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[Calculator] Are you Adept at Adwords?
13th July 2018 Etee Dubey
5 min read

[Calculator] Are you Adept at Adwords?

This is our expert consultant Thor Codinson. He has some serious skills when it comes to Google Adwords.

adwords tips

And he also has a penchant for witty prophecies. We have somehow managed to get him to spill some of his trade secrets. The proverbs may be a bit too hard for you to understand, but we’ve got your back. However, before we move forward, he insists that you take this quiz to see if you’re worthy of his wisdom.

Prophecy No.1:

adwords tips

What he means- Allocate ample budget to top keywords but say no to broad matching.

Your first priority is to research and test keywords and to understand what works the best for you. Keep a small part of the budget for trying out new keywords. Once this is done, ample budget should be dedicated to the keywords that convert the best for your business.

Broad match is the default match type that all your keywords are assigned if you don't specify another match type. The Google Adwords automatically runs your ads on relevant variations of your keywords, including synonyms, singular and plural forms, possible misspellings, stemmings (such as floor and flooring), related searches, and other relevant variations.

Thor’s word of advice is to stay away from broad matching. While broad matching leads to more views on your ad campaign (because there are more keywords, duh!), those views won’t bring you business. Bidding on exact and phrase match will save you money and get you more targeted traffic.

Pro Tip: Take a look at this awesome article by Search engine land for more insights.

Prophecy No. 2:

adwords tips

What he means - Include additional ad extensions to your campaign.

Ad extensions are snippets of supplementary information about your business that you can add to your Google ads without any additional charges. For instance, a contact number or a location. Why wouldn’t you want to get the maximum ROI after spending so much money on your Adwords? More details about your business lead to higher conversions. People are looking for easier ways to get information. You ought to give it to them.

Prophecy No. 3:

adwords tips

What he means- Pay attention to the quality score.

A lot of marketers only focus on getting to the top spot on Google search through their ad campaigns. Thor advises you to pay special attention to quality score to lower your CPC and secure a higher ad position. Quality score is a rough evaluation of your keyword and ad quality. Google decides the quality score of the ads based on their relevance to its users. In fact, according to a research, increasing your quality score rating by 1 point decreases your cost-per-conversion by 16%.

Prophecy No. 4:

adwords tips

What he means- Make use of UTM tracking.

A UTM tracking code is a unique sequence added to a URL that redirects to your website or target landing page. It helps you identify which specific ads or links get clicked on or convert the most. Understanding which ad campaign is bringing you the most conversions will increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns in terms of targeting and budget. Once you know which ad from and/or platform is securing you the highest conversions, you can direct your resources there. This will save you countless hours of data inspection and make the bigger picture clearer.

Prophecy No. 5:

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What he means- Make use of location-based bid modifiers.

Most marketers ‘guesstimate’ the regions that might prove valuable for their business. They set their targeting areas to be places where people would be interested in seeing their ad. For instance, if you’re an entrepreneur that sells handmade scarves, you would target areas that have low temperatures. The product would not sell in places with tropical/hot climates. However, not every location brings in the same result. The locations need to be revised based on the ad’s performance. Head to the dimension tab in your Google Adwords account and fine-tune the location you want your ad to be seen in based on their previous performance.

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Prophecy No. 6:

adwords tips

What he means- Study your competitor’s ad.

Analysing the data from your own ads is not enough. You need to move one step further. Analyse the highly ranked ads of your competitor as well as their strategy and use that information to improve the performance of your own campaigns. You can bid on the same keyword and even gain insights from their ad copy to make yours better. Here’s an interesting article by Crazyegg showcasing some of the most successful adword ads.

We all remember the Samsung sass attack on Google after the release of iPhone S6. After studying their top competitor's ads, Samsung bid on the keyword 'iPhone 6S'. Was this a smart move? We'll let you be the judge of that.

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Prophecy No. 7:

adwords tips

What he means- Well, make use of negative keywords.

Okay, no riddles for this one. It’s just important!

Having your company name show up in the keywords you bid on is not always the best thing. Assume you’re working for a software company and bid on the keyword ‘software’. You don’t want your company name to show up if someone searches for ‘software malfunction’, do you? This is why negative keywords are indispensable.

Negative keywords help reduce the number of times your ad is served on irrelevant queries. If you find searches that show up in a report you don't want to be advertising on, then add them to the negative keyword list.

Pro Tip: Here's an awesome article by Practical E-Commerce on how to find negative keywords.

We have tried to decipher all of Thor’s wisdom for you. Include these Adwords hacks to maximize your campaign performance. If anybody asks where you got these tricks from, you can always say its from a friend at work!