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Outgrow Case Study: This Men’s Styling Brand Used Outgrow to Generate 35K+ Leads and Turnaround Its Business

Masculine Style is a men’s styling consultancy that helps people find the most suited dressing styles as per their archetype – Rugged, Refined, or Rakish. An Outgrow case study on interactive content.

The Masculine Style’s Goals

‘Improve your style, improve your life’ – this is the motto that Tanner Guzy, Founder, Masculine Style swears by. He helps men dress like gentlemen and as a consequence, lead a fulfilled life. His philosophy? Clothing and appearance are simply tools and help accomplish particular tasks. Sounds inspiring, right? Tanner’s business must be a hit with millennials, you may think. Of course, it would be, if he could find the right way to engage prospects and get enough conversions.

But what do you do when your only bet at conversion isn’t getting you conversions? You look for an alternative! That’s what Tanner did when a quiz he was using on his website, did not perform due to poor aesthetics. And as someone who advocates about men’s style, aesthetics were important to Tanner. “I needed something that looked great, worked easily, and made conversions more effective!”, exclaims Tanner. Plus, his goal was to increase conversions by 20% and get 5K subscribers for his email list – something which his current experience was not delivering.

Thankfully, Tanner found Outgrow.

He created an Archetype quiz on the Outgrow platform that helped people determine how they should be dressing in order to maximize their relationship with the world. Since power dressing is a concern for most millennials, the quiz was a hit amongst Tanner’s target audience.

“I’ve used a quiz format for a couple of years but it never did as well as I expected it to – that is until I switched to Outgrow” Tanner.

Masculine Style Case Study

Where Outgrow Came In?

Easy to Use, Great to Look At – The ease of set up, the professional look, and the simplicity of use – all these features encouraged Tanner to use Outgrow, and consequently helped him make great improvements to his business. In his own words, ‘the ease and look of the platform makes the quiz appealing to leads and let’s me test and fine tune without a headache.’

Better Conversions, Improved Segmentation – Tanner’s key goal for using an interactive experience was to get more business. And did he meet this goal? Of course, yes! He got around 30% open rates and claims to earn roughly $2 per lead per month. What’s more – he could compartmentalize their leads, which helped him market better. “By knowing I have three different groups within my demographic, I can market to them in their own way” beamed Tanner.

Highly Responsive Support Team – What’s great performance without seamless support? Tanner found both at Outgrow. Their round the clock support and proactive customer success executives ensured that Tanner did not have to face challenges while using the builder. “They’ve been great. Quick to answer questions and resolve any bugs” said Tanner.

Masculine Style Case Study

Masculine Style Case Study

Bespoke Results

Tanner used the quiz as a call out at the end of every YouTube video he created. Plus, he’s been using the quiz heavily on the homepage of his website and promoting it on Twitter. With this promotion mix, Tanner has generated more than 35K leads till date, with a conversion rate of about 26%. The secret? “It’s a simple lead magnet that helps my readers feel like they’ve already made progress just by signing up,” said Tanner.

Tanner loves how Outgrow has simplified interactive marketing for him and helped him scale his business.

“Outgrow has been a fantastic addition to my business. [It] has taken my list building to the next level” Tanner Guzy, Founder, The Masculine Style”

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