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SurveyPlanet vs. Outgrow: A Detailed Review of SurveyPlanet Alternatives
6th October 2020 Shreya Sinha
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SurveyPlanet vs. Outgrow: A Detailed Review of SurveyPlanet Alternative

Are you on the lookout for an amazing survey maker that can serve as a SurveyPlanet alternative? Well, you just landed on the right page. We are about to begin a survey tool comparison - SurveyPlanet vs. Outgrow. Surveys are an excellent way to understand your market, engage your audience, and get feedback from them. Moreover, if designed smartly, they can generate relevant leads too. Curious? So, with these criteria in mind, let’s compare the two popular survey builders - Outgrow and SurveyPlanet. Let’s find the best one for you! Interactive Content

Outgrow - A SurveyPlanet Alternative

Outgrow is an interactive content marketing tool that helps you create a survey. It is a robust survey maker with an easy-to-use interface. However, you will find Outgrow to be much more than that. It doesn't exist just to get the survey forms filled, but to enhance customer engagement, brand perception, and drive lead generation through the roof. Its power, flexibility, and outstanding support are what sets the tool apart. SurveyPlanet Alternative Moreover, the immense portfolio of interactive content types that Outgrow has onboard will leave you wanting more. Curious? Read on to learn more.

SurveyPlanet Overview

SurveyPlanet is a straightforward survey maker for creating online surveys. It houses tools for designing surveys, sharing them online, and reviewing results. It specializes in surveys related to research, HR, education, events, and customer satisfaction. SurveyPlanet Before you think about whether to go creative or straightforward, let’s first understand the in-depth features of SurveyPlanet vs. Outgrow.

SurveyPlanet vs. Outgrow

Who Is This Tool For?


Outgrow offers a comprehensive toolkit for brands with the purpose of lead generation. It has custom templates that cater to a large variety of users including freelancers, big multinational companies, and industries like finance, SaaS, healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, insurance, fitness, beauty, and health & wellness.


As mentioned before, SurveyPlanet offers basic survey forms that cater to research, HR, education, events, and customer satisfaction. It is mostly used by small setups that want easy-to-use forms but do not require intensive data analysis. Clearly, if you are on the lookout for an advanced comprehensive toolkit then Outgrow can be your SurveyPlanet alternative. 

Variety of Content Types


Now the interesting part! If you were curious, Outgrow has a vast range of content offering including Surveys, Quizzes, Calculators, Assessments, Ecommerce Recommendations, Polls, Giveaway Contests, and Chatbots. These content types are highly interactive and user-friendly in nature. SurveyPlanet Alternative Moreover, these are extremely simple to make as Outgrow also provides a wide variety of premade templates for each content type. This lets marketers structure the content with ease and helps brands across industries to come up with industry-level ideas.


Unlike Outgrow, SurveyPlanet only specializes in surveys. It, however, provides various basic templates for different survey types. SurveyPlanet

Starting Pricing

Outgrow Pricing

Outgrow’s basic paid plan starts from $14.00/month billed annually. However, Outgrow offers you the option to explore the features and flexibility of Outgrow’s best plans through a free 7-day trial. This gives a sneak peek into the real power and capabilities of the tool and lets you take a call without having to spend any money or add your card info. In other words, you can use Outgrow to create a free survey.

SurveyPlanet Pricing

SurveyPlanet has its smallest paid plan from $15.00/month billed annually. This is slightly pricier than Outgrow. Although it offers a free plan, it has restricted features. But again, if you want to create a free survey, you can always do that with their free plan. For one, it has very basic designs as the custom designs are only available in the paid plan. Second, it defeats the ultimate benefit of creating a survey as the free plan doesn’t have enough data analysis and reporting capabilities. Moreover, unlike Outgrow, it doesn’t offer any free trial to let users test out the premium product and decide if it's worth buying.



The design of the templates forms the basic differentiation between the two tools. Outgrow is designed with a creative, modern, and user-friendly outlook. It is a great choice for custom-made professional-looking surveys. SurveyPlanet Alternative Moreover, you get a lot of layout options and premade templates that are designed for different industries. In fact, it focuses on one question at a time to improve engagement. You will also be able to use your own images and videos to create a fun experience for your users.


SurveyPlanet offers fewer layout options, but only in its paid plans. The free version has a one-design and one-layout offering. Moreover, the themes that you get after paying the premium are quite basic. SurveyPlanet

Custom Build


Entrepreneurs, marketers, and large businesses often want to build professional designs for their surveys and interactive tools. But, what happens when it's not viable to dedicate enough time or resources for it? Enter Outgrow’s custom build option. Outgrow has a plan where you can simply ask their experts to create a personalized survey for you. This gives brands extra support letting them focus on their core responsibilities.


SurveyPlanet does not provide any custom build option for the organizations that might need extra support. Hence, you will have to create your forms on your own.

Data Analysis


Another difference that you will find in SurveyPlanet vs. Outgrow comparison is data analysis. Outgrow has dedicated “Analyze” and “Performance” tabs for this purpose. It very smoothly tracks responses, analyzes results, and reviews your performance. Apart from that, it also educates you on the content that has a statistically significant scope of improvement in conversion rates. Moreover, Outgrow provides you with enough tips and recommendations for improving your content. SurveyPlanet Alternative


SurveyPlanet provides its paid users with built-in reports and charts to help them analyze the survey results by questions or by participants. This is similar to Outgrow’s funnel view. Moreover, you will need the pro version to export the survey data. The free plans won’t provide you with these features. SurveyPlanet

Data Tracking & Customer Segmentation


Analytics tools like Facebook pixel and Google Analytics help to place a tracking code to your surveys to analyze and segment customers. Outgrow offers this feature right from the basic plan. This way you can retarget your audience in a smarter way. Moreover, Outgrow also provides you with custom pixels to track users based on their responses. Logic Jump is another great feature for personalization and customer segmentation that you would find even in the starting plans.


SurveyPlanet provides a basic logic jump and basic pixel for Google Analytics and Facebook pixel in its paid plan. However, it doesn’t offer custom pixels.



With Outgrow, you will be able to integrate with over 1000 tools through Outgrow’s native and Zapier integrations. Furthermore, it assists with daily tasks such as scheduling appointments and making or accepting payments by integrating with calendar and billing tools. SurveyPlanet Alternative


SurveyPlanet has a very limited scope for integration with just five tools to integrate with.



With Outgrow, you can embed your surveys in many different formats including exit-intent pop-up, custom embeds, greet bar at the top, and chat embeds. These are smart elements that can boost customer engagement and lead generation. Moreover, exit-intent embeds can help with customer retention. SurveyPlanet Alternative


SurveyPlanet allows you to do a basic embed of your survey on your website. However, you won’t find a wide range of embeds in this tool as you would in Outgrow.



Outgrow has impressive customer support. In fact, support is one of the strengths of Outgrow. Its success team offers live chat, support docs, email, and phone support depending on the plan you choose. Moreover, Outgrow has an average reply time on the chat of 2-5 minutes.


SurveyPlanet is quite weak in customer support. It doesn’t offer the kind of support that Outgrow does.

Comparison Ratings & Reviews

Finally, we arrive at the parameter that matters most. If you examine the SurveyPlanet reviews vs. Outgrow reviews on G2, Outgrow scores 4.8/5 with 171 reviews, and SurveyPlanet scores 4.0/5 with 19 reviews. This makes Outgrow a clear winner from the customers’ perspective. However, before taking the final call, we recommend you look into the pros and cons of both tools to get a better understanding.

Ready to Take the Final Decision?

SurveyPlanet is no doubt an easy-to-use and simple survey builder. However, its basic design and analytics capabilities can be a constraint for marketers who really want to get the best results. But if you are okay with basic features then you can use it to create a survey online, else, look up to Outgrow as a SurveyPlanet alternative. Outgrow differentiates itself in many aspects as we saw earlier. Its out-of-the-box custom designs and powerful analytics features definitely make a cut for most of the successful brands. If you too lie in this category, Outgrow should be an ideal tool to serve as a SurveyPlanet alternative. To explore the variety of interactive content types it offers and to create a free online survey, try out the 7-day free trial.


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