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8 Ways Your Virtual Booth Can Become a Lead Magnet
15/09/2020 Shreya Sinha
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8 Ways Your Virtual Booth Can Become a Lead Magnet

As more and more trade shows and conferences go virtual, it can become challenging to connect with potential business leads. However, if you have an engaging and attractive virtual booth, you can still score big for your marketing team.

Statistics estimate that video, including virtual conferences, will make up 80 percent of internet traffic by 2021. Moreover, 86 percent of individuals indicate an equal or higher level of engagement with online events compared to in-person meetings. Recent research shows that an increasing number of people are anticipating converting to more virtual meetings and virtual events in the coming months.

8 Ways Your Virtual Booth Can Become a Lead Magnet

To make the most of these changes and the rising popularity of virtual conferences and events, you’ll need to plan, design, and build a virtual booth for your organization to stand out. Don’t worry if you are new to the whole virtual booth idea; there are some easy steps you can take to turn your virtual booth into a lead magnet.

8 Ways Your Virtual Booth Can Become a Lead Magnet

What Are Virtual Booths?

A virtual booth is more than just setting up your webcam and trying to connect with others at the event. A good virtual booth is immersive and engaging for your audience. Your virtual booth will be your face at the online event and will be displayed on the virtual conference platform. To attract attendees to your booth, you’ll need to consider digital ways through which you can showcase your product or service.

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Virtual Booth Best Practices

If you have never created a virtual booth before, you may feel a little intimidated. But you have nothing to worry about. Here are some tips to help you create an unforgettable virtual booth experience:

1. Make a Plan

Like any marketing effort, you need to start with a strategy. Set some realistic goals about what you’d like to achieve through your virtual booth. You should think about how to digitize the elements of your in-person booth. That could be through buttons or click-points on the screen or a live video.

2. Make Your Booth Interactive

Just because people are attending the conference from the comfort of their own homes, doesn’t mean you can’t engage them. Design some polls or incorporate gamification around the topic your event or virtual booth is about. You can also try out some contests and giveaways. Apart from being a fun way to connect with others at the virtual event, this can also help attract potential leads to your booth. Interactive content allows you to engage with your customers while offering relevant information in return. It is a great way to generate more leads as well as create some brand awareness for yourself.

For example, if you’re hosting a virtual booth at a marketing conference, you can always create a poll to find out which speaker your users liked best! However, if you’re at a product launch event, you can host a giveaway. The possibilities are endless! Don’t be afraid to get creative!

8 Ways Your Virtual Booth Can Become a Lead Magnet

So, find out what features the app for your virtual event comes with. Try looking for a tool that lets you create interactive content to engage potential leads at your virtual booth. Some great interactive content types are polls, quizzes, games, contests, and much more.

8 Ways Your Virtual Booth Can Become a Lead Magnet

3. Think Visually

To create an engaging booth, you will need to carefully consider what elements you want to include. Since the event is online, you’ll be able to attract more attendees to your virtual booth if you have some visual elements. For example, promotional videos, powerpoints, or even some case studies work great. Remember that being visual should go beyond having a talking head at your booth. Keep it interesting for your visitors.

Two exhibitors, Media6, Inc and AUM Brewing, gave their booths dynamic visuals in very different ways. AUM Brewing began its video with a high-quality look of its product to immediately draw in any interested beer drinkers. Meanwhile, with a less physical product, Media6 centered its booth on a strong color scheme and a video with a striking, creative opening.

8 Ways Your Virtual Booth Can Become a Lead Magnet

While the two booths use different strategies, both center their videos on intriguing visuals unique to their brand.

As attendees scroll through different booths, the first few seconds are crucial. So, play to your company’s strengths by showing something that will make attendees want to know what comes next.

4. Design It Before You Build It

Once you’ve decided what visual elements you’d like to use, create a simple sketch of how you envision your booth. Be sure to consider the aesthetic appeal as well. Work with symmetry in order to draw visitors into your virtual space.

8 Ways Your Virtual Booth Can Become a Lead Magnet

5. Use Pre-recorded Videos

Videos are a great way for your visitors to get a feel of what your organization is all about. Use any pre-recorded promotional videos that you’ve already invested some time and effort into producing. However, it is important to keep them short and concise. If you have videos that are longer than a couple of minutes, you may want to cut them down into separate clips that you can show to attendees throughout the event.

6. Create a Video Playlist

Having a playlist handy can make it easier for both your employees at your booth and your visitors. Visitors may easily lose interest if it takes too long to find a video that answers their question. Having a playlist ready helps your booth employees know what videos they have and where to find them quickly. It also reflects well on your organization. You’ll look like experts in your field if you are organized and prepared.

7. Have Live Experts at Your Booth

Your virtual booth can include more than just the marketing staff. Virtual events are ideal places to go a little deeper with your visitors. Consider the experts at your organization that can offer some unique insight to your visitors. Depending on what product or service you offer, you may want to include a developer, designer, engineer, or other behind-the-scenes employees that can offer some new and interesting insight into what you do. Moreover, creating and using interactive content along with experts by your side can boost your virtual booth engagement through the roof.

8. Follow Up

Be sure that your marketing team follows up with the leads so that your time and effort isn’t lost. Collecting leads at a virtual event can be simple if you have the right event app or tool. Be sure that your marketing department is able to retrieve all the information your booth team gathered at the virtual event. Then, make a plan to follow up on those leads.

8 Ways Your Virtual Booth Can Become a Lead Magnet

Don’t forget to provide your marketing team with the contact details so they can follow up and nurture the leads.

Bringing It All Together

Connecting with potential leads online through a virtual booth is a great way for your organization to build its customer base. With some planning and inspiration, you’ll be able to design and create an engaging virtual booth that attracts visitors effortlessly.

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