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EPISODE 196: Marketer of the Month Podcast with Neil Patel

Hey there! Welcome to the Marketer Of The Month blog!

We recently interviewed Neil Patel for our monthly podcast – ‘Marketer of the Month’! We had some amazing insightful conversations with Neil and here’s what we discussed about –

1. Consistency, collaborations, and trending topics drive podcast growth.

2. A/B testing thumbnails, engaging hooks, and frequent cuts increase YouTube engagement.

3. Traditional SEO remains crucial, but appearing in AI-driven queries like ChatGPT is becoming essential.

4. Use analytics to identify low-hanging fruits, optimize funnel drop-offs, and enhance channel performance.

5. High-quality, relevant content is vital for maintaining audience interest across platforms.

6. Utilize Google Trends to identify and capitalize on popular topics for content creation.

About our host:

Dr. Saksham Sharda is the Chief Information Officer at He specializes in data collection, analysis, filtering, and transfer by means of widgets and applets. Interactive, cultural, and trending widgets designed by him have been featured on TrendHunter, Alibaba, ProductHunt, New York Marketing Association, FactoryBerlin, Digimarcon Silicon Valley, and at The European Affiliate Summit.

About our guest:

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar. A New York Times bestselling author, he is recognized by The Wall Street Journal as a top influencer on the web and by Forbes as one of the top 10 marketers. He has helped major companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google grow through innovative marketing strategies. He is passionate about sharing his expertise in marketing and driving business growth through engaging data-driven content.

Micro-Influencers, Major Impact: Neil Patel’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

The Intro!

Saksham Sharda: Hi, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Outgrow’s Marketer of the Month. I’m your host, Dr. Saksham Sharda, and I’m the creative director at Outgrow. co. And for this month we are going to interview Neil Patel who is the Co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar.

Neil Patel: Great to be here. Thank you.

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The Rapid Fire Round!

rapid fire Don McGuire

Saksham Sharda: At what age do you want to retire?

Neil Patel: I never want to retire.

Saksham Sharda: How long does it take you to get ready in the mornings?

Neil Patel: It takes me 30 minutes to get ready in the morning. 

Saksham Sharda: The most embarrassing moment of your life. 

Neil Patel: I don’t have the most embarrassing moment in my life. I embrace those moments and learn. 

Saksham Sharda: Favorite color?

Neil Patel: My favorite color is orange.

Saksham Sharda: What time of day are you most inspired?

Neil Patel: I’m most inspired in the mornings like 6 am.

Saksham Sharda: How many hours of sleep do you need to survive?

Neil Patel: I survive on eight hours of sleep a day.

Saksham Sharda: Fill in the blank. An upcoming marketing trend is ____.

Neil Patel: An upcoming marketing trend is leveraging AI to be more efficient.

Saksham Sharda: Pick one Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, 

Neil Patel: Elon Musk.

Saksham Sharda: The biggest mistake of your career.

Neil Patel: The biggest mistake in my career is losing focus.

Saksham Sharda: How do you relax?

Neil Patel: I relax by working because I love it.

Saksham Sharda: How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

Neil Patel: Zero cups of coffee a day. 

Saksham Sharda: The most valuable skill you have not in life. 

Neil Patel: Backward. 

Saksham Sharda: A habit of yours that you dislike. 

Neil Patel: I work too much. And I don’t spend enough time with my children. I need to fix that.

Saksham Sharda: The most valuable skill you’ve learned in life

Neil Patel: Recruiting.

The Big Questions!

Big Questions Don McGuire

Randy Rayees: So a couple of longer questions. Oh, yeah. I was curious about your growth in marketing school. What do you think was the key to helping you kind of grow Marketing School into the podcast industry? 

Neil Patel: Three things helped us grow our podcast Marketing School, one is consistency, just doing enough episodes of it most people forget to do that, too, is doing collaborations with other podcasts. So they promote our podcasts and promote their podcasts easiest way to get more listens or downloads. And the third thing is talking about topics that are trending. You use Google Trends or answer the public for that. And that’s helped us get a lot more downloads as well. 

Randy Rayees: And then for growing, YouTube have you seen your YouTube channel grow rapidly? What do you think helped to grow the YouTube channel?

Neil Patel: Three things that can help grow your YouTube channel, a B test your thumbnails a lot, the higher the pictures, the better off, you’re gonna do to hook people into your YouTube videos early on. So that way you keep them there. And three, make a lot of cuts in your YouTube videos. And that will also keep them more engaged. So that way you get more suggested views.

Randy Rayees: How do you see SEO changing now with AI and ChatGPT? 

Neil Patel: the way SEO is changing is there’s gonna be SEO the way it was. And that’ll still be very relevant and companies should still do it. But now, when ChatGPT asks questions like, what agency should I hire? What credit card should I use? You’re gonna want to show up there. And if you don’t think that’s important, Chad GPT is already a top 20 website around the world, according to a similar website. So you have to be there when people ask ChatGPT questions.

Randy Rayees: Last question when it comes to advertising. What advice would you give to the advertising departments of companies like b2c or b2b? How would you consult them? What they could do now in terms of how advertising is changing? 

Neil Patel: Whether a b2b or b2c company, the way I would consult them is I would first start with analytics, figure out what’s wrong, and then adjust and optimize by that you got to look for low-hanging fruits such as, where their drop offs in your funnels? And what can you fix there? What channels convert better than others? Where’s his wastage and spent? There’s not necessarily one strategy, but the core concept is you have to look at the data and then make decisions based on that versus using your gut.

Saksham Sharda: I have a question. Do you feel that the marketing influencer space is getting more and more crowded by the day?

Neil Patel: The marketing influencer space isn’t getting more and more crowded. There’s still a lot of room for growth. The reason it seems crowded is because everyone wants a Kardashian or someone’s big problem doesn’t work that well. What you need is micro-influencers that work extremely well. Not enough companies leveraging.

Saksham Sharda: Some of the micro-influencers you’re excited about?

Neil Patel: The micro-influencers I’m excited about all depend on the business. You look at what influencers talk about parts or services within your space and have relevant followers. Those are the ones you need to go after. Even if they only have 20-30,000 followers. That’s okay.

Saksham Sharda: Alright, so the last question that is on the personal kind is, what would you be doing in your life if not this right now?

Neil Patel: If I wasn’t doing this in my life it’d be something in films. I love movies and films and the whole entertainment industry. I just don’t have too much time to watch movies these days.

Let’s Conclude!

Saksham Sharda: Thanks, everyone for joining us for this month’s episode of Outgrow’s Marketer of the Month. That was Neil Patel who is the Co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar.

Neil Patel: Pleasure. Thanks for having me.

Saksham Sharda: Check out the website for more details and we’ll see you once again next month with another marketer of the month.

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