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Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in the Middle East

In today’s scenario (when 30% of internet users are using ad blockers), content marketing should be at the core of all online marketing efforts. Targeting your audience with curated content at every stage of their journey is quintessential for success. And to do that, you need the help of expert content marketers. This blog will help you find the best content marketing agencies in the Middle East.

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So, without further adieu let’s find out the perfect content marketing experts for your brand.

1. McCollins Media

If you are looking for the best content marketing agencies in the Middle East, then you have to look into McCollins Media. They can help you create top-notch content that resonates with your audience. Their services include Arabic & English content, videos, lead generation, and more.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #1: McCollins Media

2. Alsayegh Media

Alsayegh Media can help amplify your brand’s voice through highly engaging content. And by content, we not only mean written words but also videos, infographics, audio, and more.

Case Study:

With a mix of viral videos, digital ads, and social banners, Alsayegh amplified the services provided by the Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi. DMA not only became the No. 1 Facebook page in terms of engagement but also got 18k twitter followers in 3 months.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #2: Alsayegh Media

3. Havas Blink

Havas Blink is the pioneer digital & content marketing agency in Israel. Not to mention, the top 30 companies in Israel rely on them for their online endeavors. Some of their services include social media management, video production, website content, influencer marketing, and more.

Case Study:

In 2008, Tnuva (Israeli Food Processing Company) launched 2 new flavors of their white chocolate, Yolo. In order to promote that, Havas created a 3D animation video and collaborated with an influencer Facebook page. 

content marketing agencies in the middle east #3: Havas Blink

4. Webpals Group

Webpals Group can help curate user-specific content to target audiences across the buyer’s journey. Their expert team of writers and designers can deliver engaging content such as informative articles, videos, in-depth product reviews, and more. Also, they have an all-round digital marketing solution to target users at every touchpoint on the internet.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #4: Webpals Group

5. Webedia Arabia

If you are interested in growing your business, then look no further than Webedia Arabia. You can leverage their understanding of the local Arabic culture and a trend-savvy team of content experts to create locally relevant content. In other words, they can tell your brand’s story in a way that connects with the local people.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #5: Webedia Arabia

6. Traffic Digital

Traffic Digital is arguably one of the most efficient content marketing agencies in the Middle East. They start by digging deep into your core business objectives, target audience, and competitors. Then, an expert team of content marketers delivers a unique content strategy for your brand. From Arabic content writing to videos and photographs, they can mix it all together. Also, they have a dedicated team to deliver multilingual content for your global audience.

Case Study:

Emirates called upon Traffic Digital to create content that can deliver maximum organic reach at minimum cost. Traffic Digital came up with an April Fool’s Day prank that showcased an imaginary plane with a swimming pool, gym, park, and more. Needless to say, it caught the attention of the internet in a jiffy. Hence, the campaign got 23M reach, 707k interactions on Facebook, and 417k engagements on Twitter. Furthermore, the Insta reach was 1M along with 106k engagement.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #6: traffic digital

7. NMQ Digital

NMQ Digital has to offer something unique in the content marketing domain. Unlike other agencies, they offer a holistic content marketing consultation. This means, if you have your own team of content creators, NMQ can guide them to curate locally relevant content. Also, they help you roll out your content marketing campaigns on a global scale. Besides content marketing consultation, they offer services like SEO, digital reporting, database management, and more.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #7: NMQ Digital

8. Glacial Multimedia

Glacial Multimedia works exclusively for the medical sector. From content creation to distribution, they handle it all for you. They create e-newsletters, digital flipbooks, videos, etc. to attract your online audience. Additionally, they provide services like medical website creation, SEO, social media strategy, and more.

Success Stories:

With a robust content strategy following the SEO best practices, Glacial revamped the website of RGB Cataract & Lasik. With the new strategy in place, the website saw an 80% YOY increase in website sessions.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #8: Glacial Multimedia

9. Altavia Dekatlon

Altavia Dekatlon is much more than a content marketing agency. They cover all the aspects of modern-day marketing techniques. Moreover, Altavia offers services like social media, content marketing, digital PR for digital communication of your brand. Additionally, you can avail of their retail & in-store expertise, print management, technology products, etc.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #9: Anasayfa Dekatlon

10. Langoor

Langoor is one of the biggest content marketing agencies in the Middle East. And it can be a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing worries. They are capable of delivering a data-driven content strategy coupled with a digital strategy to market your content. Besides this, they provide services like analytics, social media, SEO, websites, and more.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #10: Langoor

11. Xtra Mile

Xtra Mile has a holistic approach to content marketing. First, they define the buyer’s persona followed by customer journey mapping and channel mapping. Eventually, they move to content strategy, campaign strategy, and finally measurement & optimization. Needless to say, they are an expert in this field and specifically serve B2b clients globally.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #11: Xtra-Mile Lifecycle Marketing

12. Centric

Well, if you want to tell your brand story in a simple yet interesting way, then Centric must be your go-to agency. They are masters of creating visual stories that echo in the minds of your audience. Some of their services include content planning, video production, copywriting, translation, and photography.

Case Study:

Centric developed a robust content marketing strategy for Mentos to promote the launch of 3 new flavors. With a contest campaign on Facebook, Centric successfully reached out to young South African fans.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #12: centric

13. Jeel Media

With a team of content writers, strategists, and graphic designers, Jeel Media is one of the finest content marketing agencies in the Middle East. This experienced team can deliver the right content, to the right audience, and at the right time. They reach out to the audience with gifs, videos, images, ebooks, infographics, and more.

Case Study:

The Arab International Academy appointed Jeel Media to improve their online presence and boost lead generation. And with a strong content strategy, Jeel was able to connect with the target audience at every touchpoint. As a result, AIA saw an 11% increase in ROI along with other commendable results.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #13: Jeel Media

14. Macoli Sarl

Macoli Sarl provides a comprehensive content marketing service dedicated to improving your ROI. They serve original and engaging content in the form of infographics, blog posts, motion graphics, and eBooks. Besides content marketing, they offer email marketing, PPC, SEO, websites, etc.

Success Story:

Macoli reshaped the online presence of Portemillo ( Hotel & Resort brand ) with tailor-made content and social media strategy. They used high-quality photographs and videos of the resort to reach out to the audience. Additionally, Macoli delivered a responsive website to improve the user experience on their site.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #14: Macoli Sarl

15. LeadtoMarket

LeadtoMarket is a well-known name among the content marketing agencies in the Middle East. With a data-driven content strategy, they are committed to improving engagement and ROI for your brand. Their content marketing services include infographics, social media posts, market research, etc. Apart from content marketing, they offer conversion optimization, back-office services, and more.

content marketing agencies in the middle east #15: LeadtoMarket


Well, now that we have come to the end of this blog, let us conclude by saying ‘Content is still the King’. And the success of these content marketing agencies in the Middle East is proof of that. Do let us know if we missed out on any agency that rightfully owns a place on our list. We are always on the lookout for the best in the business!

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