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4 Best eCommerce Personalization Software [+Free Templates]

eCommerce Personalization Software helps shoppers filter through the huge catalogs of eCommerce stores and find the product that fits them best. Just like the salesperson in a brick-and-mortar store, eCommerce Personalization Software recommends the most appropriate product based on the customer’s preference. So today, we will give you a list of the best eCommerce personalization software available in the market.

What is eCommerce Personalization Software?

eCommerce personalization software commonly known as Product recommendation quizzes is a type of interactive content that is used to assist customers in finding the perfect product for them. They guide customers to the right product based on the answers they have given.

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Moreover, marketers can collect valuable consumer data like leads, customer preferences, etc. with the help of product recommendation quizzes.

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Take a look at this product recommendation quiz built on Outgrow. It takes into account the customer’s preference and gives a recommendation. At the same time, it generates leads and saves the customer preference data which can be used for segmentation and retargeting.

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Benefits of Product Recommendation Quiz

1. Increase Traffic

Product recommendation quizzes are fun and users love personalized recommendations. Thus, these quizzes encourage increased traffic to your website and open up the opportunity to scoop up valuable user data.

2. Increase Engagement

Did you know that 71% of consumers get frustrated if they don’t get a personalized shopping experience? So, personalization is the key to improve audience engagement. And product recommendation quizzes help you offer a personalized shopping experience to your customers.

3. Collect Leads and Preference Data

When you offer a genuine solution to a problem, people come to you! That’s exactly the case for product recommendation quizzes.

If you can reach out to confused shoppers with your eCommerce recommendation quiz and guide them to the perfect product, then your shoppers will willingly give up their information in exchange.

This will help you collect leads and customer preference data. You can then use it to segment your audience and follow up with personalized targeted campaigns.

4. Improve Conversions

Spoilt by choice, shoppers often drop off without making the final purchase. So, if you embed a product recommendation quiz on your product pages, it will help your customers take the final decision. Hence, you improve your conversion rate.

A study conducted by SalesForce revealed that shoppers who click on a recommendation are 4.5% more likely to convert.

Best Product Recommendation Tools or eCommerce Personalization Software

1. Outgrow

Outgrow is certainly one of the best eCommerce recommendation software in today’s market. It’s loaded with features and offers value for money. You can not only create product recommendation quizzes, but also assessments, quizzes, calculators, chatbots, polls, etc. on Outgrow.

So, Outgrow lets you create loads of different interactive content types on a single subscription! Start creating now!

Interactive content



They have a free trial for you! Paid subscriptions start from $14 a month and go up to $600 depending on the company lead appetite!

2. Easypromos

Easypromos offers an easy to use platform that lets you create and manage digital campaigns across multiple social media platforms and devices. The product recommendation app is one of the many solutions that they provide. It gives you the ability to customize your eCommerce quiz with gifs, pictures, personalized messages, etc.

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  • Responsive design
  • Lots of embed option
  • Automatic email trigger
  • Share and follow options


They offer a Premium plan for $199/month and a White Label plan for $399/month.

3. Digioh

Digioh offers a suite of drag & drop tools like eCommerce quiz builder, quizzes, surveys, etc. It comes with a lot of customization options, integration modules, etc. You can capture leads and segmentation data seamlessly using their platform.



  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Bunch of integration options
  • Customizable templates


They have 3 different plans – Titanium, Platinum, and Diamond. But they disclose the pricing only on request from their website.

4. Kibo

Unlike the other tools on this list, Kibo offers AI-based product recommendation software. And certainly, it is one of the best eCommerce personalization software that works on AI. Kibo is not a quiz builder, so you can’t collect user preferences. But, you can integrate it on your eCommerce portal and automatically recommend products to your customers.

Either you can manually curate a list of recommended products or showcase algorithmically-driven recommendations. These are like the recommendations you see on big eCommerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba, etc.



  • Intuitive UI
  • Open-Time email recommendations
  • Slotting & Dynamic filters
  • Flexible decision


You can request custom pricing from their website.

How Do Product Recommendation Quizzes Work?

The product recommendations that we are talking about are quizzes. The quiz maker has to set a bunch of questions, upload the product details, and set the logic behind the recommendations.

Once the respondents fill in all the questions they are guided to a product that fits their preferences. The result page will have the product details and a link that will take them directly to the product page.

setting up an ecommerce quiz

Take this quiz to get a better understanding of how these product recommendations work:


Best Practices for E-commerce Product Recommendations

1. Choose the right product recommendation builder

There are a lot of eCommerce quiz makers in the market and you won’t get a product recommendation quiz to help you choose the right builder! So, look for tools that offer the best design templates, customization features, and analytics.

We suggest that you choose Outgrow as it has all the necessary features that you might need.

2. Craft your Questions Wisely

To make your quizzes engaging, try crafting customer-centered questions and not product-centered questions. Ask your customers about their preferences, interests, usage, etc. This will not only help you create an interesting quiz but also help you capture valuable insights on your customers.

3. Maintain your Branding

To offer the best customer experience, your product recommendation quiz should match your overall brand aesthetics. Maintain your brand color and fonts. Also, don’t forget to add your company logo.

4. Set up email triggers

A leading quiz maker like Outgrow offers automatic email triggers. It is very important to follow up on whoever has taken the quiz. So set up a personalized email for each user who completes the quiz.

Product Recommendation Examples Built on Outgrow

1. Work From Home Personalized Equipment Recommendation Quiz

The quiz recommends a bunch of WFH equipment based on your requirements and preferences. Have a look:

work from home

2. What Lotion Is Best Suited For You?

This quiz recommends a bunch of lotions based on your skin type and other preferences.

body shop

3. What Is The Best Smartphone That You Can Afford?

This is yet another product recommendation quiz by Outgrow. In just 5 questions it recommends the best smartphone for you! Isn’t that great? Check it out:


4. Which Tripod Do You Need to Have?

This is the perfect product quiz for a photographer. Based on your choices, it tells you which tripod to go for!


5. What type of protein shake should you take?

Based on your age, requirements, preferences, and budget, this quiz tells you which protein shake you should buy.

protein shake

Wrap Up

Product recommendation quizzes ensure a smooth road to purchase where the shoppers are guided to the best product for their needs. As a result, this helps to increase conversions.

But, not all shoppers end up buying your product after completing a product quiz. That’s why you need to work with the best eCommerce personalization software like Outgrow. It helps you automatically capture the leads and preferences of the respondents. So you can use this data to segment your customers and run targeted follow-up campaigns.

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