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Accelerating Childhood Cancer Awareness With Outgrow

Each year, an estimated 400,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer around the world. Cancer is still the first cause of death by disease beyond one year of age. Hence, we are here with a childhood cancer awareness blog to discuss how some institutions are relentlessly working towards it.

Although survival rates have improved over the last few years, an unjustifiably long delay still exists until the new medicine approved for adults gets licensed for children and adolescents with cancer. There is not only a need to cure them, but also to cure them better.

Let’s see how ACCELERATE partnered with Outgrow to drive cancer awareness and proposed different solutions.

Accelerating Innovation in Therapies for Children and Adolescents With Cancer

ACCELERATE is an international non-profit organization that commits to the development of innovative therapies for children and adolescents with cancer. 

They aim to bring together all the essential stakeholders in childhood cancer drug development to find solutions, always promoting a problem-solving and patient-centered approach.

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How Does Outgrow Help ACCELERATE Childhood Cancer Awareness

ACCELERATE created a campaign for International Childhood Cancer Day 2023 to raise awareness and make an impact. And Outgrow played an important role in its implementation. 

Outgrow is an interactive marketing platform that lets organizations create quizzes, calculators, surveys, forms, chatbots, assessments, polls, giveaways, etc. to boost their marketing efforts. 

Interactive content types like quizzes engage customers twice as compared to static content. As a result, they help companies generate nearly 30% more new leads and increase awareness


Accelerate used Outgrow to create a quiz to increase childhood cancer awareness as it is easy to use and requires no coding knowledge.

The quiz is an engaging way to educate on pediatric oncology drug development while engaging the multi-stakeholder community. Outgrow’s intuitive tool helped ACCELERATE increase brand awareness, engagement, and website traffic.


What Solutions Does ACCELERATE Propose 


Researchers, regulators, industry representatives, and patient advocates discuss available data on pediatric strategy forums. This is done to prioritize drug development research strategies for the most urgent unmet therapeutic needs. 


Research projects and working groups propose and develop solutions to address key strategic and scientific challenges. These include intercontinental collaboration, long term data management, and enrolment of adolescents into adult trials. 


Educational programs are conducted on strategic and regulatory science in pediatric oncology drug development. This is to disseminate expertise and strengthen true multi-stakeholder collaboration among all key groups. 

Teaming Up

ACCELERATE Annual Conference is conducted to integrate new ideas into novel strategies, ensure international collaboration, and set up the priorities for the starting year. This is the place for discussion, networking, and engagement with our international, multi-stakeholder community. 

How Did ACCELERATE Create an Engaging Quiz?

ACCELERATE wanted to create an effective tool for spreading childhood cancer awareness. But at the same time, they needed an easy-to-use interface where they could build the experience within minutes and without the need to hire any coders or developers. 

Therefore, they chose Outgrow’s quiz maker tool to create their first quiz. 

Outgrow offers a drag-and-drop dashboard that lets companies create a quiz and other interactive content types in a jiffy without the need for coding. 

Thousands of brands and marketers have used Outgrow to generate awareness, demand, leads, and conversions through these tools. And you can too! Follow these 7 steps to create an engaging quiz within minutes.

  1. Sign up to Outgrow for free and select ‘Outcome Quiz’.
  2. Select the desired layout and a template
  3. Edit your quiz question, image, and other display options
  4. Set up a lead generation form to collect leads 
  5. Create a share-worthy quiz result page
  6. Optimize your content for SEO and set up email notifications
  7. Make it ‘Live’!

That’s all! This is what ACCELERATE did to create their cancer awareness quiz. One extra step they did to promote the quiz was to embed it on their website

Outgrow provides an easy option to embed your quiz, calculators, or surveys. Just copy the embed code from the builder and add it to your website, email newsletter, landing pages, etc. You can experiment with different embed styles and see your quiz go viral!

Wrapping Up 

Outgrow offers an interactive way for ACCELERATE to connect with its community and spread awareness towards pediatric oncology drug development. It is our privilege to help companies that are serving a greater purpose in society. 

If you also want to join hands with Outgrow to create similar quizzes and surveys and help your customers, we welcome you onboard. To get started with your first tool creation, you can try out our 7-day free trial! No credit cards required! 

If you have any further questions or want more assistance, please reach out to us at We would love to hear from you! 

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