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How to Create a Patient Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow 

This blog entails how to create a patient satisfaction survey on Outgrow.

This blog is helpful for those in the health and fitness industry who want to study their patients and their needs.

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What is a Patient Satisfaction Survey?

A patient satisfaction survey is used to measure the performance of health care quality. It is used as a quality improvement tool and it also serves as a tool for improving communication between healthcare providers and patients.

How to Create a Patient Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow


Why Should You Create A Patient Satisfaction Survey?

1) Helps in retaining patients

To know whether the services led a positive or negative impact on the patient can have a serious impact on the practice of healthcare. Thus, patients satisfaction survey can help one to use this knowledge in order to solve the problems for future patients which led to the negative feedback of the old patients.

2) Helps in delivering the right thing for the right patient at the right time

Merely making patients happy is not enough. One needs to individualize treatment to optimize care and patients satisfaction survey helps in doing so by providing all the required information beforehand about a particular customer.

That seems relevant, right? The great news is that these surveys can be easily made using outgrow tools with the help of premade templates within minutes.

Let’s try creating a patient satisfaction survey.

 How to Create a Patient Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow

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How To Create A Patient Satisfaction Survey On Outgrow?

1) Login to your builder and select ‘form/survey’ as the content type.

 How to Create a Patient Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow

2) You can choose to build your own survey from scratch or you can simply choose one of the several survey templates available under the ‘Select a Template’ tab.

3) You’ll be taken to the builder next. Select an appropriate heading, button text, and picture. Moreover, you can choose to use your own logo or not have one at all.

4) Builder :

This is how the builder looks:

 How to Create a Patient Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow

You can edit the question titles, their options and see the real-time preview of your survey. There’s a navigation panel on the left.

This is a ‘text input’ type question. You can change the question type to single select options, multi-select options, text input, date/time picker, etc.

When you choose a single or multi-select options type, you can also choose how it will be displayed; namely: text type, image type, icon type.

5) Questions and Sections

You can add questions and sections in this survey according to your needs. It is advised to make this survey in a single section.

Pro Tip: Use short and accurate questions in your survey as it gains more traction.

 How to Create a Patient Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow

6) Lead Generation Form:

Add a lead generation form and place it in one of the following places –

  1. Welcome screen
  2. Before results
  3. With the results

Pro Tip: Placing the lead generation form before the results generally results in the highest conversions.

 How to Create a Patient Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow

7) Outcome:

The last step is to display a thank you message as your outcome and include information about the next steps to be followed if any.

It’s recommended to add social sharing and social media feeds’ subscription buttons.

 How to Create a Patient Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow

8) Configure :

Go to the configure tab and customize the settings for your calculator as you want to. You can change your calculator’s URL or set up a Google and Facebook pixel for tracking it. Furthermore, you can choose to send an automated email to users and/or to self whenever someone uses the calculator. You can also configure your embeds, HTML, and 3rd party integrations in this section.

For a detailed explanation, click here.

 How to Create a Patient Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow

9) Analyze

After your survey has been published, you can check its detailed performance in the analyze tab.

Here you have three tabs: Overview (gives an overview of your visitors and conversions), User Details (gives detailed analytics and user responses) and User Funnels (gives detailed Metrics on user flows).

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Best Practices For Creating A Patient/Customer Satisfaction Survey:

1) Options Type: 

We recommend you keep multiple choice options rather than having input-type questions as people are more likely to drop out from a survey if they have to write full-fledged answers.

2) Optional Questions:

In fact, we recommend you to keep the questions skippable as it increases the chance of people actually completing the survey. It also helps in gathering some information.

3) Add Your Company’s Email:

This is another way of boosting conversions. Just add an ‘email’ button or “write to us” button on the outcome page. You can also pre-draft a message with a subject line that differentiates such emails from others.

4) Ask For a Recommendation:

On the lead gen form, you can ask users to recommend the survey to someone who may benefit from it. This increases the chances of your interactive experience gaining more traction through word-of-mouth.

5) Add Social Share Widgets:

It is a good idea to add social media share icons and subscription widgets on your results page. Interactive experiences with social share widgets have naturally seen higher shareability and hence higher rates of conversions.

 How to Create a Patient Satisfaction Survey on Outgrow

You see how easy it was. It is way more easy to make this survey using Outgrow. We offer a wide variety of pre-made templates to choose from.

So what are you waiting for? Login to Outgrow.co now to make personalized Patient satisfaction surveys and if you have any questions, contact our team through the chat icon on the bottom left corner of our website. Sign up for a free trial by clicking here.

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