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7 Interactive Marketing Campaigns For You That We Love

‘Yet another year-end post!’ I bet that’s what you’re thinking. And you’re not entirely wrong. This is a year-end post, but this isn’t your regular round-up. Because this is the interactive marketing round-up!

Interactive marketing campaigns have been around for a couple of years. However, in the last few years, it took center stage with an increasing number of brands including it as a part of their marketing strategy. We witnessed what the marketing faculty at Harvard Business School had inferred a decade back – ‘a shift from broadcast marketing to interactive marketing. Mass-marketing concepts and practices are taking advantage of new ways to become more customized, more responsive to the individual.’

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While the New York Times did its most popular quiz in 2013, it wasn’t until this year that marketers started looking at interactive marketing campaigns as a serious business-generation channel and a sure shot way to increase ROI. To say the least – according to Content Marketing Institute’s latest research, nearly half (46%) of marketers who took the online survey are using interactive content. That is a 79%!

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To demonstrate this ‘shift’ in the marketing landscape, we bring to you 7 campaigns that took off thanks to their creative, innovative, and of course, interactive qualities! Dig in to see if your favorite campaign has made it to the list.

#1: Did You Mean – Mailchimp

A perfect example of what a millennial branding campaign should look like! Mailchimp came up with this concept of the campaign back in 2014 a girl mispronounced MailChimp as “MailKimp” as part of an introduction to a podcast. So, they launched 9 interactive campaigns, with all having one thing in common – all their names rhyme with Mailchimp. No matter which of these 9 words people searched for, cleverly designed paid ad campaigns led them back to Mailchimp. Now that’s not only creative but witty!

What We Loved: The air of self-assurance in this campaign can’t be missed. And Mailchimp knows how important it is to believe in yourself as a brand for customers to show faith in you. Probably this faith in self, and of course the immense creativity won this campaign Grand Prix in Cyber.

#2: Turn It Into Art – Refinery29

As a part of its annual immersive exhibition, 29Rooms, Refinery2 creates a brand experience like none other. The exhibition consists of 29 rooms, each one individually designed and created by retail brands, artists, and other creative people. This year, the theme was ‘Turn It Into Art’. And brands like Clarins, Dunkin Donuts, and Marc Jacobs, sponsored seven out of 29 rooms.

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What We Loved: The exhibition is fairly priced at $19 per ticket and uses the perfect pop culture elements and advanced technology. This makes it an instant hit amongst Refinery29 audience. Plus, the immersive rooms offer a ready-made social media feed, with lots of Instagram opportunities – and of course, tons of user-generated content for Refinery29.

#3 Interactive Quiz – TAG Livros

Earlier this year, TAG Livros – a book signing club, built an interactive quiz that would tell people about the best selling book from the year they were born – an interesting concept that would encourage people to engage with the content! A perfect idea to engage bibliophiles, and of course, attract new business!

interactive marketing campaigns

What We Loved: The quiz had a simple landing page with a single question. And user could answer it using a drop-down – a good format that improved shares. This is why the quiz could generate more than 72K visits, 23K leads, and 5K engagements. That’s a lead generation rate of almost 32%!

#4 DIY VR Clinics – Lowes

Virtual reality is now a marketing reality. In fact, according to Marketo, 30% of Forbes Global 2000 consumer-facing companies were known to experiment with augmented and virtual reality in 2017. And we have one fine example on this list too – Lowes. Understanding people’s love for DIY and the fact that not everyone is lucky enough to get a home makeover, Lowes decided to help homeowners with a virtual skills-training clinic. This visual, educational experience on how-to home improvement is powered by HTC Vive headsets and engages Lowes’ customers in a real-time home makeover experience.

What We Loved: It’s key for any brand to address the pain point of their customers and not blatantly sell to them. Lowes did just that while leveraging marketing tech to its favor.

#5 Stranger Things AR Filter – Snapchat

Now, who doesn’t know Stranger Things? The thrilling Netflix drama has become a pop culture favorite, and people are no less than addicted to the concept of ‘down under’. Leveraging the fandom for the show, and of course, staying true to its millennial users, Snapchat introduced Stranger Things world lens experience. As a part of this, users could explore Joyce Byers’ living room, tap on different elements to find Easter eggs or hit the fairy lights to see what happens. Creative and timely!

What We Loved: 3 things – it’s from Snapchat, it’s about Stranger Things, and it’s immersive!

#6 Interactive Assessment – Get Paid for Your Pad

With the aim of helping its target audience list their properties on Airbnb, Get Paid for Your Pad came up with the idea of an assessment ‘Find out where does your AirBnB profile rank in terms of quality!’ The assessment, now live, consists of 9 questions, answering which people can understand how well their AirBnB listing is doing in terms of quality.

interactive marketing campaigns

What We Loved: People want to be helped, not sold to. And this assessment captured this essence of modern marketing quite well. And hence, it saw a conversion rate of over 40%. In fact, 60% of the people who started the quiz provided their lead info.

#8 The Ultimate Grammar Quiz – Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed has been doing fun quizzes for quite some time now, and there are thousands of them. It’s known that Buzzfeed creates almost 8 quizzes per day. With that number, it becomes difficult to pick one quiz that we love. But we had to do it, and thus we chose this ultimate grammar quiz.

What We Loved: While we think grammar quizzes can be boring, this one is as interactive as any other Buzzfeed style quiz. And it challenges the grammar nazi within us! Probably this is why so many people took the quiz. Last checked it had more than 9K shares!

Trust us, we wanted the list to go on and on… But, we love you guys a lot, and thus we want to pass the baton to you. Tell us about your favorite interactive campaigns. Hopefully, we like some of them so much that we add it to this post as a bonus!

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