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6 Demand Generation Tools You Need This Year

This blog aims to provide a comprehensive list of the best demand generation tools for marketers.

There are endless ways to go about demand generation for your business. Employees advocating your brand and products; sponsoring a big-ticket event in the IT hub; partnering with a related business; or influencer marketing. The main aim is to create awareness about your products among your leads, customers, and prospects. 

But what remains underlined among these are the uncertainty or the budget you have to trade-off for the demand creation. 

Today, Outgrow is sharing some fantastic demand generation tools, you might not have heard of. (Or you might have, considering how awesome they are!) 

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1. Autopilot Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring

Got enough leads? Well, they’re never enough! There are always a hundred reasons to continue nurturing them further. Use a tool like Autopilot, which is not only a complete marketing automation software but also has amazing lead generation, scoring, and nurturing options.

6 Demand generation Tools You Need

With social media ads, SMS, landing pages, drip email marketing, you can generate leads and nurture them. Measure the scores of these nurturing endeavors using a lead scoring feature, which helps you chase the leads that have just visited your pricing page.

Have a look at their blog on-demand generation marketing!

Instapage had a vast database of old users, which they revived again using lead nurturing penned by Autopilot. Heads-up messages on the website, emails to the users at various stages of the funnel, PPC landing pages, and triggers jostled a new life to the sleeping leads. This initiative drove an annual recurring revenue of $30,000.

2. Engage With Outgrow Interactive Content

Static content, no matter how appealing will not call out to customers the way interactive content will. Interactive content allows customers to become a part of the dialogue and adds value to them. It can be of various forms – calculators, outcome quizzes, chatbots, surveys, etc. This kind of content helps in generating leads because it offers relevant information to users. In fact, statistics show that interactive content leads to 2x the conversions of static content.

6 Demand Generation Tools You Need

The processes of lead generation, segmentation, nurturing, all contribute to the objective of demand generation. And (not) surprisingly, interactive content can help you with all of them. Outgrow interactive can help you collect information through attractive content pieces, segment them, analyze them and make marketing decisions accordingly. And all of this in a few simple steps.

3.  Attract the Right Tribe with RiteKit

If you are not able to leave a stronger digital footprint on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and FB, your audience will lose you behind the dark doors. The right hashtag, the perfect CTA, and consistently top-performing social media posts are the right keys to unlock this door.

6 Demand generation Tools You Need

RiteTag is the perfect tool to punch your product images with the ideal hashtags that can attract a bigger tribe. With Rite.ly, you can include the relevant CTA that immediately drives clicks. Thereafter, you can measure and analyze your efforts as well. RiteBoost and RiteForge are the perfect assistants to craft compelling and consistent posts for various channels.

These products are compatible with mobile and desktop. Moreover, they gel well with all the major social media platforms and marketing software like Hootsuite and HubSpot.

In fact, you can check out this explainer video for more details.

If Neil Patel himself stamped RiteTag, do we need any more assurance of its capability? Anyway, we never break the consistency. So, we have a client review to affirm the tool’s strength.

Magicindie—an indie game—ventured with RiteKit and used RiteForge to garner 5.9K impressions in just 28 days on Twitter. With RiteForge, their “haphazard and ineffective marketing got a kick” and garnered immense exposure among gaming enthusiasts.

4. Integrate your Leads through Events and Webinars

You thought webinars and events are not for digital marketers? Then, you may have not heard of Integrate’s lead capturing methods that deal in the real world.

6 Demand generation Tools You Need

With this tool, you can unify all the physical channels like trade shows, meetings, and events to gain beneficial business outcomes. Moreover, with their product Akkroo, you can erase the gap between the prospects available on an event floor and the marketing system. Its app allows you to save the prospects’ conversation and related information immediately. Akkroo allows you to analyze the trade shows and then hands over the collected data to your CRM. Moreover, Akkroo is adept at handling teams of any size.

Sending your proposals and engagement materials face-to-face is only a matter of a few clicks. Dealing with the prospects in real-time (and not virtually) makes the interaction more rocking and fruitful.

The lead data from webinars, which often turn out to be messy,  can be cleaned up with Integrate’s analytical processes. The tool also prioritizes the best leads.

Furthermore, listen to what Extreme Networks has to say about Integrate Inc. These are some happy customers!

5. Wishpond for Contests to Attract Users

Tired of running fruitless contests and promotions on social media that only increase the percentage footfalls by a single digit? Then you need to subscribe to Wishpond to steer your social media efforts in your favor.


It offers 10 brilliant styles of contests like sweepstakes, photo contests, IG hashtag contests (exciting, no?), coupons (always ready for FREE goodies, right?), and referral contests to name a few. You can publish these contests via multiple channels like Facebook, blogs, websites, mobile apps, etc. Moreover, you can customize them to bring in some visual oomph and see the engagement soaring.

Frozen Yogurt Solutions grew from a small FB page to a massive one by using the giveaways created through Wishpond’s sweepstakes. They lured new customers with their startup guides loaded with an iPad 3, which helped them reach an increased fan following of 140% and a potential reach of 700K viewers.

6 Demand generation Tools You Need


Check out why the executives of Concrete Coast certified Wishpond. Spoiler- it’s because they’re kickass at what they do!

6. Engage with specific accounts in specific ways

Account-Based Marketing is not a new kid on the block of marketing. And neither is Engagio. With a few awards in their kitty already, they have a hyper-personalized approach to ABM. They identify the engagement level for the accounts and deploy customized marketing initiatives. These initiatives are tailor-made, multi-channel, and measurable.


Get yourself familiar with this Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tool through this video!

Have a look at what Pendo, one of Engagio’s clients, had to say about them.

A Few Final Words…

Hey, Marketing Ninjas, if these demand generation tools excite you, then you surely should use them in your legwork in the coming days.

With these awesome and budget-friendly tools, now find leads and nurture them in events or webinars, spin a truckload of funky hashtags, strengthen your relationships with accounts, and wish for more and more fish in the pond, err… fan following. Delve, and you would be able to drive demand generation for your company and clients.

Stay tuned for more such drool-worthy posts because we at Outgrow aspire to outgrow your expectations.

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