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Interactive Content Ideas For The Construction Sector

Building a house is just like building a marketing strategy. You need to lay a good foundation, give it a good design, and finally make it visually appealing. And guess what, there’s another similarity between the two – interactive content! Whether it’s the construction sector or a marketing strategy, you can use interactive content to help you with both!  Today, we’ve compiled some interactive content ideas for the construction sector, from the top to the bottom (of the funnel!).

You can use different kinds of interactive content to appeal to your customers. It improves their customer experience with you and also makes it easier for you to collect data. So read on and find out all about interactive content and the construction sector.

Top Of The Funnel

At this point, your buyers are at the awareness stage of their journey. They’re still figuring out the kind of problem they have. And what they need a solution for. Suppose you are a construction company, you can create quizzes for, ‘What Does Your Dream House Look Like?’ or ‘Which House Is Most Suitable For Your Budget?’.

These quizzes will contain questions that pertain to the personal choices and preferences of the users. The users in this funnel are not actively looking for housebuilders. They are only deciding upon whether they should build a house or not. These quizzes will help them realize that you are a possible solution to their problem.

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You can also use assessment quizzes like ‘How Much Do You Know About The World Of Construction?’. These content pieces will help shape their problem and help them decide on the solution they’re looking for. Another example of an assessment quiz is, ‘How Much Do You Know About Your House?’. The length of detail in your questions will help users recognize you as an expert in the field. And when they need to decide on a solution, you will have the upper hand.

You can even use surveys and polls to gather the opinions of your potential customers. ‘Are You Satisfied With Your Current Contractor?’ or ‘Construction Safety Survey’ or ‘Would You Rather Build Your Own House Or Buy A New One?’ are a few examples that you can use to improve your buyer persona, or segment your leads.

Middle Of The Funnel

Let’s move on to the middle of the funnel. This is the ‘Consideration’ stage. In this stage, the buyer has clearly defined their problem and is dedicated to finding the solutions to it. They are aware of how they can solve their problem and start analyzing the different methods available to them. Now, it becomes important to tell your buyers how your product can be a solution to their problem.

This calculator for ‘How Much House Can You Afford?is a popular example of a calculator used by construction companies, mortgage companies, banks, etc. to help their customers estimate their budget. ‘What Is The Cost Of Constructing A House In _______?’ This calculator will factor in the different costs that come with building a house in different cities and areas. Another calculator for users in the middle of the funnel is, ‘How Accurate Is Your Construction Quote?



There’s a variety of the kind of quizzes that you can create for people that are looking for construction solutions. ‘Which Construction Plan Is Most Suitable For You?’ – Suppose you are a construction company that offers services like architecture and licensing too. You may have different plans for different customers on the basis of their requirements and budgets.

You can create this quiz to help a customer figure out which of your plans would be best for them! ‘What Construction Materials Are Needed To Create Your Dream Home?’. Based on what kind of finish your customers want for their walls, their floors, the kind of design they want, this quiz will tell them the materials they should use for their required dream house. ‘How Efficient Are Your Construction Engineers?’ and ‘Which Low-Cost Construction Technology Should You Get?’ are some other examples of quizzes that you can use.

Can Your House Pass This 10 Point Checklist For The Construction Protocol?’ is another assessment quiz example for buyers in the middle of the funnel.


Bottom Of The Funnel 

Now, we move on to the bottom-most segment of the blog and of our funnel. Now the buyer has reached the ‘decision’ stage. The buyer has already recognized their problems, analyzed their options, and decided on a solution category. Now it’s time to choose the best option. So, you have to let your customers know that your product is a better solution to their problem than all the other options.

How Much Will It Cost You To Build A House With Us? Now, you only need to focus on yourself, and how you make your buyer’s life easier. ‘How Much Will You Save While Building Your House If You Work With Us?’ is another way of telling your buyers how you are the best of the options they have. There are multiple quizzes that you can create for the bottom-of-the-funnel customer like ‘Should You Build A Villa Or A Penthouse?’ 

You need to show your buyers that you know best. For this, you need to demonstrate your expertise and what you have that gives you the edge.

Moreover, you can use surveys and polls to get feedback from your customers. This is a great way of making them feel involved in your company. Another example of interactive content for your bottom-funnel customers is an e-commerce recommendation for ‘Which Brand Of Fittings Would Be The Best For Your House?’. An e-commerce recommendation like this would help you choose the best brand on the basis of your budget, your preferences, your choices, etc.


No matter which sector, interactive content has managed to help us out everywhere. These are some great interactive content ideas for the construction sector that you can use to boost your business. Different kinds of interactive content help buyers in different stages of the funnel. In case you’re looking for ideas in more such sectors, you know where to find us! We’ll be ready with all we have to offer!

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