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Top Marketing Tools To Use During The Corona Outbreak

Today, we’re facing one of the biggest natural threats to have taken over mankind. And we’re all in this together, no matter which country, which city. Businesses from around the world are taking steps to even slightly mitigate the costs of this calamity. People are working from home, avoiding meetings, and deals, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. And at the same time, some businesses have taken a step even further to help the world do this. There are some tools that you can use to ease down during the Corona outbreak. 

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Discounts, extended trials, free premiums, and so many other ways – marketing tools are offering ways to help people work from home more easily without losing productivity. These marketing tools have shown us what matters most at times like these – compassion and teamwork. So we’ve compiled a list of some tools that you can make use of to ensure that your team stays connected in the best possible way. These tools offer services like interactive content, email marketing, and video calling. But one thing they all have in common is this: these are the top marketing tools to use during the Corona outbreak.

Top 9 Marketing Tools To Use During The Pandemic

1. Outgrow

The first of the tools you can use during the Corona outbreak. Outgrow is a no-code marketing tool that allows you to create interactive content. You can create interactive content types like calculators, outcome quizzes, assessments, surveys, and many other forms using this tool. You can embed these content pieces on your websites, landing pages, emails, etc. Outgrow aims at lead generation through customer engagement and value addition. It is easy to use and allows for integrations with multiple third parties and social media.

As a contribution during COVID-19, Outgrow is offering 1 free custom build related to COVID-19 or for businesses suffering because of it. Outgrow has used its own tool to help raise awareness about this. For example, they created this Coronavirus risk calculator for ‘What is your chance of dying from Coronavirus?’. You can check out their free trial here. They offer many pricing plans and you can make use of their COVID-19 offer to make its best use.


Publishing Factory, a digital marketing firm used Outgrow to create a quiz on ‘How Much Do You Know About Coronavirus?’. This quiz helped them gather 5822 visits and 1292 leads! It was their way of raising awareness and gathering leads at the same time.

Top Marketing Tools To Use During The Corona Outbreak

2. Loom

Loom is a work communication tool that lets you record your screen and create instantly shareable videos. You can choose to record yourself in the video as well. Thereafter, you can download these videos, and embed them on your websites, social media, etc.

The best part? The Loom Basic tool is available for everyone to use for free. They have a package called Loom Pro that offers a lot more services. This includes unlimited storage, click emphasis, drawing tools, custom recording size and so much more.

Loom is a great way of connecting with your peers, giving presentations, and making tutorials. On days when you cannot present reports and data in a meeting room, Loom comes to your rescue. As a part of the COVID-19 mission, they have made a lot of changes to their subscription offers. Till 1st July 2020, Loom will

  1. Remove the recording limit on our free plan — what was 25 is now unlimited
  2. Cut the price of Loom Pro in half — what was $10/month is now $5/month
  3. Extend all trials of Loom Pro from 14 to 30 days

Loom has a pan-industry use and is offering Loom Pro for free for the education sector! Loom has helped companies function better in the past and today, it is more useful than ever. Here’s an example of Slido, a technology company. They used Loom to show their users how their product integrations worked in reality in order to get feedback from them. This helped them show the workings of their tool, rather than describe it in words. Loom was an instrumental tool in their progress as a company.

Top Marketing Tools To Use During The Corona Outbreak

3. Zoom

Zoom is a software that offers quality video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing performance across operating systems. The tool has its own ‘Meetings’ feature that is designed for collaboration. It features whiteboarding, screen sharing, HD video and audio, and remote screen control features. It also has features for hosting webinars that allow up to 100000 attendees. Their best feature is the ‘Zoom Room’. You can include remote participants, use one-touch meeting start features, and enjoy interoperability with a host of legacy endpoints in these digital conference rooms.

Zoom aims at keeping us connected wherever we are. It acts as a visual meeting room where your team can get together and work. During this challenging time, they are hosting webinars and live demos every day. They have also compiled a set of resources on how you can best use Zoom in order to maximize efficiency. 

Here’s a video of how Uber used Zoom in order to connect their team across countries and continents. It helps them grow together. Their 15000 employees use it from all parts of the world to be able to communicate more easily and effectively.

Top Marketing Tools To Use During The Corona Outbreak

4. MailerLite

MailerLite is an email marketing tool. It helps you build and manage emails with ease. You can create landing pages, pop-ups, surveys, automation, and much more with MailerLite. The software also comes with an exclusive HTML editor that lets you create HTML emails whenever you want to. You’ll be able to edit in Rich Text. It is a very simple and easy to use tool with a very intuitive interface.

For three months from now, MailerLite is offering their email marketing software (premium version) free of charge for the next 3 months to governmental, educational, and healthcare institutions responding to COVID-19. Email campaigns are an important part of raising awareness at times like this. This is why MailerLite has taken that extra step to make things easy for them. It also aims at reducing in-person interactions for companies and communicating in a quicker and safer way.

Toyota Denmark used MailerLite to collect emails without hurting the customer experience! They secured more test drives, collected trade-in leads, and increased newsletter subscriptions. Toyota did this simply by implementing relevant, unintrusive, and actionable campaigns on its site.

Top Marketing Tools To Use During The Corona Outbreak

5. Vidyard

Vidyard is an all-in-one video platform for your business. It helps businesses create interactive video experiences. It also allows them to gain powerful insights into their viewing audience and turn these insights into action with enterprise integrations.

You can embed these videos on your websites, landing pages, social media, etc., and enjoy their full control. You can also embed strategic CTAs on your videos to be able to convert your viewers into customers!

To help us face today’s global crisis, Vidyard has offered free secure video messaging to enhance internal communications for all businesses. Video messaging can go a long way in businesses conversing more easily and making everyday tasks simpler. It is more flexible and helps save more time. Apart from this, their video marketing is a great way to increase website traffic, increase leads and engage customers when offline marketing efforts are limited.

Have a look at how Act-On used Vidyard to gain 40% more leads and 4x higher engagement. Act-On is a SaaS marketing automation tool. They used Vidyard not just for hosting webinars but also used it to produce a special demo video for their product. And it was their first video even to generate a $1 million revenue.


6. Calendly

Calendly is an online appointment scheduling software. It can connect with up to six of your calendars to automatically check availability and help you connect with your best contacts, prospects, and clients. You can allow your invitees to schedule individual slots. You can also hold group meetings, host multiple invitees and automate meeting distribution between your team. It has features like minimum scheduling notice, time zone detections, other customizations, etc.

In order to make the COVID-19 quarantine easier, Calendly is supporting free integrations with video meeting tools, Zoom and GoToMeeting, through June 1, 2020. The tool is extremely useful software for team coordination, especially in a time when you cannot get together to plan things. It makes sure that client calls are taken care of, schedules don’t overlap and appointments are not missed. It ensures an equitable distribution of work and complete transparency throughout the organization!

Cengage, a leading education and technology company used Calendly to scale its leads and its customer retention. They used the software to help their qualified leads schedule and share important information.

Top Marketing Tools To Use During The Corona Outbreak

7. Gmelius 

Gmelius is a collaboration tool that integrates with Gmail, Slack, and Trello, some commonly used office applications out there. It is a tool used to set up and manage shared inboxes and manage support, info, and contact. Gmelius aims at helping businesses increase internal visibility and better align their teams. It manages processes, accounts, and projects and at the same time can also help you with your sales outreach.

Taking a step towards social distancing and the fight against COVID-19, Gmelius has taken the following steps –

  1. Their collaboration features, e.g., shared inboxes, and kanban boards are now part of their free tier.
  2. Their sales and marketing teams have joined hands with their customer success team. They will help customers organize their company and processes. 
  3. They’re starting a community where everyone is free to ask questions or share insights about remote work.

Gmelius is an all-around solution for a lot of business-related processes and makes team functioning easy. They use their own tool to help all teams collaborate smoothly and seamlessly. Everybody, from their success to sales to development teams uses the tool. They transform their email inboxes into Kanban boards and manage their clients and projects without even leaving their inbox.


8. Monday

Monday is another team collaboration tool that lets your organization work together even when at home. The Monday board is a fully customizable table for managing your projects, workflows, and everyday work. You can add code-free automation to these boards. It minimizes the chance of human error and allows more focus on work. You can easily see what work has been assigned to whom, and you can adjust deadlines accordingly. Thus, increasing transparency in the workings of your organization.

The tool allows for more than 50 integrations to streamline your workflows in just a few clicks. So, it can help you bring all your data into one central hub. Some of the most popular integrations that Monday offers are Zoom, Slack, Zendesk, Excel and many other office apps. Use the Monday software while you work from home to gain visibility at every level.

Hubspot uses Monday for these very purposes and has achieved great success in streamlining its workflow. “Monday.com work OS is the central hub from which HubSpot teams manage critical cross-functional projects. We’re able to work in a way that suits our needs while still keeping teams closely aligned and highly empowered.”


9. Wrike

This is the last of the tools you can use during the Corona Outbreak. Wrike – a project management application service provider. Wrike aims at increasing productivity and enhancing team collaboration. With Wrike Integrate, you can create custom integrations with 400+ cloud and on-premise apps. There is no limit on the number of apps you can connect to. Wrike also lets you add custom automation, and manage cross-functional and multi-app workflows with ease. Businesses today use marketing and other tools for various purposes. With an app like Wrike, it becomes easy to keep your work on all these tools in line.

As part of the COVID-19 mission, Wrike offered its professional plan for 6 months for free. You can transfer and sync your data among these apps in either one or two directions. These apps are connected with a prebuilt connector without any need for coding. You can use drag and drop to create and modify automated workflows, even without developers. The intuitive interface also allows developers to create advanced workflows more quickly and easily.

VOCO Creative, a marketing agency, chose Wrike to help with their everyday workings. They were having a hard time managing projects simultaneously and communicating with their teams. They chose Wrike to help them with organized file management, seamless communication, easy time tracking, and much more.

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These were some marketing tools you can use during the Corona outbreak in order to work in a better way. Needless to say, this is a time when we need to realize our role in society and do our part. Businesses are losing money, the market is at an all-time low and the world is shut. So let’s shell out whatever we can and help each other stay afloat. This is a global crisis and we must survive it together.

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