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How To Use Interactive Content To Earn Money (+9 Use Cases)

U.S marketers spent $197.47 billion in 2019 alone.

Did I hear that correctly? Did they really just say $197 billion? Yup. Marketing takes money. Thankfully, interactive content can help you earn money!

But that’s not all. Surveys say that most successful B2B marketers spend 40% of their total marketing budget on content marketing.
However, at the same time, only 21% of B2B companies are successful at tracking ROI of their content marketing. And 15 percent say they do not track ROI on content marketing at all.

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At Outgrow, we are always thinking of ways to revolutionize marketing. And we felt as if there was a major disconnect here. How could we make sure content marketing was resulting in higher ROI and that it was measurable? In fact, how could we ensure that marketing growth didn’t just mean ‘spending more money’?

The answer was right there in front of us: Using Outgrow interactive content to earn money.

We modified our tool in such a way that users could earn money through their interactive calculators and e-commerce quizzes.

Let us explain how.

First of all, the user needs to create an interactive calculator/e-commerce quiz related to their business. Now, they can earn money by attaching a payment option if the leads want to obtain results. To enable this option, the user needs to integrate their Outgrow account with their Stripe account.

For more information on integrating Outgrow and Stripe, head over to this article.

We feel that the best way to explain this would be through some real-life use cases.


Here. We. Go.

1) For E-commerce Companies

If you run an e-commerce company, you can recommend your prospect a product through an e-commerce quiz. However, to buy the product, they don’t have to redirect to another page. Your prospects can pay there and then through the stripe integration.

Using Interactive Content To Earn Money (+9 Use Cases)

2) For Course Creators, Experts, and Educators

If you own a Saas company, you can create a calculator that checks your prospects’ marketing knowledge. Say, they have a bad score in the SEO section. You can create a course on SEO on an online platform and recommend it to them. Charge for the signup there and then. You can e-mail them the details of the course particulars (their username, password) thereafter. 

Last but not least, our integration will Stripe will ensure that your digital payment is safe and secure!

3) For Language Institutes

You can create a language proficiency test. Consequently, recommend courses/books according to the prospect’s score. Ask for payment accordingly.

Using Interactive Content To Earn Money (+9 Use Cases)

4) For Freelancers

If you are a freelancer, you can show them a sample of your work in the related field. For instance, let’s assume you are a freelance website designer. Say, a company is interested in getting their apparel website designed by you. The interactive content shows your previous work for building e-commerce websites. After having a look at your past work, they can book you through that interactive experience. Consequently, they can pay for an appointment or pay your booking advance upfront.

5) For NGOs

You can use Outgrow to collect donations. Say, you want to raise money through handmade cards or products. You can simply create an e-commerce quiz titled- ‘What Should You Buy For Father’s Day.’ Then according to people’s answers, you can recommend products. You can ask users to pay for the product up front and then donate more (as they see fit).

6) For Heath and Wellness Companies

If you are from the healthcare sector, you can easily make use of this feature. Let’s assume you own a gym. You can create an effortless calorie count calculator like this one and request for payment to obtain results.

Using Interactive Content To Earn Money (+9 Use Cases)

7) For Those Who Provide Financial Services

You can provide a detailed consultation, but charge for it. For instance, you can create an interactive experience titled ‘How to Legally Save Your Tax.’ Thereafter, you can provide recommendations according to their salary breakdown and investments.

8) For Content Marketers

Create Idea generators or Title generators like the ones below. The prospects can pay to generate their results.

Using Interactive Content To Earn Money (+9 Use Cases)

9) For Real Estate Companies

You can create interactive calculators that offer to calculate a prospect’s mortgage. To obtain results, the prospect has to pay upfront.

Using Interactive Content To Earn Money (+9 Use Cases)

Pro Tip: This would be a good opportunity to upsell by providing prospects with a better real estate option.

So, what do you think of our concept?

Can you think of any more cases to use interactive content to earn money? Let us know! 🙂

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