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Top 11 Free Visual Marketing Tools You Must Use (+Bonus Tools)

Hello, there! Searching for free visual marketing tools? Well, you are in the right place. In this post, we’ll not only talk about free visual marketing tools but also about the idea behind giving away free tools.

So, tell us something, do you love freebies? We bet you do! We tend to react differently when we get something for free & it is a proven marketing method for getting more traction and generating leads.

Trusting the power of free, tech giants have been using the free technique for better customer acquisition. The trick is to offer a free tool or service to improve customer satisfaction and increase the possibility of referral traffic & leads.

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Remember not to confuse the free business model with freemium business models.

Now that you know the concept behind free tools, here’s the list of top 11 free visual marketing tools along with their special features. And guess what, we have included some bonus tools as well! 

1. Skitch

Skitch Free Visual Marketing Tool

Ever heard of Evernote? Well, Skitch is a tool developed by Evernote and they offer it for free!

It is one of the best visual communication tools you will come across. Moreover, it’s the clean and simple interface that is enough to win your hearts but it offers much more than that. For example, you can annotate an image with arrows, texts, shapes & more. Skitch also allows you to sketch something new, take screenshots and annotate them, mark up maps, etc.

With the attention span of an average internet user decreasing, Skitch can be really useful to communicate with your audience visually. The point is to communicate with your audience using fewer words. Instead, you should show them what you want to convey.

2. Outgrow

Outgrow for free interactive visual content

If you ever get stuck with content ideas, you can look into these interactive visual content examples by Outgrow for reference. Interactive content is a great way to improve your user engagement and a must-have for your visual marketing strategy.

You can get industry-specific ideas to create your visual content all in one place. Also, learn about the different ways to use interactive content & create your own content free for 7 days by signing up.

3. Pablo

Pablo A Free Visual Marketing Tool

If you are looking for a hassle-free tool to create visual content for your social media, then Pablo by Buffer is a must-use tool for you. The tool makes it’s really easy to combine images with text & lets you add filters. Further, if you want to add your brand logo, Pablo lets you do that as well.

With Pablo, you get Social Media ready canvas, pre-made templates, filters, font library & option to upload your custom logo.

4. Layout

Layout a Free Visual Marketing Tool on Instagram

Layout is a free tool offered by Instagram that helps you create beautiful photo collages. You can create collages from your stock photos or you can use photos taken on the spot. Not just that, it has an array of filters to make your collages stand out.

5. Adobe Color

Adobe Color a Free Visual Marketing Tool

If you are wondering how to create your brand color palette, then look no further than Adobe Color. It’s a free tool developed by Adobe that helps you find the right shades for your visual content. You can find pre-made color palettes to use or you can customize on your own.

Furthermore, this tool also lets you extract color themes and color gradients from any uploaded photos. You can save, share, customize, and download your color palettes. It’s also a go-to tool if you need to search for colors using HEX codes.

6. Filmora Meme Maker

Filmora a Free Visual Marketing Tool

Filmora Meme Maker by Wondershare is the best free meme maker available in the market. In spite of offering the tool for free, Filmora doesn’t impose any watermarks on the memes.

It has a simple drag and drop interface & allows you to upload images, videos & gifs to create memes.

What’s more, the tool boasts a unique feature that lets you select between white and black backgrounds to input captions. You also have the flexibility to customize the text size, color, and position. After you have finished editing, you can export your file with one click or share it directly on your social media handles.

7. Da Button Factory

Da Button Factory a Free Visual Marketing Tool

It is well known that CTA buttons are an integral part of any visual marketing strategy. So, your visual content should have a CTA with a specific goal to lure your audience to click and complete a conversion.

Da Button Factory is a free button designing tool developed by Click Minded that is designed to generate customized CTA buttons. You can create high-converting CTA buttons for your website, blogs, social media, emails & more. Further, the tool lets you customize CTA text, color, size, shape, style and a lot more.

So, with Da Button Factory, you can easily personalize your CTAs following the best practices for CTA designing for maximum conversions. After you have created your CTA, copy the button URL & the CSS generated by the tool to embed it anywhere you want.

8. Image Resizer

Image Resizer a Free Visual Marketing Tool

No matter how attractive your image is, if you upload an excessively large photo to your site, newsletters, social media, etc. it will have negative effects. Suppose you upload an image in your site without considering the size, it will affect the load speed and hence your SEO.

Hence, resizing your image without losing the picture quality is very essential and must be a part of your visual marketing strategy. The free Image Resizer tool by Shutterstock lets you do just that. Simply drag & drop your .jpg or .png images in the tool, select your size & download.

So, if you are into creating images for websites, newsletters, social media posts or any other medium, the Image Resizer tool must be on your bookmark.

9. File Converter

File Convertor a Free Visual Marketing Tool

The File Converter is yet another free tool by Shutterstock that comes in real handy. You can easily convert your images to .jpg, .png & TIFF files without compromising picture quality.

It has a drag and drop interface that not only makes it easy to use but also helps you convert file formats in seconds. What we really like about this tool is its TIFF file support. You can come across many image file converters on the internet, but there are few that give you the TIFF file format.

10. Hatchful

Hatchful a Free Visual Marketing Tool

You must be familiar with the brand Shopify, but did you know about its free logo making tool? Hatchful by Shopify lets you create stunning logos in seconds. It’s super easy to use and fast.

Select your business type, choose your visual style & add your business name and slogan. Based on these choices the tool will automatically generate a range of logo templates. Now you can select the template you like and start customizing it. Moreover, you can personalize the colors, styles, fonts, icons & more.

11. Embed Code Generator

Embed Code Generator a Free Visual Marketing Tool

Embed Code Generator by Make A Website Hub lets you generate embed codes for your infographics and images. You can use it to embed your visual content on your websites, newsletters, etc.

Furthermore, you should also consider sharing your embed codes so that people can use your images on their website and give you the credits.

Bonus Tool: Placeit

If you’re looking for a platform where you can create all your branding designs, Placeit is a great tool! With more than 50K templates and a growing library of designs made by professionals each day, you can create eye-catching images. So, go on and create everything, from logos and videos to your social campaign with branded images in minutes.


No matter what line of business you are in, visual marketing is the ultimate communication technique you need to master. So go ahead and use these top free visual marketing tools to create something wonderful for your audience.

And don’t forget about the ‘free marketing model’, if you want to follow the likes of Google and Facebook, offer tools for free. Especially if you own a SaaS business, the free tool concept can work miracles. Explore the opportunities to create tools that add value to your customers with Outgrow. Sign up for a 7-day free trial and see the difference.

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