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Capturing the Marketing Funnel Effectively With Calculators & Quizzes
10/12/2016 Antara Agarwal
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Capturing the Marketing Funnel Effectively With Calculators & Quizzes

A lead goes through 3 marketing funnel stages – Early Stage (Awareness/Discovery), Middle Stage (Consideration), and Late Stage (Conversion).


And at each stage, there is a certain unique marketing message and strategy that is required to get the user to the next stage. For prospects in the awareness stage, a Top of the Funnel  “ToFu” strategy is required, where instead of directly selling, you educate the customers and generate interest. Similarly, you need a MoFu (Middle of the Funnel) and BoFu (Bottom of the Funnel) strategy for the subsequent stages.

Let’s see how you can use quizzes & calculators, the most used forms of interactive content, to keep your prospects hooked through the various marketing funnel stages and transition them from one to the next whilst being a surefire way to increase ROI.

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1. Awareness [Top of the Funnel]

At this stage, the customer needs to be made aware of your company’s presence. So, most of the content created at this stage should be aimed at general awareness about your business. The core focus should be on educating end users about industry trends and business-related best practices. Take Hubspot, for instance. Their Inbound Marketing Quiz – helps marketers determine how well do they know inbound marketing. The idea is to steer clear from talking about your product or making any sales pitches at this stage.

Say you offer house repairing services, you can do quizzes like “Which color will look good on your roof?” or “See how well you understand your house’s structure.”. This will get the user to place your company in the right context.

You can also create some very interesting experiences around ideas like:

  1. Are you a ___ expert?
  2. Are you a true ___?
  3. Which ___ are you?
  4. Are you a ___ or a ___?

2. Consideration [Middle of the Funnel]

This stage is more focused on nudging your audience further in the purchase funnel. However, a hard sales pitch might not work just yet. So, your focus should be to build trust and authority around topics related to your product. Think about what are your user’s most pressing & urgent questions and try to address them. 

For home painting services, you can create quizzes like “Are you spending too much on painting your house?” or “What is the right paint texture for my building?”. You can also think about diagnosing needs, recommending products, showcasing risks with ideas like:

  1. Which is the right ___ for you?
  2. Am I spending too much on ___?
  3. How much should ___ cost?
  4. What is the risk of not doing ___ ?

3. Decision [Bottom of the Funnel]

This is the stage where we can talk about ourselves. But while we do that, we should keep in mind to always be adding value. While you can talk about your product, you should never undermine the ultimate objective of education.

Going back to our home painting services example, a possible example could be “How much can you save by going with us for your exterior repaint?” or “Are we the right fit for your home repainting needs?”.

Other possible templates for this stage could be:

  1. Should I switch to ___?
  2. How does ___ compare with ___?
  3. What is the ROI on ___?



No matter which of the three marketing funnel stages the customers are in, they don’t want to be sold to. Instead, they want to be engaged. And there’s nothing better than interactive content like quizzes and calculators to do so.

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