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Top 7 CRM Tools To Use This Year

This blog talks about the top CRM tools you should be using in 2022. We have researched the features and services of the best CRM tools in the market and consolidated a list just for you!

Hanna is tired of investing extra hours at the weekends, assembling the details of leads and prospects, drafting proposals, and tracking Sent folder items. Such activities are consuming her noon on the off days while she should be dozing off or shopping around.


Because Hanna’s assistant—Mr. Dont-know-it-well—is not smart enough to automate such tasks. What do you think the miserable lady should do?

Guessed it right, folks! She should CRM her business.

And since we are always aiming to help our everyday marketers like Hanna, we decided to write a blog about it. That way everyone can learn how a CRM for small business can organize and track customer data in real-time.

So, friends here is a list of the top 5 best CRM tools for 2023 recommended by Outgrow.

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1) Solidify Your Business with AgileCRM

Having impressive features for both marketing and sales teams, Agile CRM is positively Mr. Know-it-all when it comes to small businesses. In a good way.

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Their features are comprehensive and can help you in marketing automation, social media, exit analysis, enticing the leads, and email tracking to list a few.

With their cloud-based SaaS services, you can integrate Agile CRM with all social channels. And—wait, did we tell you already—it can be integrated with RingCentral. This can help you in knowing who is calling you before you hit the green icon. This business assistant works beyond contact management and has an excellent customer support system.

ClicData, a data warehousing company, had its success story to tell with this CRM tool. Their main challenge was to minimize data leaks and track the prospects properly. Well, they booked a 90% shoot-up in the leads follow-up and a 30% increase in conversion, and their CEO labeled it as the BEST.

See why another client, Supergel Int’l Inc has praised them.

2) Tame Your Client Communication with Streak

With a browser plugin for Gmail, this CRM is BFF to small teams and lets them work on their prospects’ data via Gmail. Tracking, sending, and scheduling emails to your leads was never this easy!

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Known as the easiest CRM to use, Streak is just that: your plug-and-play tool. Since no overwhelming settings are needed, you can enhance your interactions in a jiffy! Moreover, with the fantastic feature of fundraising, you can track all your potential and onboarded fundraisers in the pipeline. You can share these emails with the stakeholders even without CC’ing them.

With a near-5 rating on review portals,—GetApp, Capterra, and FinanceOnline—Streak despite being an extension (and not a full-fledged desktop utility that might deter a novice user) enjoys the users’ favor. Watch why the CEO of LutheranBnB recommends Streak here.

3) Insightly for SMBs

This highly visual CRM is your business assistant when you are running on a shoestring budget. So, if you are an SMB, this is one arrow your arsenal must house.

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With the capability to create your customer’s persona, Insightly has everything a CRM should offer—email marketing and management, customer record-keeping, analytics, and calendar sync. Moreover, you can run quick analytics by integrating Microsoft Power BI. The pipeline shows you where you stand with respect to customer interaction. This tool has an ‘Insightly Voice’ feature to assist you with all kinds of call-related data—calling, call forwarding, using call activity reporting, etc.

Moreover, because of the little training and setup needed, FitSmallBuisness definitely has some incredible words for Insightly in this video.

4) Get a Holistic Sales Solution with Teamgate

Focused on mid-size businesses, Teamgate is a full-stack sales solution for companies. Its astute analytics capability can help you keep a tab on the performance and share hidden insights about collected facts.

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Apart from ease of integration with industry-wide top tools like MailChimp, Zapier,  Zendesk, Google Drive, and Google Calendar, the software offers digital marketing campaigns, lead and contact management, sales dashboard, and sales pipeline management.

Furthermore, the ability to make quick calls using SmartDialer gives the tool an edge. It also works as a cold call dialer and analyzes the call history and the team’s dialing process.

Animacel—working towards treating animals’ locomotor ailments—is one of their many satisfied clients. When following up with the leads and customers got tedious and sapped energy, they deployed Teamgate and saw a 10-20% reduction in deal closing time.

5) Your Daily Dose of CapsuleCRM

This business assistant has all the functions you would look for in a CRM software, right from contacts, calendar, and task management, powerful analytics at your mouse-click to teams’ roles and performance administration.

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Straight to understand, succinct, and easy to use are some of the defining properties of this tool.

Through their feature called Customize Capsule, you can add as much info about your customers to understand their fabric. Amend and shape your sales pipeline to fit your needs by defining milestones not available readymade. Also, make your team feel at home by customizing the feel with your logo, theme, and colors.

Capsule enjoys impressive reviews like this with 4.5 to 5 ratings on various review platforms.

Red Circle Network—prepare clients China-business-ready—invested in Capsule to attract audiences towards the brands they promote, and their audience is Chinese. Now, capturing Chinese hearts is always considered a tough nut to crack, but Capsule helped them loosen the shell swiftly. They could also keep the attrition at their clients’ under check.

6) Get things done delightfully with BIGContacts

This CRM tool has everything you need to form long-lasting relationships. Bring together marketing, sales, and support activities to this easy-to-use platform for improved efficiency and revenue growth.


Whether it’s email marketing automation or generating insightful reports, BIGContacts can do it all. This tool is designed for simplicity and can help you manage your customer relationships more efficiently.

You can add custom fields to contact profiles, track their social media activity and personalize your outreach efforts. The integrations and automation capabilities of BIGContacts further add to its exceptional performance as a customer relationship management tool.

BIGContacts is acclaimed by users as a highly functional and effective tool which is evident from its ratings on credible websites, including Capterra, G2, and GetApp.

7) Test out best-in-class sales CRM from Snov.io 

Imagine your ideal sales CRM for small businesses. It’s simple and stress-free in the sense that it has no overly advanced features that you never utilize. It’s reliable, meaning it works without failures and with highly responsive customer support. It has outstanding organizational skills — it keeps your client base in perfect order while focusing on the right deals.

Snov.io’s CRM can do it all and much more, so look no further. With its comprehensive toolkit, you’ll find leads anywhere on websites and social media with Email Finder, verify your email list with Email Verifier, and launch personalized and creative Email Drip Campaigns within the same platform.

Plus, Snov.io offers an unparalleled tool to build multiple pipelines that accurately reflect your sales process, track leads using tags, and manage deals at every stage.

And the cherry on top, you can get access to the CRM functionality for free simply by signing up!

Last Few Words

Now, don’t be like Hanna’s assistant, Mr. Dont-know-it-well, and get into the shoes of an expert in relationship business with any of the above outstanding CRM tools. Make your business tasks a cakewalk and free your Saturdays for your hobbies and chillin’ on the weekends for real.

What are your thoughts? Let us know!

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