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Outgrow Product Update For September 2020

While the world has been on hold, the busy bees at the Outgrow workshop have been hard at work towards our product updates! We want to be the best we can be for you, and this product update blog is just another step in the right direction! Better interface, cooler designs and even easier to use interface. Read on to find out what’s packed in the Outgrow product update for September 2020!

1. ‘Lay’ing It ‘Out’: The New Auckland Layout

Please excuse our attempts at trying to be corny, but we are back with a whole new layout! You can now create amazing interactive content types with the brand new Auckland layout (Go Kiwis!).

The layout is based on the existing Seattle layout which makes it extremely accessible. But it also gives you real time results like The Tokyo layout! This allows you to create more efficient and user friendly interactive content types (especially calculators) for your business.

Outgrow Product Update For September 2020

2. Move This, Copy That: Duplicate Experiences To Another Account

We have often encountered users from the same company who create their Outgrow accounts using different emails. So now, Outgrow now lets you duplicate a piece of content from one account to another if the same email address is a user in both accounts.

This lets the company function in sync and allows multiple users to work on the same project. You will no longer have to create the entire content piece on the other account and thus, save a lot of time. You can also collect leads on separate accounts and treat them in separate ways.

The second functionality that we have introduced is regarding the lead generation form. You can now include the lead generation form at any point during your interactive content experience. It is no longer limited to before and after the questions!

Outgrow Product Update For September 2020

3. What’s So Inte‘great’ About It?: Integration between Google Drive and Outgrow

If one could go to jail for making a bad pun, would you bail us out? 

Well, the new integration between Google Drive and Outgrow is another great update this time around!

This integration allows users to upload data on the Outgrow interactive content from Google drives using the ‘Upload’ answer type! This would especially support workflows like clients working with third parties to verify documents. It would help organize data and escape the entire process of having to download every file and upload it separately.

Outgrow Product Update For September 2020

We have also made some interface changes in our existing integrations to help you navigate and configure integrations more easily.

4. For U-And-I: Check Your Configurations For Better UI

As you know, Outgrow has the ability to use custom domains. The Configuration page for the same has now been updated with better UI.

You will now be able to see the steps you need to take to set up your configuration. You will also be able to verify whether your configuration is working right or not with a ‘Verify’ button. This will not only make the process easier for you but also help you avoid any mistakes.

Next, you can customize a ‘reply-to’ email address in the user notification emails that you send to your leads. This will allow you to receive queries, orders, etc. in your choice of inbox. Hence, save you the process of reaching out to them separately!

Send Email

5. Building The Builder: Making The Outgrow Builder Easier To Use 

We have made some great changes in the Outgrow builder and we can’t wait to tell you!

The builder allows you to add text and images as part of the custom HTML component that you add in your interactive content experiences. This new update will allow you to add ready-made elements such as charts and tables and products to custom HTML.

You will have a drop down in the builder to add whichever element you want to add as many times as you like. The products that you add can be added just like in an e-commerce recommendation quiz. A user can simply click on them to get directed to a Stripe payment checkout and buy the same.


You can now get more insight into your ranking grid question type in the Funnels tab. The options make up the rows and the rankings make up the columns.

Each Rank would have a percentage of people for each option + absolute number for the count for each option.

Average rank would determine which one is the most preferred.

Average Rank

Last but not the least, you have the ability to use field logic for your questions in the Chicago calculator. This way you can assign values to each option in the drop down field. You can add dropdown fields as usual, but if you have more than one, you will see the “Use Field logic” checkbox for separate fields.

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Before We Go!

We have made some more changes, some improvements here and there with the product update – not only to improve your experience with Outgrow, but also to allow you to use the software to its full potential. Go ahead and try these new product updates now! Have more suggestions for your Outgrow tool? Well, you know where to find us!

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