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Is Your Adwords Account Performing Up to Par? Get your answer with the Adwords Performance Calculator!

Launching a new adwords campaign is a herculean process. Hope, fear, excitement, and anxiety- you go through all these emotions at once. However, once the campaign results are out, and the numbers match your expectations, you’re relieved. But if that’s not the case, then starts the process of evaluating what went wrong and where’s the scope of improvement. After all, it’s a lot of hard-earned money at stake and no ROI means all that money goes down the drain. That is how powerful AdWords is. Aptly exemplifying this power, Neil Patel explained in one of his blogs how one $10000 ad made him the man of the day while another $10000 ad proved to be him most inglorious feat. Thus, you’d always want your AdWords to perform for your business. To know how your Adwords is doing when stacked against industry standards, take this Adwords performance calculator.

What did your score reveal? If you’d like to improve your score here are some quick tips:

Tip to Improve your CTR: 

Increasing your click-through rates would drive more traffic and improve your Quality Scores (which lowers costs). To raise CTRs, write targeted, specific ads that speak directly to each segment of your audience.

Tip to Improve your CVR:

Increasing your conversion rates means more profits in your pockets. To improve your account’s conversion rates, pause under-performing keywords and bid on high-intent keywords instead. Make sure your landing pages are optimized for conversion, and that your offer is something prospects really want.

To learn more about setting up a profitable Google Adwords account, read this guide by Neil Patel.

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