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[Infographic] 12 Epic Christmas Promotion Ideas
14th December 2018 Etee Dubey
3 min read

[Infographic] 12 Epic Christmas Promotion Ideas

“You better watch out. You better not cry. Better not pout. I’m telling you why. Santa Claus is coming to town”. 12 epic Christmas promotional ideas

Christmas is here and so are the crazy holiday marketing techniques! However, this is not the time to fret. It’s the time to hustle. The Outgrow Marketing Santa is here to help with some of the best Christmas promotion ideas.

12 christmas promotional ideas infographic final

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Some Bonus Tips

Oh, but that’s not all. Now that we have brought you this far, we’ll attempt to get you through the finish line. Here are some bonus tips to help you tackle that holiday rush!

1) Send a Positive Message

As you must have noticed in the infographic, Johnson & Johnson spread the holiday cheer by partnering with charities and special causes. They launched a photo ad inviting viewers to “Donate a Photo” for charity. Taking initiatives like these will help you gain more attention for all the good reasons.

Take Coca Cola’s Sharing Can Initiative for instance. In Europe, they offered people a chance to personalize their Coke bottles. Such marketing campaigns get you in the limelight immediately and help attract more customers.

2) Solve Customer Pain Points

Do extensive research on your target audience and analyze it. Target the problems that your customers are facing. And what can be a better holiday gift than providing a solution or two to someone’s problems? What’s more? You can try finding something that your target audience wishes to have but is not a problem for them. Fulfill their wants, if not their needs.

3) Cash those Keywords

A lot of marketers forget to cover this aspect. It’s important to start ranking for the holiday keywords. People search a lot during the holidays – gift ideas, clothes, smartphones and what not! And since they’re aware that promotions and offers are available everywhere during this time of the year, that’s what they eye. So, it’s best to target relevant holiday keywords and step up your SEO game.

You can go broad with your keyword targeting. Try various versions of the same keywords, think of what your target audience would search for. 

4) Leverage Social Media

People love browsing through social media and they would do it the most when they have a lot of time in hand i.e. during the holidays! So, if you post 2 times a day, make it 4. If your stories talk about blogs, include holiday-themed blogs as well.

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