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Top 10 Content Marketing Influencers and Their Best Posts
30th November 2016 Pratham Mittal

Top 10 Content Marketing Influencers and Their Best Posts

Here is a list of 10 top content marketing influencers who’ve been winning at the content marketing game, almost always. Follow them and learn how to develop your brand, and connect with your audience using the right type of content.


Joe Pulizzi [@joepulizzi]

Founder, Content Marketing Institute

What You Can Learn from Joe?

One of the leaders behind the content marketing movement, Joe is an author, speaker and an evangelist. He is actively working on advancing content marketing practises. The how-to’s on his blog are a must-read if you’re getting started with content marketing.

The Post We Love!

9 actions content marketers need to do right now

Some people are really good at content marketing, while others are still learning For the latter, Joe lists down 9 things which every content marketer must do to get the most out of his campaigns. From understanding your delivery channels to identifying your competitors, Joe has covered all the basics in this post. It’s the go to post for you as a content marketer.


Gary Vaynerchuk [@garyvee]

Founder, VaynerMedia

What You Can Learn from Gary?

Besides being one of the first Wine ecommerce business owner and an internet sensation, Gary is also the founder of VaynerMedia, an agency which helps companies build their brand value. So, if your social media content is collecting dust, it’s time to check in with GaryVee.

The Post We Love!

One piece of content to change your life

Remember Justin Bieber? This is not about him! Well, okay maybe it starts with him. Mostly, this is another amazing postby Gary bringing out the importance of what you share and where you share it. In the post Gary highlights how to choose the right content marketing platform and how to use feedback to create some awesome content


Michael Brenner [@brennermichael]

CEO, Marketing Insider Group

What You Can Learn From Michael?

Michael Brenner is one of those people who love to share their knowledge and experience in real-life marketing situations to help companies. If you follow Michael, you’re sure to learn about  umpteen number of ways to generate high ROI using your content.

The Post We Love!

How to see high ROI using content marketing

We’ve all faced a situation where no matter how much we write and share, or how well our SEO is, there’s barely any ROI. Well, seems like Michael’s been there, seen that.  In this post he’s shared a few tips on how to increase your ROI using content marketing.


Neil Patel [@neilpatel]

Co-Founder at Crazy Egg & QuickSprout

What You Can Learn From Neil?

With KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, Neil Patel is determined to revolutionize  person-based analytics for businesses to perform better. If you’re looking learn about brand building techniques that use content, Neil is the person to follow.  

The Post We Love!

Top 35 Blogging Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular

What’s better than 30? 35! Neil Patel talks of several different blogging ideas that can help you to build a great brand. As he explains, we need to be aware of what we’re selling, who we’re selling to and which topics are relevant to both. Neil covers various topics that can assist in a monetizing blog or personal brand building as well.


Brian Carter [@briancarter]

CEO, The Carter Group

What You Can Learn From Brian?

One of the top 50 Social Media experts, Brian is the go-to-guy if you’re looking for tips to execute a successful marketing campaign. He is known to easily convey the most complex digital marketing strategies with his audience, thanks to his sense of humor. This makes him a great speaker and the right person for you if you need help with your company’s next social media campaign.

The Post We Love!

Facebook Advertising Lead Generation and Content That Sells

“Facebook doesn’t work for B2B. It’s for B2C, people say. Users aren’t on there for work. Why FB works for B2B: FB users want distraction. Show them something awesome that helps their work and they’ll click on it.” – Brian shares some amazing tips about how B2B companies can generate leads from FB ads using  case studies of different brands.


Ian Cleary [@IanCleary]

Founder and CEO of RazorSocial

What You Can Learn From Ian?

A social tech expert, Ian provides training to help companies derive better results from social media. His 5-step process is a must learn technique if you’re looking to generate leads or create a great brand presence on social media and increase your SEO.

The Post We Love!

How to optimize content for topics versus keywords

If you’re about to come up with your next content plan, and are looking to generate traffic, Ian’s post is your holy grail. Besides providing a brief outline on what it takes to improve your SEO, Ian has discussed tools like Hubspot's Blog Post Generator and Porten Content Ideas Generator in this article to help users come up with topics based on their brand keywords.


David Meerman [@dmscott]

Keynote Speaker, Freshspot Marketing

What You Can Learn From David?

One of the top online marketing strategists, David helps businesses  explore the tremendous opportunities to communicate with their target audience via online marketing. If you’re looking to gain access to all aspects of your content platform, take a look at David’s blog.

The Post We Love!

The importance of owning your content real estate

In this post, David talks about controlling the usually inaccessible aspects of content like: platform appearance, format, etc. He enlists a couple of ways to utilize blogs for sharing content related to brands. David also points out how blogs exist longer on SERPs in comparison to other social media channels.


Jeff Bullas [@jeffbullas]

CEO at Jeffbullas.com Pty Ltd

What You Can Learn From Jeff?

When Jeff isn’t busy being a content marketing superhero, he is helping businesses and personal brands amp up their digital marketing efforts through various social media channels. So, if you haven’t been getting 5 million visitors on your blog annually, like him, we definitely think you can take a few tips.

The Post We Love!

15 Content Marketing trends that need your close attention

Jeff Bullas dedicates this entire post to updating marketers with the latest trends in content marketing. This also includes some interactive content trends that can  help you generate greater ROI. #MustRead


Tami Cannizzaro [@tamicann]

VP, Head of North America Marketing, Oracle

What You Can Learn From Tami?

From her broad experience in marketing for tech companies like IBM, eBay and Oracle, Tami shares her expertise to help companies gain access to their audience base. If you’re handling the marketing for a corporate company, Tami is the voice to hear out for.  

The Post We Love!

Build Momentum Through Content Marketing

Marketers are experiencing a major crisis. There is no longer a captive audience for anything. Consumers have tuned out advertising and traditional marketing tactics, leaving many marketers searching for a solution. Tami Cannizzaro offers some great insights that she has gathered from her years of experience at companies like IBM and eBay, and Oracle.


Ann Handley [@marketingprofs]

Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

What You Can Learn From Ann?

The world’s first Chief Content Officer, and social media’s most influential woman, Ann helps businesses rethink the way they market themselves. Follow her insights  to develop a better tone for your content.

The Post We Love!

5 keys to developing a strong tone of voice in your content marketing

A lot of us have had problems relaying a persuasive and strong tone in our content. We share a lot of viable and important posts, but it ends up collecting e-dust. As Ann puts it, “One of the biggest branding mistakes that companies can make is to not pay enough attention to their tone of voice.” This article will help you ensure that your posts get as much importance as you do.

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