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Outgrow Interactive Content Case Study – How Outgrow Helped An Animal Fodder E-commerce Company Create Personalized Content

Recently, Outgrow took on an e-commerce company that provides food for animals, mostly for dogs as their client. What sets this company apart is – they use the same ingredients as present in human food. Apart from that, cereals have no place in their recipe. It is completely gluten-free and low in carbohydrates. In fact, their food exclusively contains animal proteins and is great for dogs! They make their food through the simple process of dehydration. Once dehydrated at low temperatures, their ingredients are 4x less bulky and retain their vitamins and minerals! Read this interactive content case study to find out how Outgrow helped them create personalized content for their clients.

The company needed a simplified template that would enable their users to use their product better. They needed a single dashboard to help their users find the right products for their dogs. This would not only increase their customer satisfaction but also help increase sales.

The Solution – Outgrow

They used Outgrow to help create an activity calculator for dogs. This calculator takes various inputs about the physical characteristics of a dog, such as their weight, height, age, breed, etc. And in turn, it calculates the number of calories required for the specific dog. Not only that, but it also displays the specific product that is best suited for the dog. It tells you the cost of shipment, the details on the trial period and the plans available. The experience is extremely attractive. It entails a good number of questions and various input types for their answer. Apart from that, they have also managed to incorporate some icons to make the calculator more appealing!

Outgrow Interactive Case Study - How Outgrow Helped an e-commerce animal food company Create Personalized Content

Here’s How This Calculator Worked For This Company – 

1. Added Value

The calculator offers personalized information to the client on the basis of their needs. Through this calculator, instead of having to browse the entire website in order to find the right product, the user can simply do so through a calculator. A single calculator managed to get more than 1500 visits on their website. And almost 100 leads too!

Outgrow Interactive Case Study - How Outgrow Helped an e-commerce animal food company Create Personalized Content

2. Increased Engagement 

This kind of interactive content engages users and increases traffic. It also develops a trust factor for the company within the user. The lead generation form is right before the result. The calculator offers to send more details to the user through email. This naturally causes the user to give away their lead information in exchange for valuable insights. This kind of information can also be used to send personalized offers and upselling to the customer.

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3. Demand Generation

The results page makes the user aware of all the perks and amenities they would get with the company. It informs the taker of the 14-day free test run. And their extremely low delivery costs of just 3 € on their first shipment. Apart from that it also informs what the delivery would contain and how it is to be used. This kind of meticulous customer service increases customer satisfaction and increases demand generation.

4. Lead Segmentation

Another great benefit of this calculator is that it helps them segment their leads. It inputs all kinds of personal information about a dog. This allows them to segment all of their leads on the basis of their demographics. And then they can target them with customized products meant especially for them. For example, a 3-year-old female Lhasa Apso will have different dietary needs than a 2-year-old male Mastiff. Thus, through segmentation, they will be able to cater to both their needs more efficiently!

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5. Powerful CTA

The results page also includes a CTA which will help the user directly finalize the order. This incentivizes the user and increases purchase intent, thus increasing revenue. The CTA directs them to the delivery information page. Here, they only need to fill their delivery information. The product has already been added to their cart. This page also contains reassuring information about the website and its services.

Outgrow Interactive Case Study - How Outgrow Helped an e-commerce animal food company Create Personalized Content

In Conclusion

This e-commerce animal food company made the right decision and created an attractive and informative calculator for its potential clients. Thus shows how much they care about their customer satisfaction and experience! Well, interactive content has never let us down. And we’re sure it will do the same for you. So why don’t you give it a try and share your experience story with us? Go ahead and sign up here now!

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