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Top 9 Outgrow Interactive Experiences of August 2018

Every marketer understands the importance of analysis. They’d be a fool not to. And with all the upgrades Outgrow has been going through, we’d be a fool not to. Outgrow has been working dedicatedly to ensure our clients are on a fast track to lead generation and nurturing through our platform. We thought that we should share some of the best Outgrow experiences created in the past month of August 2018. Meanwhile here is some premium octane knowledge for those of our readers who need a crash course on Outgrow tools. So buckle up marketers!

Outgrow Interactive Experiences

Outgrow is an interactive marketing platform that allows marketers and digital agencies to create quizzes and calculators to boost their marketing efforts. Our tools help companies generate new leads by increasing their social footprint and engaging their customers. Currently, Outgrow offers interactive tools like:

Outcome Quizzes

It’s a known fact that people like hearing good things about themselves. In fact, many brands including New York Times increase their customer’s interest through this tactic. Furthermore, according to research, 79% of consumers prefer personalized content. They say that consumers are only likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalized to reflect their interest. Outcome quizzes provide personalized outcomes according to the inputs by the quiz taker. So we can say that Outcome quiz has these rules down pat. Consequently, these quizzes make the users laugh and make them feel good about themselves. It’s time we start speeling LOL as ‘lots of leads’!


More than half (51%) of the marketers polled think that online calculators are useful during the consideration stage of the buyer’s purchase journey. Outgrow calculators give instant, real-time results to the customer’s queries. Studies have shown that feeling obligated to reciprocate a favor “can occur despite the fact that we may never have requested the favor in the first place”. Moreover, interactive calculators provide valuable information to customers without asking for anything in return. Therefore, customers have a good memory for that sort of thing. Guess which brand they contact looking for solutions in the future?

Graded quizzes

Being graded sure does get the users going! Taking a graded quiz tap into the primal urge to compete and succeed. For instance, if you own a gym business, you can create a graded quiz on health and exercise trivia.


What is the popular opinion and are you a part of it or not? Outgrow polls lets you create surveys. You can use it to gather information about your user base or just to increase the lead’s interest. The decision is on you!

Ecommerce Recommendations

Why just recommend items when you can directly recommend products off a catalog. We recently launched a new interactive content format that lets eCommerce sites recommend items from their catalog based on the quiz responses of each user. It’s the easiest and most effective way to get more sales from your online store.

Many Outgrow customers have got up to 50% conversions using calculators and quizzes! Here is a list of some of the best interactive content made by our very own clients in the month of August 2018. It’s time you got the praise you deserve!

Top 9 Outgrow Experiences in August 2018

 1. Emma Mumford Recommendation Quiz

A fully certified life coach, award-winning blogger, and public speaker. This brand provides online life coaching along with the law of attraction merchandise. Evidently, their quiz would have to radiate the energy their online presence does.

Quiz Title: What kind of manifesting queen are you?

Quiz Template: The Chicago

top experiences- August 2018

According to the International Coach Federation, there are around 15,000 professional life coaches currently operating in North America alone. So how did this brand stand out? The answer is interactive content. The creators of the quiz made use of the customizable Outgrow features and made a design that echoes the brand effortlessly. It asked constructive questions about the lead’s activities regarding laws of attraction. It provided valuable information to the marketing team which then customized their interaction with the lead accordingly. We imagine guiding people on how to live their life is hard. Good thing Outgrow quizzes take lead generation off their list of worries!

2. Mission Australia Calculator

Mission Australia is an early learning center that provides quality child care services for children aged from six weeks to six years in (surprise!) Australia. They provide services like daycare, kindergarten, preschool, OOSH, and were looking to increase their business. Mission Australia turned to interactive content to catch the attention of parents by providing them valuable information. This helped the parents calculate the child care subsidy they are likely to get in Australia based on factors like family income, no. of children, and the city they reside in. Considering that in 2018, one in three families had not signed up for child care subsidy, this calculator was a good way to ensure more awareness among people.

Calculator Title: Child care subsidy calculator

Calculator Template: The Madrid

top experiences- August 2018

The minimalistic design focuses on the lead’s attention to its purpose. It asks some simple questions that are necessary to avail of the child care subsidy from the government. While creating a calculator like this seems like hard work, it is actually a matter of a few hours. You just have to create a unique formula to get the result you want without the need for any coding.

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3. Fitwall Calculator

Fitwall is a global studio fitness brand that aims to provide accessible, inviting, fun, and life-changing fitness solutions. They offer customized workout programs and group sessions to people along with dietary guidelines. The best part is that just like their brand motto, their marketing efforts are fun and inviting as well.

Quiz Title: Do you really know how to get lean?

Quiz Template: The Stockholm

top experiences- August 2018

This graded quiz asks questions about fitness, exercise, and diet. It provides icons above each option to make the choice distinctive between them. This quiz uses the Stockholm template and tells the correct answer to the questions along with some interesting trivia. A well-built quiz like this might even drive us to exercise!

4. California Mobility Calculator

California Mobility provides stairlifts and its installation services in California. They deal in curved and straight stairlifts according to the requested designs by their clients. They used a calculator to stairlift their lead generation game to success. Let’s find out how.

Calculator Title: Stairlift Pricing Tool

Calculator Template: The Chicago

top experiences- August 2018

This simple yet helpful quiz asks questions like the area zip code of the lead, the type of the stairlift, and the type of accompanied staircase. Moreover, this doesn’t just provide the leads with answers. It also provides the company with valuable information about the leads. And that can be used to create personalized emails and offers during the lead nurturing stage.

5. Outgrow’s Google Marketing Poll

Poll Title: Vote For Your Favorite Google Marketing Feature

Poll Template: The Stockholm

top experiences- August 2018

Consider this as a refresher in a sea of client calculator and a treat for you marketers out there. This poll asks you for your favorite Google marketing feature and tells you how many of your fellow poll-takers agree with you.This is certainly a great example of conducting surveys, getting to know your client base, and generally being awesome.

6. First Alliance Credit Union Calculator

First Alliance provides banking services like business banking, lending services, investments, and personal banking. They mainly serve clients in the Rochester, Minnesota area. So, they needed a tool that fits their purpose, was easy to grasp, and could lead to a direct consultation. Therefore, they used a calculator for a one-stop solution to all their lead gen needs much like their tagline ‘all for one’.

Calculator Title: How Much House Can I Afford

Calculator Template: The Greek

top experiences- August 2018

This calculator is one of our faves!It asks the lead to dispense information like their annual income, monthly debts, down payment limits, and affordable house interests. It provides an immediate answer to the lead’s most pressing question and leverages a free consultation on home loans alongside the result.

7. Home Hawaii Calculator

Home Hawaii is a company of Oaho based expert home renovators. They specialize in custom house builds, home and room addition, and house renovations. Moreover, they provide free designs, plans, and permits. Home Hawaii pride themselves on being a local and neighborhood-oriented company.This is probably why they decided to team up with Webistry who helped them build an interactive experience that is known for its personalization.

Calculator Title: What Would a Brand New Kitchen Cost You?

Calculator Template: The Chicago

top experiences- August 2018

First of all, we should address how this elegant and sleek calculator represented the brand. This calculator gives you an initial idea of how much money it is going to take to renovate your kitchen. The leads can choose which additions they want to do to their renovation and it’ll be automatically added to their final estimate. Will the complex maths required in this calculator include computer coding? No. Does this calculator have an ability to go viral regardless? Yes, sir!

8. RATE Digital Quiz

When your colleagues in the marketing community trust you with their lead generation efforts, it’s safe to say that you are going in the right direction. RATE Digital is a digital advertising agency that provides radio and television advertising services in the real estate sector. Now how does a marketing consultant increase their own leads in the most optimum way possible?

Quiz Title: Should You Hire an Agent Today?

Quiz Template: The Stockholm

RATE Digital Quiz

This amazing quiz directly appeals to the majority of the RATE Digital’s client base. The quiz presents yes/no questions pertaining to the research of property values, presentability, and upgrades. We have to say this marketing company knows just what will get their prospects interested in their business. Oh, and the best part? This quiz would take only a few dedicated minutes to build.

9. Outgrow’s Deadpool Quiz

Quiz title: Is your Humour as Deadly as Deadpool

Quiz template: The Chicago

top experiences- August 2018

Okay, Deadpool did not create this quiz, but he might as well have! We say this because this fun and interesting quiz leaves no stone unturned when it comes to personalization. The most noteworthy part of the quiz is how it includes humor in its limited space. As we told you before, humor is important to attract leads.

Finally, it is important to make sure that the content in the quiz is up to the mark. After that, let the interactive content work its magic! It’d be wrong to mention the conversion rate of this quiz here, but we’ll say this:  it rhymes with nifty!


There is a lot more space for new interactive experiences on this list. And the next viral interactive content could be the one you make. Don’t know how? That’s alright. Our team will be with you every step of the way. Do not miss out on those prospects that are just waiting to become leads. We promise you, interactive content won’t let you down.

So do you think you’re ready to be on this list next month?

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