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    Top 10 Truly Free Content Marketing Tools You Don’t Want To Miss

    Creating content isn’t always a cakewalk. However, it’s surprising that while other parts of marketing became progressively automated, content creation still remained a very manual job. Therefore, we thought of taking some stress off our fellow marketers by collecting the top 10 absolutely free content marketing tools that can make things easier and more effective.

    Free Content Marketing Tools

    And, trust us. When we say they are free, we swear by it. So whether you are just starting out or are a master of content marketing, these 10 tools will help you get the most out of your time and energy. And, this comes at the expense of, well, nothing!

    For the record, content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more site traffic than non-leaders. So, let’s dig into the resources that will help you research, write, edit, and manage content, to become the next content leader.

    1. Interactive Content Idea Generator – For Eye-catching Content Ideas

    All content marketing professionals at some point in time feel challenged as to how to create the right content, for the right people, at the right time.

    The answer lies in the buyer’s journey. As marketers, it’s important to differentiate and create content catering to audiences at the top of the funnel (awareness), the middle of the funnel (consideration), and the bottom of the funnel (decision). The Interactive Content Idea Generator by Outgrow offers content ideas for folks in each stage. Moreover, the ideas are personalized as per your industry and the nature of the audience.

    Outgrow Idea generator

    Pro Tip: Once you get an idea of the funnel strategy, you should spice up your content with interactive content types like quizzes, surveys, calculators, contests and giveaways, and e-commerce recommendations. Did you know that 93% of marketers find interactive content was effective when it came to educating consumers? Sign up for a 7-day free trial and try interactive content now!

    2. Keyword Researcher – For Keyword Planning

    Who doesn’t want more keyword ideas? This free Keyword Researcher by Ubersuggest gives ample ideas right from head terms to long-tail phrases. It also shows search volumes, competition, and even seasonal trends so that you choose the best fitting keyword or your content.

    Ubersuggest keyword researcher

    Moreover, this is one of the free content marketing tools that creates a list of keywords based on what is working best for your competitors.

    Pro Tip: Utilize this free tool to go one step ahead by checking out the top-performing content pieces it has for any given keyword offering rich new possibilities for content ideas and angles.

    Keyword ideas

    3. Blog Ideas Generator – For Impressive Blog Topics

    How many ways can one think to rephrase the customer’s frequently-asked questions into clickable blog content? To solve this issue, HubSpot created a completely free blog idea generation tool.

    Hubspot blog idea generator

    Just enter the keywords you have in mind and start generating topics!

    free content marketing tools

    Pro Tip: An interesting tip is to try changing the nouns in your keyword to find really interesting titles. You can also get up to a year of blog ideas with this tool. Going further, you can save these potential ideas in a spreadsheet to review it later.

    4. Title Generator – For Remarkable Headlines

    Once you’ve got an idea of what your article is going to be about, how about an eye-catching title for adding inspiration? Titles form a very crucial part as they decide if you will get a click from your audience. In fact, 80% of the readers don’t make it past the headline. Well, that’s pressing! Look at the titles on the Google SERP and it’s all about attracting visitors.

    Good ideas don’t always come into your head when you need them, right? Hence, Semrush offers an exclusive title generator tool free of cost. It’s indeed a brilliant source of ideas. Look at the ideas we got for content marketing.

    Semrush title generator

    Pro Tip: If you aren’t satisfied or sure of the titles you got, just keep hitting the search button. The apples will keep falling from the trees and so will fresh content ideas.

    5. Domain SEO Analysis – For Content Collaborations

    Content collaboration is an integral part of the content marketing process. However, the selection of brands may get confusing at times. How about a plugin that can quickly tell you which brand to outreach? Analyzing the authority of a website is a good measure to determine the site’s influence immediately, without the need for any further investigation.

    And, Domain Analysis plugin by Moz is a super handy tool for tracking website rankings and their domain authority. This MozBar gives you instant metrics while viewing any page. Moreover, it also helps you get an insight into the meta description, no-follow & do-follow links, link attributes and spam score of any website.

    Moz domain analytics

    Pro Tip: Try identifying a site that is both authoritative and relevant to your business. You can choose to collaborate with sites that can help you create valuable content for your users and help boost your SEO and authority.

    6. Make My Persona – For Buyer Personas

    We are all set to create that masterpiece. But, wait. Who exactly are we creating that content for? It requires well-researched buyer personas to effectively target those whom we want to attract and serve.

    Make My Persona by Hubspot is an excellent interactive tool that generates buyer personas for you in minutes. Just answer a series of questions about your ideal customers, and you’re done!

    Buyer persona creator by hubspot

    The strategic questions in this free tool are designed to help you better understand your buyers. Upon completion, it presents a fully customizable, shareable persona document highlighting important details about your target audience. Have a look:

    free content marketing tools

    Pro Tip: You can easily download and email this fancy PDF and present it to your entire team. Become the expert in your team by explaining the relevance of these new personas and how it can help your business succeed and grow.

    7. Backlink Analytics – For Competitors’ Link Strategy

    Backlinks act as one of the top factors in Google’s ranking algorithm. Hence, it is essential for a marketer to build and manage a successful backlink profile in order to rank high on the search engines.

    Backlink Analytics by Semrush helps discover every detail about your competitors’ backlinks as well. Moreover, you can have access to both image and text backlinks, referring domains, and anchors. This way, you can spot new backlinks and also get informed when backlinks are deleted. It is a smart way to have an insight into the competitors’ marketing and PR strategies.

    Backlinks analytics by SEMrush

    Pro Tip: Earning visibility for your content on Google might take time. But, referral traffic is always a good option. This tool also provides you with ideas for “backlink attractive” content to drive traffic to your content.

    free content marketing tools

    8. Email Subject Line Generator – For Email Marketing

    Every interaction with a customer — an email, website visit, or ad – has an impact on their overall experience with your brand. And, Email marketing is a result-fetching strategy every marketer should master.

    This is why the next in the list of free content marketing tools is the Email Subject Line Generator. The email subject lines are similar to your blog’s title – a means to get more heads turned. Did you know that 47% of the emails are opened just by looking at their subject lines? What’s more surprising is that 69% of the emails are straight-away reported spam on the basis of the subject line they have!

    So, its time to start crafting that perfect email subject line. All you need is to choose a keyword category (Benefit, Topic, or Pain-Point) and enter your keyword. Look at this list of ideas we generated for content marketing.

    Email subject line generator

    Pro Tip: Why just email subject lines? You can find some quick interesting email templates. It gives more structure to your email if you need help. You can further customize the subject lines using the tool above.

    free content marketing tools

    9. Social Media Content Calendar – For Social Media Management

    Social media marketing and its comprehensive management can become a big pain if you are not organized. For your content to gain traction, you must post consistently and plan ahead.

    Hence, we have got a social media content calendar to help you plan and share your content in advance. It is a great tool to manage your marketing campaigns, track deadlines, and ultimately rock social media content strategy across channels.

    What’s more? You can use this social media content calendar to stay updated and create trendy content pieces to gain traction. For example, Outgrow created this quiz to promote their tool when the Olympics were nearing. And, this content was created by consulting the trendy topics planned through this social media calendar.

    Activecampaign content calendar

    Pro Tip: A tip would be to use UTM parameters while populating the social content calendar. This will help determine which social channels are the most engaged and which content is getting the most engagement.

    10. Content Marketing Template – For Comprehensive Content Checklist

    Managing content across platforms is a big task. How can one keep all of the blogs researched or email copies organized?

    A simple yet comprehensive content marketing checklist can come really handy. And that’s what we have got next for finally. This template by ActiveCampaign helps keep keyword research, outlines, editing, formatting standards, and outreach all under check.

    This kind of tool enhances the quality of work of the entire team, cuts down on multiple revisions, and scales up your marketing without any added expense.

    Pro Tip: Make use of all of the templates like keyword, editing, SERP, blog scanability and email outreach to boost your productivity and results like never before. Have a look at the email template.

    Activecampaign content marketing template

    Well, It’s Not the Wand, But the Wizard!

    Here you have the top free content marketing tools and resources that can help you create content. But, it’s ultimately up to you to control the quality of your content. You need to understand your customers incredibly well and realize the challenges they face in order to create content that addresses those issues.

    The brains and heart of the content creator can trump any tool or technology. Nonetheless, you would definitely want to try out these interactive tools that would save you time and effort while costing nothing.

    Do you know of some other gems? Leave them in the comments so we can extend this list proudly! And while you’re at it, why not sign up to create your first interactive content piece today? It’s absolutely free for the first 7 days!

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