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Top 9 Outgrow Experiences of November 2018

It’s that time of the year again! No, we’re aren’t talking about Christmas. However, truth be told, our reason for celebration is equally merry! Today we present the top 9 Outgrow interactive experiences of November 2018. We list the stuff we loved, stuff we liked and more of the same.

So, what do you say? Let’s head on!

1) Future Bright

Future Bright

Experience Title: Which Website Solution is Right For You?

Experience Type: Outcome Quiz

Template: Chicago

Future Bright is a boutique website design agency serving San Francisco, Marin County, Sonoma County, and the San Francisco Bay Area.  They build websites with a wide range of features including SEO, eCommerce, Sales Funnels, Opt-Ins, directories and more!  Additionally, they bring together beautiful design and technical expertise to build websites that launch their clients forward.

Since Future Bright, as a company, knows the importance of aesthetics, it wasn’t that surprising they chose  Outgrow for their lead generation needs. After all, what spells aesthetics better than a beautifully made quiz?

Future Bright created an outcome quiz that incorporated all they would need to know from a potential client. From website description to budget queries, they had it all covered in this quiz. Moreover, we loved the result description that added value to the prospect’s answers.

2) Maas & Kleiberg

Maas & Kleiberg

Experience Title: Are You A Consultant Or An Entrepreneur

Experience Type: Poll

Template: Chicago

Maas & Kleiberg brings start-ups and consultants together to match suitable subsidy programs to the right start-ups. MK specializes in subsidy acquisition for innovative technology companies including, start-ups, scale-ups, MKB’s, and established multinationals. Moreover, MK also requests all available subsidies within the themes of Technology & Innovation, Sustainability, International Business, and Education & Training, based on eligibility.

We love the consistency between the background image and color themes in the poll. However, the result page takes the cake in this experience. In fact, the addition of pie charts and GIFs made all the difference.

3) Social Ninja Digital

Top Nine Outgrow Interactive Experiences of November 2018

Experience Title: SEO Quote Calculator

Experience Type:  Calculator

Template: Chicago

Social Ninja delivers growth strategies designed to create profitable online marketing. They create, design, and implement Facebook ads and provide automated FB chatbots services. Additionally, they also create and implement SEO strategy for businesses.

They created an experience that calculates the cost of their SEO services for the client. First things first, we absolutely love the color-coordinated progress bar. Moreover, they have an optimum number of questions that helps them collect valuable information about their prospects without tiring them. 51% of marketers say that Interactive calculators are most effective in the consideration stage of the buying stage. Calculators like this show us why!

4) Brevitē

Top Nine Outgrow Interactive Experiences of November 2018

Experience Title: Which Camera Backpack Is Best For You?

Experience Type:  Ecommerce Recommendation

Template: Chicago

Brevitē, as a company, started with three brothers, attending three different colleges, hundreds of miles away from each other. And they found that with technology, the boundaries between work, life, and travel were changing. So, they set out to build products that fit this lifestyle through simple design and innovative function. Today they sell state-of-the-art cameras, backpacks, and accessories.

Just like their business, their interactive content is one of a kind. We love the visuals of the quiz and the way it reflects the brand effortlessly. Their experience screams ( sorry, announces in a British accent) sophistication.

5) Avina Wine Accessories

Top Nine Outgrow Interactive Experiences of November 2018

Experience Title: Do You Need A Wine Saving Superhero In Your Life?

Experience Type:  Outcome Quiz

Template: Chicago

AVINA Wine Accessories was born out of a frustration that accompanies the purchase of wine accessories that never quite live up to expectations. Their products are tested in vineyards. Moreover, they are based on the principles of quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and superior functionality.

The experience created by Avina is exceptional, just like their wine accessories. For starters, they utilize the optimum level of humor in their text content. Secondly, their usage of GIFs and memes drastically increases the engagement level of the quiz. And finally, we love all things wine!

6) Paw Unleashed

Top Nine Outgrow Interactive Experiences of November 2018

Experience Title: Application For Moose

Experience Type:  Graded Quiz

Template: Venice

What is the only thing better than wine? Dogs!

Paws Unleashed is located on a private acreage just outside of Alix, Alberta, Canada. Providing dog owners education, training, and a boarding facility. They provide Playcare Programs that have structured play and train service catering to dogs.

However, the experience they wanted to create had nothing to do with fun and games. They wanted an easy-to-fill application form for people willing to adopt service dogs. The 8-question quiz covers all the important aspects of adoption in the form of MCQ’s. Additionally, the minimalist design caters perfectly to their needs and collects detailed information without much effort.

7) The HUB Stratford

Top Nine Outgrow Interactive Experiences of November 2018

Experience Title: The HUB Wants To Hear From You

Experience Type:  Calculator

Template: Chicago

The HUB is an industrial funky space that includes the only three season rooftop patio in Stratford. Located on the floor above Bard’s, it is where you’ll find live music, large screens including a menu that includes delicious selections from appetizers, sandwiches, salads and more.

What could possibly make this place any more happening?

Well, the right marketing technique!

As we know, giving feedback is certainly tiresome. Collecting it? Even more so. However, The HUB found a way out of this. They chose to create an interactive experience to collect feedback from people. Moreover, they included MCQ’s mixed with numeric sliders and images. The HUB collected valuable information without boring the customers. Now, isn’t that convenient!

8) Referment

Top Nine Outgrow Interactive Experiences of November 2018

Experience Title: Know Someone Who Works In Financial Services

Experience Type:  Outcome Quiz

Template: Stockholm

Referment is a one of a kind recruitment portal that uses personal recommendations and leverages trusted referral networks.

They source experienced candidates with the genuine endorsements from the people who count – their peers.

Referment used Outgrow’s interactive experiences to create further engagement on their app. They asked prospects one simple question and collected their contact information. Filling out ordinary forms does not interest people. Interactive content takes the lead here by interesting prospects with its visual and engaging characteristics.

9) RV Pet Safety – Nimble

Top Nine Outgrow Interactive Experiences of November 2018

Experience Title: Your Pet Santa Is Here

Experience Type:  Graded Quiz

Template: Chicago

Did you think we were done talking about dogs? Or interactive experiences? Well, you were wrong, weren’t you.

Nimble is a leader in IOT (Internet of things) technology and has helped food & pharma and logistics businesses world over to help keep food safe and medicines potent. Consequently, they used their expertise in IOT sensors and mobile apps to create a product that pet lovers can use to keep their pets safe at home or on the go!

The quiz created by them can be summed up in one phrase- “Too tempting to not attempt”. Mix some cute dog pictures with personalized questions, and you’ve got yourself a quiz sure to attract many leads.

So, what did you think of our November list? We hope it gave you a glimpse of the enormous possibilities of interactive content. In fact, we hope your quiz is on the list next month.

Until then, “Don’t Sell, Just Be Nice.”

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