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Is Your Interactive Content Fit to Go Viral?
27th January 2018 Khyati

Is Your Interactive Content Fit to Go Viral?

According to virality expert Jonah Berger, a marketing professor at Stanford University, the key to viral content is emotional arousal. And that’s true for interactive content as well. Just like any other content form, calculators and quizzes that evoke emotions - happiness, fear, anger - are likely to go viral. Interactive content with positive messaging, in particular has higher chances of being shared. However, these aren't the only prerequisites. Your content must also engage and persuade (Read: How to apply principles of persuasion to make calculators & quizzes engaging) And of course, add value. Value-based content that is practically useful for people has a high chance of going viral. How does your interactive experience fair? Take this virality quiz to find out.

While there is not set formula to creating viral content, this graphic by Upworthy covers the basics.



To understand how you can make your interactive content piece viral, go through our guide on creating shareworthy interactive experiences.

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