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    Webinars are the new home run in the world of marketing. More and more marketers are using webinars day by day to generate qualified leads and engage them. But why? Because webinars are also the best way to provide value to your users. Hosting a good, informative webinar on a relevant topic is all that you need to show your leads that you mean business. You’re here for the long run and you’re here to stay. There’s a lot that we do and don’t know about webinars. But let’s start with some amazing statistics that we found on webinars just for you! Oh, and before we begin, we have a little something of our own! Outgrow is holding a webinar just next week too:

    Invest with the Best: A Conversation with Jeppe Kirk Bonde

    Jeppe Kirk Bonde, one of the most followed investors on Etoro, talks about everything from trading, eToro, cryptocurrencies, and investments. Register by clicking on the link above!

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    What The Market Says

    statistics on webinars


    Everyday Numbers

    Best Practices 

    Consumer Behaviour

    • 92% of webinar attendees want a live question and answer session at the end of the webinar.
    • 29% of your attendees won’t register for your webinar until the day of the event itself. Nevertheless, the statistics also show that 17% of your attendees will sign up more than 15 days before the day of the webinar.
    • 48% of people said that webinars were least enjoyable when there was a poor presenter.


    And that’s that for the numbers! Webinars have proven to be successful for marketers time and again. So gear up and start preparing for the next webinar. And make sure to keep in mind these statistics when you do so. And if any questions come your way, what are we here for?

    Don’t forget about the webinar we’re holding next week! You can register for it clicking right here! Register before time runs out.

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