products

An online quiz is a guided experience. The customer answers a few questions and gets a product recommendation. This way, quizzes help users avoid the paradox of choice while making the decision easy for them. Customers can have a more enjoyable shopping experience, and you can have a higher conversion rate – a win-win situation!

To show a custom set of questions and results to users based on their responses, Outgrow’s quiz maker offers logic jump and outcome mapping features. This smart feature responds quickly to each user input and automatically skips irrelevant questions.


Through multiple logic jumps and mapped outcomes, the quiz suggests the best products for your users. This creates a personal user experience that feels human and conversational.

4. Educate Customers About Their Problems

We talked about understanding customers’ pain points in the first point. But in some cases, users may not be fully aware that a particular problem exists and that there is a solution for that.

Hence, we sometimes need to educate the customers about certain problems before giving the solution right away.

By educating customers, your brand also establishes its expertise and authority. And when you demonstrate knowledge and credibility, you establish trust.

For example, in its quiz, Hims offers a quick overview of hair loss causes before talking about the possible treatments. This creates trust and curiosity among the users to learn more about the solution.

HIMS interactive quiz


5. Identify and Resolve Customer Objections

In the course of the purchase process, customers constantly ask themselves whether the product will suit them or if they need to buy it. Each of these objections can lead to someone abandoning their purchase altogether. 

It is common for brands to encounter queries and objections like these from customers. For example, the shoe brand Asics knows that customers are often overwhelmed and anxious about finding the right fit during shoe shopping. To alleviate this objection, they convey the simplicity, speed, and accuracy they offer with their fit finder quiz.

Asics shoe finder online quiz example


An online quiz allows you to surface objections that different customers may have and address them accordingly by providing tailored recommendations. A robust quiz platform like the Outgrow quiz maker will allow you to customize questions and statements for customers depending on their responses. Thus, you can address and resolve customers’ queries and objections directly. This eventually will skyrocket your conversions.

6. Embed the Quiz for Maximum Visibility 

Now that you’ve created a quiz for your target audience, you need to ensure that it’s visible to your audiences wherever they are. Outgrow’s quiz maker tool offers multiple embed options to promote your content piece directly on your homepage.

But why do you need a quiz on your website?

Because when people visit your website and do not find what they’re looking for, they will leave your website and search for other alternatives. If nothing grabs their attention, they will lose interest in shopping with you. Lack of engaging or interesting content is one of the most common causes of a high bounce rate on many sites. So, to make your website look more engaging and interesting, embedding an interactive content piece plays a crucial role.

Outgrow lets you present your quiz the way you like. You can pick and choose the style you like most for your brand. Moreover, Outgrow lets you embed your quizzes anywhere on your website, landing pages, and email newsletter!

Embeds on your webpage

7. Collect Zero-Party Data and Retarget Prospects With Custom Offers

As we discussed earlier, collecting zero-party data is the safest and most effective way to acquire customers and remarket to them. And online quizzes are a great source of zero-party data. This is the type of data that prospects voluntarily provide to receive custom results.

Once you receive information about your users, their interests, preferences, likes, and dislikes, you can target them with customized offers and discounts.

Tip: Do not ask for too much information at once, otherwise, the users will walk away and you will lose potential customers.

8. Create Interactive Paid Media Campaigns

If you run paid advertising, your eye is on that return on investment (ROI) number. Whatever kind of quiz you create, maximize their effectiveness by adding them to a paid advertising campaign.

It is also possible to engage potential customers with a quiz as they scroll through their social media feeds. In addition to capturing the attention of the shopper, quizzes can also improve click-through rates. To get more people to click on your quiz, you can advertise it in an ad CTA. Therefore, quizzes can be an effective way to entice audiences toward paid media campaigns. 

Let’s take an example –

Beauty brand Ipsy leveraged a quiz in a paid post to create urgency with the offer of a free glam bag for those who take the quiz (and make a purchase) within a certain time frame.

IPSY online quiz example


9. Create a Feedback Quiz

As your customers become familiar with your products and services, it’s time to learn more about their experiences. To collect this information, you can share a feedback quiz with your customers.

Okay, well it’s not a quiz but a survey – a survey to get feedback on your products and services, or the quiz, you created to help them!

What’s important here is that the feedback you receive will enable you to improve your services or add more products based on customers’ needs. It can also help you understand if your online quiz is helping them in the way they want.

Below is a template for a Website Feedback Survey by Outgrow that helps brands know what their customers think about their websites and how they can improve further.

website feedback example

How to Create Engaging Quizzes With Outgrow Quiz Maker? 

  • Log in to Outgrow’s quiz maker tool. If you haven’t created an account, you can sign up for Outgrow’s 7-day FREE trial and get started!
  • Once you log in, you can choose from our wide range of templates and layouts or create your quiz from scratch. Next, you can add new questions or customize the existing ones. You can also set up the welcome screen and lead generation form, and change display features like text size, font, colors, etc. to suit your brand image.
  • As the last step, set up the results page. Our quiz maker tool lets you optimize the results as per your requirements. It also lets you set up mapping as per your workflow, and add images and GIFs to the results page to make your quiz more interactive and fun.
  • After you’re done with the changes, it’s time to make your quiz live. You can also set up email automation and other features in the Configuration tab.
  • Finally, you can embed your quiz on your website, landing pages, and email newsletters, or promote it via a direct URL.

Wrap Up

Now that you know how to acquire customers using online quizzes, you can follow these practices to grow your business faster. Create an impactful quiz that engages your users and also markets your business. 

Outgrow’s interactive no-code quiz maker tool simplifies the process of creating viral quizzes. Try your hand at it and make a unique quiz for your website. Several useful add-ons help you optimize your quizzes and make them more interesting.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Outgrow’s FREE trial and start acquiring new customers.


If you have a list of email subscribers, you can send them an email with a link to take the quiz. You can even embed the quiz directly in your email to shoot up the click-through rate. The quiz should be interesting, and interactive, and should cater to the needs of the target audience. Using this method can be very effective in reaching your target audience and increasing participation.

Online quiz makers are available for free and can be customized to meet your needs. The quiz maker from Outgrow is one such tool that offers interactive and customizable premade templates. To try it out, you can sign up for the 7-day FREE trial!

Quizzes are great for improving the interactions and engagement between you and your target audience. It boosts the engagement rate 2X as compared to a static content piece. It catches the user’s attention as it provides instant value in terms of personalized results. With Outgrow, you can create quizzes within minutes and without any coding skills.

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