Hello, we are Outgrow.
We are trying to reinvent marketing!

Customers today want to be helped. Not sold to. And hence, landing pages filled with marketing talk don’t convert any more. And while ebooks and white-papers are great, the customer is inundated with too much content and doesn’t have the time to consume all of it. Hence, we need Interactive content…content that engages the customer by making it a part of the narrative, instantly.

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Pratham Mittal


Before starting Outgrow with Randy, Pratham founded Newsance – A Wharton VIP company, organized the inaugural Hack the Change Hackathon and worked at Host Committee. Pratham attended The Doon School and completed a Bachelors in Systems Engineering and Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Randy Rayess


Randy Rayess is passionate about remote work, outsourcing and software development. He previously worked in technology investing at SilverLake Partners, in machine learning and in payments. Randy graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters in Systems Engineering, and from the Wharton School with a Bachelors of Science in Economics, concentrating in Finance and Statistics.