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How To Segment Your Leads In Outgrow
19th June 2019 Etee Dubey
4 min read

How To Segment Your Leads In Outgrow

Hey there! We’re back with another set of tips and ideas that might just sky-rocket your marketing strategy. This time it’s all about segmentation. Segmentation in Outgrow, to be more precise!
We’ve been talking a lot about just how important segmentation is. Our videos and segmentation blogs are proof of that. Just to reiterate:

Segmentation of your users/leads is an absolute necessity!

For those who have joined us just now, here is a quick introduction:

What Is Segmentation?

In simple terms, segmentation is grouping your users, leads or prospects that are similar in specific ways related to marketing. Companies tend to segment their user and prospects on the basis of demographics, tastes, and preferences. This helps them in targeted customer communication. Consequently, they achieve a higher conversion rate.

segmentation on outgrow


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Segmentation for  Outgrow Interactive Content

Interactive content can help you collect a lot of valuable information. Consequently, you can use this information to better segment your leads in Hubspot. If there's one thing we hope you take from this blog, it’s this.

The more detailed your data, the better your segmentation. You can collect a lot of relevant information about your leads than just their contact information. For instance, let’s assume you are a car dealer. An interactive quiz like this one can help you gather information like their budget, their taste, and preferences.

segmentation on outgrow

After gathering such useful information, you can send leads with specific answers into different email drip campaigns that are more personalized. Let’s assume in the above example, a lead got ‘city car’ as his result. You can send emails offering discounts or limited time offers on the same.

Now, if that isn’t segmentation simplified, I don’t know what is!

How To Segment Leads In Outgrow

1) Segment in Analytics

Head over to Analytics and create a filter. Consequently, save the segment. You can also use multiple filters to create a segment.

segmentation on outgrow

After you have added the filter, click on ‘save the segment, and choose a preferred name for that segment.

segmentation on outgrow

Add a name here -

segmentation on outgrow

Consequently, your segment will appear in the drop-down.

segmentation on outgrow

But guess what this isn’t even the best part! In fact, you can create multiple segments like this. After that, you can directly send over your segmented list to your own CRM too.

2) Segments in Integration

Now, if you want to divide your leads into different email campaigns, follow these instructions:

The first option is to create different segments in your Outgrow analytics (like we mentioned above). After that, simply head over to the configure section and select your CRM tool.

Now, click on integration and proceed with your already existing list of segments.


After this, you can set conditions for sending segments to the preferred list and others into a different list.

segmentation on outgrow

Now, you can map your fields in all the lists and select their interest categories.

segmentation on outgrow

segmentation on outgrow

However, if you decide to choose ‘proceed with the list’, you can select the list in your CRM and start mapping the Outgrow experience fields to your fields in the CRM.

segmentation on outgrow

segmentation on outgrow

But that’s not all! After all, you need to remember the golden rule:

You need to reach your customer base where they actually spend their time.

And we can’t forget social media in this regard. Facebook, to be precise.

Let us walk you through it.

Using Outgrow interactive Content For FB Segmentation

You can create segmented audience lists in your Facebook account based on the info you gathered from your Outgrow experience.

For example, you can create a custom audience in Facebook based on the demographics of people who went through the experience, or on the basis of a particular question, outcome or result.

You can do this by putting your Facebook Pixel ID in the Configure section of your Outgrow Experience and passing events from Outgrow to your Facebook ad account.

Set the dynamic values so that the segmentation of people is done properly.

In case you want the segmentation to be done on the basis of questions, under Event Value you can set the value as {Q1}, {Q2}, etc.

If you want the segmentation to be done on the basis of Result or Outcome achieved, set the value as {R1}, {R2}, {Outcome 1}, {Outcome 2}, etc. under ‘Event Value’.

Let us give you an example. Let’s say you own a SaaS company that sells email marketing solutions. Maybe you can create an interactive quiz like this one:

segmentation on outgrow

Through this, you collect a lot of information like the no. of emails they send per campaign, their CTR, open rate, etc. Consequently, you can create retargeting ads a particular customer’s biggest pain point.

One of your customers has a low CTR? Retarget him/her with an ad titled ‘Increase your CTR with X product.’

Yes, it’s really that easy.
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We hope that this article gave you all that you needed to know about segmentation with the help of interactive content. Have any more points that we could add? Let us know! 🙂