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Best Giveaway Tools to Boost Your Conversion Rate [FREE+Paid]

Are you wondering which tool to use to create a promotional giveaway for your business? You have come to the right place! Because in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best giveaway tools that you need to try.

A giveaway is a very effective way of attracting leads. However, you need to make sure that the giveaway that you create is captivating and offers something of value to your audience. Therefore, without further ado, let’s dive into the blog and learn how you can create the most attractive giveaway using the upcoming giveaway tools of 2021!

What Is an Online Giveaway?

An online giveaway is a promotional contest where a company or an influencer gives away for free a product or a service to a contestant from a pool of entries randomly. It is an interactive tool designed to capture leads and boost engagement among existing as well as new audiences. 

Your purpose for creating giveaways can be multifold- you can collect lead data, boost your engagement, promote your product, etc. But in order to create an enticing giveaway and reap all the benefits, you need a giveaway tool. So, let’s understand the benefits of an online giveaway tool.

Benefits of Using Online Giveaway Tools

Benefits of Giveaway Tools

Giveaway tools have become the ultimate way of gathering important data and growing business. Therefore, let’s find out how these giveaway tools can benefit your marketing efforts!

1. Variety of No-code Premade Templates

A good giveaway tool offers you a variety of no-code premade templates that make the process of creating an online giveaway very easy. Consequently, you can simply select a premade template suitable for your requirements and customize it as per your branding guidelines. 

2. Access to Detailed Analytics for Leads Collected

What’s the point of collecting leads if you can’t store and utilize them? With a giveaway maker, you can easily access the lead information collected through your giveaway. Moreover, if you get an analytics feature along with your tool, nothing like it! This would help you analyze the data in detail and help you create buyers personas for your marketing campaign. As a result, your further marketing actions will bring fruitful results.

3. Data Segmentation and Nurturing

A giveaway tool can make the lead nurturing process extremely smooth for you. With detailed analytics, your tool can help you divide the leads into different segments. Therefore, you will be empowered to approach and retarget your audience in separate email lists or campaigns with personalized offerings. 

4. Integration and Embedding

Some of the best giveaway makers offer various integration and embedding options. You’d need this because integrations help you organize and utilize your data in the software of your choice. For example, you can integrate with a tool like Salesforce to collect your lead information. As a result, your marketing campaigns will run efficiently without much manual work. 

Similarly, go for a giveaway tool that lets you embed your giveaway on various platforms like homepage, landing page, blogs, email newsletters, etc. Because this increases the visibility of your giveaway and helps with its promotion.

Now that you’ve noted the benefits, let us get right into the best giveaway platforms that we have selected for you.

Top 5 Giveaway Tools You Need to Try

1.  Outgrow

Outgrow is an excellent giveaway builder. With Outgrow’s user-friendly, no-code giveaway maker, you can create highly converting giveaways and contests based on your industry. You can also check out this article to find more about how to build giveaways/contests on Outgrow within minutes and start creating yours.


Key Features

The Outgrow builder has a lot of powerful features and you can tweak everything according to your requirement-

  • Access to customizable attributes – templates, background color, image, font size, font color, etc.
  • Automatic user-response mechanism for sending follow-up emails
  • Analytics tab to save the user data
  • Native integration with numerous CRM tools like Marketo, HubSpot, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc.
  • Integration via Zapier or Webhooks
  • Multiple embed options including full-page, in-page, pop-ups, custom embeds, etc.


Outgrow has a lot of plans with an extensive collection of customizable features. You can sign up for the free trial to get access to Outgrow’s giveaway platform. The Giveaway/Contest content type comes with a number of plans such as the Freelancer Regular ($25/year), Startup Special ($55/month), Essentials ($95/year), and so on. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start creating your giveaway!

2. Rafflecopter

Using Rafflecopter’s giveaway platform, it is ‘mega simple’ to launch and manage your own online giveaway. It is a no-code giveaway builder and you can create giveaways of various types pertaining to your brand or company.


Key Features

  • Customizable features to meet branding guidelines and color themes
  • Can be set up with a few clicks and the copy/paste feature
  • Easily embeddable entry form
  • Option to export user data 
  • Social share options with Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter


Rafflecopter offers a free trial for beginners along with other plans. The basic plan starts at $13/month and ranges up to $84/month for the premium plan. 

3. SweepWidgets

SweepWidgets is one of the best but slightly underrated giveaway tools. Using SweepWidgets, you can create giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes and quickly grow your network on social media and enhance your email list. 

Sweep Widget

Key Features

  • Different types of easily customizable giveaways like coupon rewards, email collection campaigns, etc. 
  • 90+ entry methods on numerous social media platforms
  • Drag and drop builder for ease of creation
  • Custom form fields like input fields, radio buttons, etc.
  • Advanced design editor to customize the look and feel of the contest
  • Multiple embed options 


SweepWidgets offers a free basic plan for creating giveaways and contests. They also offer other plans with varied prices ranging from $29/month to $199/month depending on the features. 

4. Votigo

This no-code giveaway platform can help you with promotions that can generate real results. With Votigo, you can run contests, sweepstakes, and interactive campaigns anywhere and everywhere across social media, web, and mobile platforms.


Key Features

  • Different types of contests and sweepstakes available- photo & video contests, hashtag campaigns, etc.
  • Embeddable on Facebook, your website, blog, and mobile 
  • Easy collection and analysis of user information
  • Fully documented developer API utilizing JSON or XML
  • Flexibility to design and develop unique customer experiences


Votigo offers a wide range of plans starting from $240/month up to $400/month and above depending on the features. Moreover, there are no sign-up and cancellation charges. 

5. Contest Domination 

With Contest Domination’s viral giveaway platform you can take control of your lead acquisition and improve your opt-in rates. You can quickly generate and optimize your contest campaign with Contest Domination’s contest wizard.

Contest Domination

Key Features

  • Option to use a landing page builder of your choice
  • Easy winner selection and fraud detection
  • Integration with multiple CRM tools to record data submissions
  • Unlimited visitors, leads, and fans
  • Lots of options like custom CSS, CSV export, email integration, etc.


You can access Contest Domination’s giveaway builder with the free trial and check out the features. They also offer other plans starting from $40/month and above depending on the features you require.

Which Giveaway Tool Should You Use?

We just discussed some of the best giveaway tools available. But the question ‘which giveaway tool should you choose?’ still prevails. So, to answer this, let’s discuss how one giveaway platform can be better than another. Here are the key things to take note of:

  • The user interface and user experience the giveaway/contest provides
  • Next, the flexibility of the giveaway tool to accommodate your requirements
  • Learning curve and time consumed in building the giveaway
  • Online user reviews on top review sites
  • Finally, the quality of customer support

Pro Tip:

To play safe and smart, you should always go for a tool that offers a free trial even without you having to give your credit card details. 

So, to create a captivating giveaway for making your marketing game stronger than ever, we suggest you try out Outgrow. Moreover, Outgrow’s giveaway tool is a highly loved product by millions of users and will surely be worth your time and money.

How to Build Online Giveaways?

The process of building a giveaway is extremely simple. Just follow these generic steps and you’ll be good to go-

  • Log in to your giveaway tool and go to the builder.
  • Once you are in the builder, set up the welcome screen, lead generation form, and other sections.
  • Specify the title of the giveaway, the header, and the footer, and then select the prize(s).
  • If required, specify the date up till which the giveaway campaign will remain valid. 
  • Finally, set up the social share and click-to-action button triggers and save the changes. 

Learn about every step in detail here:

Learn more about Giveaways


That’s it for this blog. We sincerely hope that we were able to impart enough knowledge about the best giveaway tools for you to make an informed decision. However, if you have any questions or thoughts you might want to share with us, let us know through the comments section! 🙂


You can run an online giveaway by creating an account and building a giveaway or contest with any of the best giveaway tools available. So, sign up with Outgrow’s giveaway builder and start now.

While running a contest or sweepstakes in the US, it is important to remember that there are no purchase-necessary laws binding the participants. These laws state that you cannot demand users to make a purchase or provide any other form of consideration to enter a sweepstake/giveaway where winners are randomly drawn.

You can create a free giveaway by signing up with Outgrow’s one-week free trial. So what are you waiting for?

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