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How To Create Contests and Giveaways On Outgrow
25th November 2019 Antara Agarwal
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How To Create Contests and Giveaways On Outgrow

Hey there! I see you are looking to create an interactive contest or (even better!) a giveaway. Well, we have to say that is a good decision. After all, contests have a conversion rate of almost 34%, which is higher than other content types. They can help you activate leads by giving rewards to users who share your content.

How To Create Contests and Giveaways On Outgrow

Now, we understand that all of our readers might have different objectives for creating a contest or a giveaway. Some of you might be looking to generate leads or aiming to increase followers on social media. Some of you, on the other hand, might be interested in increasing brand loyalty.

Whatever your reasons may be, interactive giveaways and contests are here to save the day. Have a look at how to create contests and giveaways using Outgrow interactive content. 

How To Create Contest/ Giveaways On Outgrow

Selecting a Template

1. Login to your Dashboard and select Contest/ Giveaways.

How To Create Contests and Giveaways On Outgrow

2. You can choose to start from scratch. Alternatively, you can select one of the various templates under ‘Select a template’. The templates already include giveaways like the ‘Instagram hashtag template’ and ‘feature on the blog’ template. They have been divided into different industries for your ease.

How To Create Contests and Giveaways On Outgrow

3. Once you have selected your template, you can head over to the Outgrow Builder. On your welcome screen, you can choose your preferred background image, heading, button text, and logo through the ‘Display’ tab.

Creating Your Giveaway/Contest

4. You can create your own heading, subheading, and button text through the column on the right. Make sure you include actionable and enticing content that interests your prospects

5. Select your Giveaway timeframe. This is your chance to utilize one of the most effective marketing strategies called the Fear Of Missing Out. (FOMO)

6. Include sections in your Giveaway through the column on the left-hand side. Describe the prizes of your contest.

How To Create Contests and Giveaways On Outgrow

7. You can choose to include pictures/videos and descriptions as well. For instance, in this template, we included the following prizes:

How To Create Contests and Giveaways On Outgrow

8. Design your preferred footer and include your social media handles for ease of sharing. You can also include the feature text that is displayed on sharing through the ‘share widget title’ option.

Entry Form: Lead Generation Form

Your entry form will ensure that you garner as many leads as possible from this giveaway. Include the optimal amount of fields to prevent dropouts. You can allow URL redirect and also ensure that duplicate leads do not get counted twice.

You can also choose to use the Clearbit integration to enrich your lead data. It will automatically update the lead’s data with information like their company name, size, location, etc. Consequently, you can use this information to segment and target leads.

Configure and Analyze

Once you are satisfied with your giveaway, you can customize a lot of things under the ‘Configure’ tab. You can:

A) Choose the giveaway name and customize the URL.

B) Configure the SEO settings to make sure that your target keywords are present in the SEO title and the meta description.

C) Send custom email to users by toggling on the button to trigger an email to your leads. You can modify your message and include attachments if you wish.

D) Integrate with 1000+ tools.

E) Embed your giveaway in a pop-up, chat, greet bar, sidenote, or as a custom embed.

For a detailed explanation, head over to our support docs.


In the blink of an eye, you can create the perfect giveaway/contest. What are you waiting for? Head to your Outgrow dashboard now and make use of the best kind of interactive content there is! For more tips, suggestions, and questions on how to create giveaways and contests, you know where to find us!


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