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Outgrow Case Study: How this Millennial Brand Got 3600+ Leads Using Interactive Content

The Professional Wingman is a relationship consultancy firm that helps millennials find long-term romantic relationships.

The Professional Wingman’s Goals

Thomas Edward, Founder, of The Professional Wingman, works with millennials to get them the love of their lives. And they pay him thousands of dollars for that! Pretty cool, isn’t it? Thomas might be flocking with business! But the reality behind the rose tinted glasses is different.

Appealing to the Gen Y isn’t a cakewalk. Your business must help, not hype. You must add value, and not just sell. And don’t forget that you have to keep millennials engaged, to hold their short attention span (which is similar to that of a fruit fly, tbh).

Keeping this in mind, you also need a marketing strategy that complements this ideology. You need to be the brand that commands their attention, not the one that seeks it. Thomas was also facing a similar challenge.

He wanted to expand his audience size, and improve the conversion rates. His goal was to get 1K leads with month long promotion. And given the nature of his business, he sure garnered a lot of interest and attention from his target audience. However, he couldn’t hold it or convert it. Traditional marketing tactics were not delivering the desired results.

This is where interactive content marketing came in.

Thomas created an interactive quiz on the Outgrow platform which helped people learn more about their dating capabilities – how dateable they are! Since dating as a topic is very popular amongst Gen Y (think Tinder), and the quiz let them analyze their own dating capabilities, the quiz sold like hot cakes.

Case Study

Having used quizzes in the past, Thomas understood how interactive marketing platforms worked. However, Outgrow’s versatile template library, simple user experience coupled with robust features and cost effective plans, made Edward a fan!

Where Outgrow Came In?

Versatile, Highly Functional Templates: Outgrow features a library of highly functional, conversion-optimized templates that are easy to customize and build upon. These templates have been designed keeping in mind the different kinds of experiences users can create using the app. What’s more – these layouts are 100% responsive – a factor that played in Thomas’ favor as he was targeting the smartphone generation.

‎Ease of Creating Interactive Experiences: Creating an experience in the Outgrow app is similar to building a PowerPoint presentation. The drag and drop, WYSIWYG editor let Thomas create the most complex of experiences without any coding! Thus, he saved on time as well as the resources.

‎In-Built Virality, Shareability: To gain more traction, Thomas had to promote his experiences right. And the Outgrow app had him covered on that front. Experiences built on the app are highly shareable, and likely to go viral, thanks to the fun and engaging visual elements. Besides, Thomas, penned down an interesting results page copy that got the audience hooked and encouraged them to share the results (and take the coaching). And of course, options like embedding the interactive experience on a webpage, or sharing it on social media made it easier for Edward to put his quiz out there for his audience.

Case Study

Simplified Lead Acquisition: Thomas’ goal was to get 1K leads from one quiz through a month-long promotion campaign. And the lead generation option in the Outgrow platform made this possible for him. He added a customized lead form right before the results page, and made sure he asked only for relevant information. Besides, he made the quiz easy to take(drop-down options, sliders etc.), and the questions quirky, which encouraged the users to stay back, share their information and check the results.

Case Study: interactive quiz

Case Study: interactive quiz

Bespoke Results

Using a quiz as a part of their marketing strategy gave The Professional Wingman a lot to bask in- increased traffic, more engagement, more shares, more leads, and even repeat users! They had nearly 11906 visits and over 3600 leads, plus nearly 270 social shares.

“We have definitely converted these leads to paying clients…”, beems Thomas!

The Way Forward

Thomas has already created 3 highly converting quizzes on Outgrow, which have got him 1900 leads combined. And he plans to create more experiences on the platform to fuel his future marketing initiatives.

“Outgrow, not only makes it easy to create quizzes but makes them easy for users to use and share with others, making lead acquisition virtually a breeze.” – Thomas Edward, Founder, The Professional Wingman

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