Fundamental Landing Page Ideas for Any Business

3 Fundamental Landing Page Ideas for Any Business 

If you are trying to sell a product or service online, the first thing that you’ll need is a plan for making multiple landing pages. But what exactly is a landing page and how to create one for your business?

In this blog, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about landing pages. We will also discuss some amazing landing page ideas that you’ll want to copy in 2022!

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

What Is a Landing Page?

As opposed to a website or homepage, which helps your online visitors explore the different features of your company, a landing page helps you focus your visitors’ attention on one or two particular details of what you are trying to sell them.

This prevents them from getting lost in endless exploration. Instead they are funneled towards clicking the CTA on that landing page and making an instant decision.

How to Come Up With Landing Page Ideas?

When it comes to thinking of landing page ideas, the first thing you need to do is to clearly list all the selling points of your product or service.

While doing this, you need to factor in the ideal target audience for each selling point. Once you have at least 4 or 5 ideas in mind, you can make a landing page on each of them.

Structure of the Landing Page

Next comes the structure of the landing page. For this, you have 3 fundamental choices-

1. Having a static landing page
2. Having an interactive landing page
3. Having a landing page that is a mix of static and interactive

Static landing pages only contain text.

Interactive landing pages on the other hand can contain various elements ranging from quizzes, calculators, contests, polls, chatbots, assessments, recommendations, forms and surveys.

The latter can be helpful in collecting zero party and first party data that can further empower your marketing. However, the key rule to keep in mind is that most marketers agree that short and concise landing pages with a fast load speed are ideal.

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of a landing page, let’s take a look at some of the most innovative landing page ideas out there on the internet right now.

1. HubSpot’s Pirates-themed Landing Page Idea

Youtube Embed: htt



First things first, this landing page idea is establishing a comparison between two things. It is a comparison between small and medium businesses on the one hand and pirates on the other. This is a radical idea, and not everyone would agree that startups essentially behave as pirates in the current market. However there’s definitely a case for it.

Nevertheless, having this theme as a landing page idea (instead of rebranding one’s entire website with this theme) is a good way to experiment its effectiveness in attracting customers without causing too much controversy or needing too many approvals from upper management.

The landing page itself is easy to build, simple, and contains just one CTA. It is also playful and full of puns and witticisms. HubSpot runs ads that drives people to this landing page on Instagram, which is definitely a place where a pirate-themed video like this would attract attention.

Key Takeaways

The key thing to learn from HubSpot’s landing page idea is that landing pages allow you to be experimental. They also let you focus on particular aspects of your product so that you can engage your audience in unique and surprising ways.

The only drawback one can think of in this regard is the work that is going to go into making a landing page like this. This is where a powerful landing page builder like Outgrow comes in.

interactive content examples

With Outgrow you can choose from over 1000 landing page templates like these.

You can easily embed your own YouTube video, a quiz like ‘Is Your Startup a Pirate Enterprise?’, or even a contest with a timer that offers a discount that can expire after 7 days.

All of these can encourage your landing page visitors to make the purchase faster. And what’s more, once you have made a landing page you can easily duplicate it on the Outgrow builder and run an A/B test on both versions of the page to see which one is leading to more sales. This way, you can keep experimenting with  your landing page ideas until you end up with the best one.

2. TESLA’s Car Configurator Quiz Landing Page Idea


Another widely used landing page idea involves having your entire landing page be a quiz or a calculator or a combination of both.

TESLA famously does this not only on its landing pages but also on its website. This prevents prospects from getting lost in the fluff and the needless details that other carmakers put on their landing pages.

By taking the ‘Customise Your Own Car’ quiz, users are immediately able to get value. They are able to explore options like what kind of engine they want based on what they want to use the car for. What kind of seats they’d like. What colour they want the interior and exterior of the car to be and so on and so forth. They are also able to see how much money they save each time they pick a different option in the quiz. California residents, for instance, can claim 750 USD clean fuel rewards in tax savings by buying a TESLA.

For Example

A clever ad that a TESLA reseller or affiliate can therefore use is “How Much Do you Save by Buying a TESLA?”. And a quiz configurator template for this is already available on Outgrow for you to try out!

Outgrow tesla example

Quizzes and Calculators are therefore one of the smartest landing page ideas for capturing people’s attention on the internet right now. And if the richest man in the world, the owner of TESLA – Elon Musk, is doing it then you should probably be doing it as well!

Another key thing to keep in mind is that quizzes and calculator based landing pages allow you to collect first party data from your prospects.

So, each time a user takes the TESLA car configurator quiz, TESLA is able to gather information about its target audience with their consent. This allows them to further align their product to their audience’s needs. And it also allows them to manage supply-chain expectations. You can also lock your quiz’s outcome behind a lead generation screen. This allows you to enter your visitors into your marketing funnel. So that even if they don’t buy your product immediately, you can remarket it to them at a later point.

3. Uber’s Registration Form Landing Page Idea

Uber landing page

When it comes to simplicity and getting the job done, Uber’s landing page ideas are pretty much at the forefront. The entire focus of the landing page here is on a form which contains all the necessary details required to register a user to the service.

Uber makes a conscious decision to keep the textual details at a minimum. The caption “safe, reliable rides in minutes” pretty much sums up what the business is about and the core qualities of the service it provides. Furthermore, the green CTA immediately draws attention to itself and prompts the user to click on it.

Having a landing page idea like Uber’s is easy to realize using a forms & survey tool like Outgrow where you can choose from over 5 different layout types, as well as 1000+ templates.


You can also easily trigger automatic confirmation emails to anyone who submits the form. At the same time, you can trigger an email to your sales team with details about the lead so that they can followup with them as required.

In addition to this Outgrow, also provides 500+ integrations through which you can send your lead data to any CRM platform out there including HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Mailierlite.

Outgrow layouts


Finding the right landing page idea is not an easy task, since the ideal idea for every business is very dependent on that business’ target audiences. The right idea is something that can only be arrived at through constant experimentation and A/B testing of several landing page designs.

This is why using a no-code tool like Outgrow for building your landing pages is key. It let’s you generate unique ideas, create highly interactive content with the help of premade templates, and publish it live within minutes.

Duplicating your Outgrow landing pages and then A/B testing them is also something you can do quite easily using the “Compare” function in the Outgrow builder. This really allows you to single out the landing page elements that are performing well, and those that are not.

Now that you know how Outgrow can give you an edge in creating your landing page, what are you waiting for? Signup for the  7-day free trial now.

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