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Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand
21st January 2021 Soumodip Roy
6 min read

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

Did you know that 70% of people would love to know about a company from an article or blog post rather than traditional advertising? Hence, we bring to you the best content marketing agencies in New Zealand. Well, that explains why 70% of marketers in 2020 are actively investing in content marketing! Having said that, the stats also portray the level of competition in the content marketing segment. Luckily, these content marketing agencies in New Zealand can help you cut through the competition. outgrow lead generation tool

1. ICG

ICG offers a full suite of content marketing services to top companies in New Zealand. They create contextual marketing products and campaigns through print, digital, social, and video media. Additionally, you can expect services like marketing automation, digital signage, customer journey mapping, CX, etc.

Case Study:

Miele wanted to leverage star collaboration in order to promote their range of kitchen products and the ICG team made it possible. They collaborated with the kitchen maestro Michael Meredith and his team to create and promote high-quality content. In addition, they leveraged video, photography, and written content to intrigue the audience into signing up for Miele’s cooking classes. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

2. WOODS Agency

From brand development to digital marketing, the Woods Agency offers it all and if you are looking for a robust content marketing strategy, they can help you with that as well.

Case Study:

Woods helped Health by Nature (a publication house) to create awareness about better health choices. They developed a content strategy across digital platforms to help the publication grow and increase its reach. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

3. Plato Creative

Plato Creative is a leading full-service marketing agency in New Zealand. You can rely on them for practically everything related to marketing and advertising. They have a proven track record of delivering robust content marketing strategies for the Kiwi corporates. Additionally, they have expertise in website development, marketing automation, SEO, and more.

Case Study:

 ProActive Drive (a trust that runs driving courses in New Zealand) approached Plato because they wanted to boost demand for their invaluable driving courses. Therefore Plato created a series of funny illustrations that successfully targeted the young audience of New Zealand. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

4. YoungShand

YoungShand is one of the best content marketing agencies in New Zealand. Not to mention, their expert team of content creators and marketers can tell your brand story in the most engaging way possible. Additionally, their services include digital marketing, online advertising, etc.

Case Study:

YoungShand leveraged social media trends along with content marketing strategies to help Smirnoff reach a young Kiwi audience. And as a part of their strategy, they introduced selfie contests, live videos, and awareness content. Results? - 2.8M campaign impressions, 46k interactions, 240,000 video views. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

5. Terabyte Interactive

Terabyte Interactive has a proven track record of solving complex digital challenges for its clients. They have a keen understanding of audience behavior that helps them to create content strategies that deliver. In addition to content strategies, they offer digital marketing,  interface design, and more. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

6. Isobar New Zealand

Isobar is a global name in the digital marketing domain. Arguably the best content marketing agency you can reach out to in New Zealand. Additionally, you can reach out to them for services like data & analytics, design,  branding, etc.

Case Study:

Isobar leveraged an interactive content marketing strategy to connect PayPal with its young audience. They integrated an interactive content piece to PayPal’s Facebook messenger. As a result, it provided the audience with a personalized fashion-shopping experience. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

7. HairyLemon

Hairy Lemon is a digital marketing agency operating in New Zealand since 1999. And with a bag full of experience, they know exactly how to connect your brand with the audience. You can expect services like content creation and marketing, web development, advertising, etc. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

8. Adcelerate

Adcelerate is an Auckland based digital marketing agency offering the best in class services to its clients. Additionally, they offer in-depth analysis and implementation of content marketing strategies for brands across New Zealand. Also, they have a robust team of Google certified strategists experienced in running Google ads. Apart from that, they offer services like SEO, analytics, content strategy & planning, etc. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

9. Engaging Partners

Engaging Partners is a Hubspot certified content marketing agency in New Zealand. As a part of their content services, they create videos, interactive guides, blogs, vlogs, and more. Additionally, they offer digital marketing services such as SEO, inbound marketing, social media, etc.

Case Study:

Chorus approached Engaging Partners to reshape and develop their content marketing strategy to launch a new product in the market. With this in mind, Engaging Partners created a video series along with other persona-focused content strategies. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

10. Pure SEO

Pure SEO offers businesses in New Zealand and Australia to spike up their reach and engagement in the online spectrum. In order to do that, they leverage SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. Moreover, it’s high-quality content that enables them to deliver phenomenal results for their clients. And by 'high-quality content', we mean copywriting, photography, video production, etc. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

11. PopArt STUDIO

PopArt Studio lists among the top content marketing agencies in New Zealand. They develop relevant and highly personalized content that connects your brand to your audience. Additionally, they provide the best-in-class SEO friendly content for your website. This helps you to crank up your organic reach. Also, they offer specific content strategies for your social media handles. In brief, PopArt is a one-stop solution for all your online marketing needs. You may also take their help for web development, online ads, graphic design, etc. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

12. Contentworks Agency

Contentworks is a dedicated content marketing agency for finance and tech companies in New Zealand. And they have an expert team of financial content writers. Their content marketing includes intelligence reports, press releases, whitepapers, videos, etc. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

13. MBM - McCready Bale

MBM is one of the biggest digital agencies in New Zealand. In addition to content marketing, they offer a plethora of services to their clients. And that includes online ads, SEO, analytics, etc.

Case Study:

Following instructions from Huntley & Palmers, MBM created a series of food content to promote the launch of the new artisan-style Flatbreads. Furthermore, they promoted the content across magazines, food websites, social media, and a branded online hub. As a result, flatbread became the number 2 selling product within 12 weeks of its launch! Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

14. Likeable Lab

Likeable Lab creates relevant, insightful, and engaging content that not only pulls the crowd but also converts. They are well equipped to deliver high-quality graphics, blogs, and regular email communications. Additionally, their services include social media, blog writing, content marketing, Facebook ads, lead generation, etc. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

15. Search Republic

Search Republic is yet another full-service digital marketing agency in New Zealand offering content marketing services. Their content marketing approach is focused on developing and promoting content that attracts and retains customers. In addition to digital and content marketing, they offer web development, mobile marketing, advertising, etc. Content Marketing Agencies in New Zealand


Creating effective content is easier said than done. And in the post-COVID world, competition in the online marketing space is likely to go through the roof. But, don’t worry! We made sure to list down only the best content marketing agencies in New Zealand to help you out. In addition to this list, we have something else in store for you! If you want to beat the competition on your own, then check out Outgrow! You can use this platform to create interactive content. Did you know that 88% of marketers say interactive content differentiates them from their competitors? Interested? Well, go ahead! Try it out for free!