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[FREE] Which Is the Best Online Form Builder for Beautiful Forms

How can I create a form? What type of forms can I make? Do I need to have coding knowledge? Which is the best online form builder? Is it free?

Any questions that we missed out? Well, this blog has answers to all your questions. So take a seat and grab your notes. Because you are going to learn all about forms and the art of building a form from scratch.

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Which No-code Best Online Form Builder Is Free? 

A form builder is a tool that helps you create and design innovative forms for multiple purposes like research, management, and feedback – with minimum hassle and cost. But you know there’s a saying – the best things in life are free! And we’re here for it.

Now choosing the best online form builder from a pool of great options can cause decision fatigue.

Hence, we will focus on one great all-rounder (as promised, free) tool here – Outgrow.

A good tool like Outgrow doesn’t just help you create forms but also provides you with tools to analyze the performance and effectiveness of those forms.

Moreover, you’ll find an advanced set of features with Outgrow – optimize for SEO, set email automations and embed your forms anywhere from website to emails.

And yes, the no-code builder let’s you do every thing with ease – and within 5 minutes. All of this and more for FREE

You must have seen a lot of basic forms online. But Outgrow let’s you create a variety of forms and even offers editable premade templates for you. Let’s have a look at the various types of beautiful forms you can create with Outgrow.

Type of Forms You Can Make With Best Online Form Builder

1. Customer Feedback Form

Getting feedback from customers has always remained a task for marketers. It is a constant process and anything that makes the process smoother is welcome. Forms are excellent tools for this job. Have a look at this “Shoppers Insight” form.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

The form has a creative design to engage users unlike the usual boring forms. It asks the users to rate specific parameters like design, product description, response time, etc.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

And, this way you get to know which parameter to improve on. In fact, you can smartly place a lead magnet at the end to lure your customers.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

2. HR Form

Now, we can’t talk about forms without mentioning HR forms. Almost all of us have taken some kind of job satisfaction, evaluation, or employee benefit forms. Isn’t it time to make those forms fun? Have a look at this “Employee Exit” form.

A form like this should be kept very crisp with questions seeking information that would be useful for improving the organizational setup and resources.

You can also have a look at this “Employee Benefit” or “Job Satisfaction” form. Finally, adding a motivational video is also a good idea.


3. Market Research Form

This section would be of utmost interest to all our fellow marketers out there. Research can make or break your brand. Hence, market research forms form the basis of any marketing campaign or strategy. Have a look at this “Market Research” form.

Market Research

It details every important question in a strategic way comprising of both objective and subjective type questions for a comprehensive outlook.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

Moreover, you can place a lead gen form at the end to fetch the details of the prospects.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

4. Product Research Form

After the successful market research process, it is equally important to test your product in order to get opinions on improving your offerings to fit your audience’s needs more accurately. Here is a “Product Testing” form for example.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

The form carefully places one question at a time to increase the focus of the person and decrease the drop-offs.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

In fact, you can also strategically place a lead gen form at the end. This will not just aid your lead generation process, but also allow you to do customer segmentation.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

5. Management Form

Finally, let’s talk about the forms that help in managing the entire organization. People’s management can become a challenging task if not handled judiciously. Have a look at this “Management Performance” form that might make it easier.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

This kind of form details questions about how well the management is aligned with its business goals and employees’ growth. Have a look at the following question for example.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

You can also design subjective questions for a better understanding of the issues. Keeping these forms anonymous can help you get optimum results.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

How Can I Create a Form Online for Free?

It is very much possible using Outgrow’s easy-to-use free form builder.

1. Log in and select the “Free Plan” to get the best online form builder for free.

2. Choose from hundreds of form templates and layouts.

3. Create your own interactive form and customize it for your branding.

4. Embed it on your website or share it across.

5. Collect data and analyze curated reports.

Interested much? Let’s take you through the step-by-step process of creating your custom form.

10 Simple Steps to Build Your Own Forms on Outgrow Form Builder

1. Log In

Signup to the Outgrow dashboard and get started with the form builder free trial. Don’t worry – the trial is just for you to try out our tool. You can at any point select the free plan under the “Custom” tab on our pricing page

2. Select the Content-Type

Outgrow offers a variety of interesting interactive content types for qualified lead generation. You can try these out too. But for now, let’s start by selecting “Form/Survey”.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

3. Template Selection

Outgrow makes the best online form builder as it provides you with 1000+ layout and template options. You can either choose to select a premade template or start crafting your layout from scratch.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

4. Form Builder

You are now seeing the Outgrow form builder dashboard. On the welcome screen, you will find a navigation bar on the left, a preview in the center, and an edit bar on the right.


Here you can place your welcome message, add personalized images and your brand logo to give it a personalized touch. You will also be able to design your form with the real-time preview of your work in progress.

5. Questions

Forms are all about your questions. Hence, Outgrow makes the form builder even more creative with plenty of question types that it houses.

Type of Questions

You can select the question type that suits your form the best.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

6. Lead Generation

Let’s be honest here. When you put out that market research form, wouldn’t you want to gather the lead details along with the responses? To help you with this, Outgrow provides you with an option to put a lead generation form at the start or the end.

7. Outcome Page

Now is the last impression moment. This can be a good chance to lure your audience with enticing videos or a lucrative offer. Furthermore, you can also link your social media handles here to lead the audience to see your amazing work.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

8. Email Configuration

If you did end up generating some lead info, you can configure the form builder software to send them personalized emails. Just configure it on form builder dashboard and you’re done.

How To Build Forms Using A Form Builder

9. Integrations

Yes, Outgrow form builder also offers integration to apps like HubSpot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zoho, etc. This can help sync your lead data and use them in any way you want to.

10. Embedding

Finally, its time to get your form in action by putting them at various strategic sections of your website. Embedding feature lets you display your form in a pop-up, chat, or a custom embed. It is a more interactive way of approaching your audience.


Are you all pepped to make your first interactive form? Now that you have mastered this art, it’s time to start practicing your skill. Once you show your audience this interactive way of form filling, there is no turning back. And a bonus here is that there is absolutely no need for technical knowledge to get started with this form builder.

Want to see for yourself if this is the best online form builder out there? Sign up for the Outgrow free plan today!

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