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Improve Lead Generation With the Outgrow HubSpot Integration 

Interactive content is a dynamic way to drive leads and provide value to your customers and prospects. This type of content, like quizzes, surveys, chatbots, and calculators, is a powerful tool for increasing engagement as it requires user involvement. And where there’s engagement, there’s lead data flowing in. So, how do we create such engaging content types and manage the data that comes with it? Do not worry! Outgrow HubSpot integration comes to the rescue for that.

Outgrow’s no-code content development platform enables you to easily create interactive content marketing campaigns and acquire qualified leads. And when integrated with the HubSpot CRM, it can send more personalized campaigns to increase conversions.

So, let’s discuss the benefits of this powerful combo and how to use it to up your lead generation game!

Benefits of Using the Outgrow HubSpot Integration for Interactive Content Campaigns

Interactive content is engaging and personal to users. And the more the engagement, the more data you can collect. This is where a CRM tool comes in handy to make the most out of the data you’ve generated.

1. Better Customer Experience 

Marketing teams constantly face challenges to reinvent the way they approach their prospects. To solve this, interactive content comes into the picture.

Interactive content tools like Outgrow allow marketers to easily create quizzes, calculators, polls, assessments, and more, using pre-made templates.

Outgrow offers over 1,000 interactive content templates for marketers to use across channels. And with these templates, they can interact with prospects and collect valuable data.

Above all, these can be hosted natively in a HubSpot landing page, blog, website page, or embedded in emails and social posts.

Outgrow Hubspot Integration

2. Efficient Targeting and Nurturing

You can send targeted emails using the information about prospects from your CRM. This will help you nurture your prospects into becoming paying customers and advocates for your brand.

3. Increased Response Rate 

Sharing interactive content with your users, as compared to traditional blogs or ebooks, helps increase their response rates. As a result, this helps brands understand which users are ready to take another step with your brand and sales team.

4. Improved Conversion Rate

Did you know – Lead generation quizzes have a 32% lead capture rate! In fact, Outgrow users like Golf Avenue and Baroes Digital Publishing have seen even higher conversion rates as high as 54%.

5. Automated Email Campaigns

By combining interactive content with powerful HubSpot CRM, your sales and marketing teams can easily connect with leads and maximize the impact of campaigns. Above all, they can do so without a heavy manual lift, using mapped contact properties and segmented lists.

Outgrow Hubspot Integration

6. Increased personalized communication

Interactive content combined with the powerful integration of HubSpot means highly segmented lists that can power workflows and automated email sequences. HubSpot offers broad visibility into your lead’s demographic information and other data like industry or content preferences. By leveraging this information to segment leads, users can address each group in a personalized way.

Moreover, with prospect and customer information getting updated in real-time, the integration can reveal patterns and trends that marketers can use.

Here’s an example of a personalized content campaign. Sisu, a real estate intelligence platform, uses an Outgrow quiz on their pricing request page. Through this engaging quiz, Sisu asks users about their business details to provide a customized pricing quote. Hence, this makes it a better experience for the prospect. Most importantly, it helps Sisu’s sales and marketing teams to follow up with relevant resources.

Increased personalized communication

Source: Sisu

Outgrow x HubSpot Success Story

The team at Turf Tank created a series of ROI calculators that feed results into HubSpot workflows automatically. Using the Outgrow calculators on their website homepage and in digital ads has been instrumental for their sales team. “It’s a useful calculator for CRM integration. The flow’s good and works well for our sales team,” says Jeremy Patay, Head of International Expansion, Turf Tank.

Moreover, with CRMs and smart integrations, you have access to deep data insights. These insights can help you increase your sales and ROI through automated segmentation and nurturing processes. Moreover, the more data you collect, the more you learn about your audience and what they want. Here’s how the Outgrow HubSpot Integration can help marketing teams improve lead generation with interactive content.

3 Ways to Use the Outgrow HubSpot CRM Integration for Lead Capture and Segmentation

Outgrow Hubspot Integration

Here’s how the Outgrow HubSpot integration can help businesses and marketers to improve revenue and ROI with their marketing and sales efforts:

1. Create Outgrow campaign-based workflows in HubSpot

Data from Outgrow is seamlessly integrated into HubSpot, allowing for personalized, campaign-based workflows to be created. When users map data from Outgrow’s interactive experiences to the HubSpot CRM, they can use this data to trigger a variety of actions. For example, sending a follow-up email, scheduling a sales call, or marking a lead as qualified.

The Outgrow integration enables starting conditions and workflow criteria to be set in the HubSpot workflow dashboard. For example, you can send an instant email on the completion of a quiz, encouraging the recipient to share their results or take further action.

With the Outgrow integration, users can also add actions and delays based on custom criteria, such as user behavior. For example, if a prospect completes a quiz, users can set up a workflow with branching logic that sends an email one week later with helpful resources related to their quiz results.

Hubspot Integration

Source: HubSpot

2. Align all your content marketing data into the HubSpot CRM and maintain unified contact tracking

View all of your leads, quiz or survey questions, and results data in HubSpot. Now, connect the data to lists and workflows. Additionally, by adding the HubSpot UTK cookie (a tracking cookie that follows a visitor’s journey) to a piece of Outgrow interactive content, you can keep track of a visitor’s identity in HubSpot. This information can be used to update existing leads or create a new lead record, preventing double-messaging an individual and keeping sales and marketing on the same page.

3. Embed interactive Outgrow content into HubSpot campaigns to drive engagement and lead generation

Your marketing team works hard to bring visitors to your website, social media pages, and emails. But once they are in, what is it that’ll drive them to take action and establish a relationship with your brand? The answer is very simple!

Interactive content can be an effective engagement and conversion strategy for this purpose.

To achieve this, you can customize and make use of Outgrow templates for your marketing campaigns.

Interactive Content Examples

“Our Outgrow assessment survey has become an integral step in our lead qualification process. It is featured in our social media advertising, eNewsletters, etc., and has strong click-through and response rates. In conclusion, the data collected provides valuable insights to our team as well as the respondent,” says Ken Underhill, an Outgrow and HubSpot user in the machinery industry.

Wrap Up

There you go! We’ve already discussed that interactive content is a powerful opportunity to provide instant value to customers while generating beneficial data that can be used to segment and nurture them.

So, now that you know the usage and benefits of using the Outgrow HubSpot integration, why not give it a shot? Try this effective combo with a free trial and see the results for yourself.

You can learn more about the Outgrow HubSpot integration here and understand how to improve your content marketing results. Got a question that we couldn’t answer? Let us know in the comments down below or hit the chatbot button at the bottom right corner to get started!

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