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Live Chat Examples And Lessons We Can Learn From Them

What Are Live Chats?

We live in a ‘two-minute’ world. We need our coffee, our noodles, and our internet in under two minutes. And similarly, as consumers, we want our answers instantly as well. This is why businesses are gradually embracing the concept of live chats.

Live chat refers to an online customer service that works on the idea of live support. It provides companies with a way of interacting with their customers immediately. Sales, marketing, and customer support teams generally use these customer service chats or live chats to answer customer queries and gain feedback.

But live chats are so much more than that. Companies have time and again applied their creative faculties with live chats and made them more interactive and useful to the consumer. Here are some great live chat examples and some lessons you can definitely learn from them.


Why Should I Use Live Chats?

Research shows that the average response time for customer service queries on social media is 10 hours. This just shows how important live chats are to a business.

Moreover, live chat is cheap and convenient. It doesn’t cost the company much because it assists your team in connecting with a lot of visitors at once. This saves the company a huge amount of personnel costs. Phone and email setups not only bear a larger cost but also take more time. It maximizes productivity and saves time for both your company and the consumer. Thus, making them appreciate your service more.

Here are some of the best live chat examples and the benefits they offer you and your customers.

Live Chat Examples You Can Use for Your Website

1. Lightroom Live Chat- Improves Customer Experience 

Imagine having a question while using a website, and having to send an email or message to the company for every query you might have. Tiresome, right? Live chat provides an instant platform to resolve customers’ queries within seconds. This makes the customer increase their session duration and learn more about your company.

Research has found that 57% of customers abandon their purchase if they can’t get their questions answered promptly and accurately. Getting the right response builds trust within the customer for you. They look at you as a source of knowledge and you develop an image of trust and authenticity around yourself.

Here is an example of a live chat used by Lightroom – an Adobe product. Lightroom is a cloud-based service that allows you to manage your photos. Now naturally, any user might have several questions about the working of the tool. And thus, enters their live chat system. What’s even greater about this system is that they have separate tabs for the kind of query you might have.

Lightroom Live Chat- Improves Customer Experience


If you are already a customer and need help with your product, you will be directed to a separate team. And if you need help with buying the product, the live chat will connect you to the sales team.

This ensures that you get the most relevant information in the smallest amount of time. This improves customer experience and makes them more likely to purchase and continue with a product.

2. Outgrow Live Chat – Offers Audience Targeting 

A huge part of audience targeting is observing your audience. It is important to observe their needs, their journey and then offer them more specific content. This is more niche in the sense that it offers them information on the basis of the step they’re at. It is an attempt to push them forward in their buying process.

Suppose that a particular lead is on the pricing page. You can use the live chat to send a message accordingly – something that will push the lead to buy further. Maybe an ROI calculator embedded in the live chat? This will give the customer an idea of the revenue they can generate by using your product in a very subtle fashion. And thus, incentivize them to make a purchase.

Outgrow Live Chat – Offers Audience Targeting

Here is Outgrow’s live chat feature that does exactly this. It uses interactive content like calculators, quizzes, recommendations, etc. in its live chat to inform the customer in a better way. This does not have to do anything with the pre-gathered information about the user. But simply their place in their buyers’ journey.

Another benefit of audience targeting through live chat is lead nurturing. On the basis of their place in the top, middle and bottom layers of the sales funnel, companies can use chats to target an audience. For example, someone at the bottom of the funnel can be sent feedback forms and surveys. This will also help in maintaining a more long-term relationship with the customer. 

3. Acquire Live Chat – Strikes up contextual conversations

Customers today want immediate and personalized services. And, one way to achieve this is by striking up contextual conversations with the users. 

However, a user can approach you through any channel and at any point in time. And, if you don’t have a two-way communication arrangement or you’re unavailable at that time, you may lose them. They may even approach your competitors because you failed to have meaningful conversations with them. This is where live chat software integrated into your website can come in handy. 

For example, here’s a live chat software by Acquire that helps you in collecting information 24×7 through forms, enabling automation to assist in sales and enhance customer experience.  

Acquire Live Chat – Strikes up contextual conversations

The live chat software helps you automate your work with chatbots, connect with video, voice, and co-browse. It even aids customers to self-serve. All of this results in striking up contextual conversations and conversions. 

With this chat tool, you can get the complete context of customers’ issues by viewing the customer history. You can also tag the concerned team members to assist with tricky questions.

4. Freshchat Live Chat – Increases Personalization

Live chat can help you segment your leads based on their behavior, geography, and the actions they perform or don’t perform.

For instance, if a visitor starts interacting with your live chat, the Clearbit integration will help you gain real-time firmographic and personal data to segment that lead from the get-go. You get to understand your customers’ journey and needs in a much better way.

This helps you provide them with a better, more personalized solution. You avoid hitting them with irrelevant data and ways of using your product. This also helps you shape your product development and saves time and money in your market research.

Here is an example of a live chat system used by Freshchat – a modern messaging software built by Freshworks. Their live chat is an effective and quick way of getting to know about Freshchat. They offer product demos, support, FAQs, etc. directly through their live chat. And the best part is that they track your journey.

If you’re discussing your options on the Freshchat live chat, they will capture information like your company size, employees, etc. just through your email. You can count on them to track your actions on their website and offer you extremely to-the-point solutions.

For example, if you have preferred a particular feature of a product in the past, they will offer you plans that will highlight that feature in the best possible way. They will gather information about your company, your team, and your needs. Your entire journey will be extremely customized as if made just for you – like Cinderella’s shoe!

Freshchat Live Chat – Increases Personalization

5. Pipeliner Live Chat – Increases Conversion Rates 

Studies have shown that live chat can drive 3x – 5x more conversions and deliver up to 6000% ROI. The same report states that customers that use live chat are three times more likely to make purchases versus those who don’t. The instant access to your support staff and the sales team makes them trust you. And thus, trust your product.

Live chat helps with reducing your bounce rate and issues like cart abandonment. Moreover, Live chat support during checkout increases sales and revenue. You are available for your users 24×7 and are more adept at solving any issue that might make them leave your website without purchasing.

Here are examples by G2 and Pipeliner, both SaaS tools. They have embedded live chats on their web pages that help you throughout your buyer’s journey. G2 has given its live chat a personality with the name ‘Monty’. This makes it more likely for the customer to engage with the live chat.

Pipeliner, on the other hand, has a very organized way of engaging with the customer. The information offered on the live chat changes with the page it is opened at. It takes you to the previous conversations you’ve had on the chat. It also allows you to search for its articles according to the problem you have. These quick solutions encourage the consumer to further explore the product and finally purchase it.

Pipeliner Live Chat – Increases Conversion Rates

6. TouchSupport Live Chat – Gathers Consumer Data

This is the last of our live chat examples. Live Chat is not only a great way of generating leads but also of gathering more data about them. This data can further be used as part of creating buyer personas, target audiences, pre-qualifying leads, etc.

For example, here is a live chat system by TouchSupport. TouchSupport is a business process optimization company that works on cloud-based software. At the very beginning of its live chat, it asks you for data about yourself and your company. This data can be used by the company to segment its leads into different categories. They can strengthen their ABM strategy and target leads in a better way.

This data can be used to offer you better, more relevant plans so as to save your time and theirs. Moreover, it also helps them understand if you are a good fit for their company as a consumer. Through this collected data, they can know the kind of time and labor they must spend on you to convert you into their customer.

TouchSupport Live Chat – Gathers Consumer Data


Live chats – the next step. That’s just one thing that will give you a huge leap against your competitors. And it’s neither time taking, nor expensive! So, signup for free with Outgrow and try creating one yourself without any coding!

Find us a better solution, we’ll wait. We talked about the benefits of live chats. And some great live chat examples that you and us can learn a thing or two from. So put on your thinking caps and ask us any other questions you might have about live chats!

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